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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Breast Milk Bath for Baby

Breast milk is loaded with lots of essential nutrients that offer nourishment to a baby. However, do you know breast milk can provide its amazing health benefits not just through food for the baby but also from a breast milk bath? So, let us read further and know some of the amazing health benefits of breast milk bath for baby.

Breast Milk and Breast Milk Bath: An Overview

Breast milk consists of some crucial nutrients along with antibodies in it and it provides nourishment to a baby. Because of this nutritive value of breast milk, it is not just used as a food for the baby but also makes a perfect choice for bathing the baby as well.

A breast milk bath is known to offer the same health benefits to the skin and the body of the baby as drinking breast milk. In a breast milk bath, the bath water of baby is mixed with some quantity of mother’s breast milk, and this water is used to soak the baby in the bathtub and then clean them in a usual manner. You can find notable health benefits of breast milk bath for your baby.

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Breast Milk Bath for Baby

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Breast Milk Bath for Baby:

Below are some of the amazing health benefits of breast milk bath for baby.

It Protects The Skin And The Body Against Pathogens:

There are lots of antibodies present in breast milk. This also has potential anti-infective properties.(1) The antibodies found in breast milk can prevent the pathogenic invasion of minor cuts and bruises on the body of your baby.

Apart from this, the presence of fatty acids like oleic acid in breast milk, also plays a crucial part in eliminating bacteria. Oleic acid can kill the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which is present commonly on the skin.(2,3)

Baby Skin Moisturizing Benefits of Breast Milk Bath:

It is also known that a breast milk bath could moisturize the skin of your baby. Breast milk has fatty acids, such as palmitic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid.(4) These fatty acids found in breast milk work as a barrier on the skin and they lock in the moisture for preventing skin dryness. Babies having dry and itchy skin can get some relief from a breast milk bath.

Breast Milk Bath is Beneficial in Healing Small Wound:

Breast milk contains Omega fatty acids, which can heal minor wounds and offer relief to the babies. The fatty acids achieve it by intervening in the wound repairing function of the skin.

Breast Milk Bath Soothes Diaper Rash and Eczema:

A Diaper rash is quite common in babies. Research has found that breast milk could be used as a safe topical remedy for treating diaper dermatitis or the diaper rash and also eczema.(5,6)

It is estimated that 50% of infants are affected by eczema in their first years of lives, and many mothers claim that symptoms of eczema get reduced by a breast milk bath.

Breast milk could be a low-cost and reliable alternative to topical ointments that are used for treating these skin issues. Thus, a milk bath can be an ideal home remedy for eczema and diaper rash.

Benefits of Breast Milk in Reducing and Repairs Skin Damage:

Breast milk contains Linolenic acid that has two variants, namely Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The acid mitigates any damage to the skin of the baby because of sunlight.(7)

The topical application of these fatty acids can bring down the inflammatory response of the skin damage caused by the Sun’s UV rays. This means that a breast milk bath can help in reducing and repairing skin damage.

How To Bathe the Baby in Breast Milk?

Now, you must be wondering how to bathe the baby in breast milk? Well, we would say that it is the same as giving a baby their regular bath. All you need is to fill their bathtub with warm water and then add freshly expressed breast milk. You can even choose frozen breast milk by thawing it before you add the milk to warm water. Let your baby, sit in the bathtub and you dribble the water all over your baby’s body by using your hands. You should pour more water on rashes if your baby has any. Allow your baby to soak in the breast milk water for 15 minutes and then take them out of the bath and pat them dry. You do not have to rinse your baby with plain water. Use a baby-safe moisturizer after the bath to lock the moisture into their skin.

You do not need to give your baby a breast milk bath regularly. You can bath them weekly once depending on the overall health of your baby. If your baby has severe eczema and diaper rash, then you might bath them twice a week with your breast milk.


Breast milk is the most essential food for your baby. However, you can also use it for improving your baby’s skin health and overall health of the body by giving them a breast milk bath. Giving them a breast milk bath could help you reduce several issues of your baby naturally.


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