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Alternative Treatment For Myocarditis

Myocarditis is the inflammation of heart muscles, the myocardium. The cause is generally the infection due to various pathogens but can also be caused due to other factors. Conventional treatments for treating this condition are anti-microbial agents and anti-inflammatory agents, but effective alternative treatment is also available to treat myocarditis.

Alternative Treatment For Myocarditis

Alternative Treatment For Myocarditis

Conventional treatment includes reducing the inflammation and treating the cause of the condition. Apart from conventional treatment, various alternative treatments for myocarditis are available which can either be used alone or in combination with the main treatment, depending upon the severity of the condition. Following are various alternative treatments available for myocarditis:

Herbal Medications. Herbal medicines for myocarditis are used by people who are either not benefitted with conventional therapy or are having great confidence in the complementary system of medicine. The herbal drugs are capable of managing the condition in many individuals; however, severe cases of myocarditis require the combination of conventional medication with complimentary medications. Various herbal ingredients used are fenugreek, garlic, ginger, Aloe Vera, Astragalus membranaceus, Sophorae flavescentis, ginseng, and Salviae miltiorrhizae.

Health Supplements. Increased inflammation results in increased production of reactive species leading to increased oxidative stress. Thus, a vicious cycle of tissue damage occurs making the situation more complex. In order to neutralize the free radicals, various supplements such as L-carnitine, astaxanthin, omega-3 fatty acids and Co-enzyme Q-10 could be administered to the patient.

Low Salt Intake. The capacity of heart reduces in myocarditis. Salt increases the uptake of fluid and increases blood volume thus creating more problems for the heart. The patient of myocarditis should be on a low salt diet. A re3duction in Salt intake can be done by avoiding processed meats, canned food, fast food, and cheese.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet. As there is an inflammation of heart muscles, the diet should be such that it reduces the inflammation. The diet of a patient with myocarditis should include cranberries, blueberries, cauliflower, mushroom, nuts chocolates, and green tea. (1)

Immunity Building. The main cause of myocarditis is the infection due to bacteria, virus or fungi. The immune system of the body is not able to counter the attack of these pathogens leading to myocarditis. Thus, immunity building supplements such as nuts, flax seeds, and olive oil should be incorporated into the diet.

Avoiding The Triggers. Patients suffering from myocarditis should avoid those things which trigger the heart to work more or beat faster. Caffeine-containing products should be avoided as this may lead to serious complications. Alcohol has a dual negative effect. First it affects the rhythm of the heart and second, it may interfere with the medication used to treat myocarditis. Further, both caffeine and alcohol may cause weak heart muscles.

Exercise. Although physical activity is required to increase the immunity and check the inflammation, it should be done in a way not to affect the heart. Exercise should not be strenuous and is to done strictly as per the direction of an expert physiotherapist. (1)

Myocarditis is the condition characterized by the inflamed cardiac muscles. The condition is rare but may lead to fatal consequences. The inflammation in the heart muscles leads to the improper electrical system, leading to the impaired capacity of the heart to pump blood and the rhythm of the heart becomes abnormal leading to cardiac arrhythmia. As the capacity of heart muscles reduces, it is not only serious for the heart itself but other organs are also at risk due to reduced blood flow and increased incidence of clot formation. The common cause of myocarditis is the infection due to bacteria, virus, parasites, and fungi however the other factors such as medications and underlying disease may also result in myocarditis. Myocarditis is a serious condition and requires immediate medical intervention.


Alternative treatment for myocarditis includes herbal medications such as ginger, fenugreek or garlic, light exercises, changes in diet by avoiding salt and incorporating anti-inflammatory foods.


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