What Is The Leading Cause Of Obesity In Children?

Obesity In Children

Various studies conducted across the United States have come up with a staggering statistic that around 30% of the children in the United States are either overweight or obese and this is not the end of it. The numbers are continuing to rise exponentially. A child may be overweight right from birth. This is related to the genetic makeup of the child if the child has both parents who are obese. This constitutes for less than 10% of children who are obese in United States. The remaining children become overweight and obese because of the sedentary lifestyle and eating habits which has become a cause for concern for many parents across the country.

An overweight child is more than likely to remain obese into adulthood which will invite a host of unwanted medical condition at a very early age such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Overweight children are also affected psychologically as they become an object of ridicule by their peers at school which can severely dent their confidence.

Furthermore, obese children are not able to participate in sports or any social event which in most cases throws them into the darkness of depression and anxiety. There are conflicting reports from studies conducted as to what exactly are the causes for Obesity in Children.

What Is The Leading Cause Of Obesity In Children?

What Is The Leading Cause Of Obesity In Children?

There are many causes related to a child becoming overweight or obese. The first and the foremost cause is the sedentary lifestyle. With new innovative technology where children and addicted to video games, Internet, and television, there is little room left for them to do any physical activity like play in the playground at school or at home.

There are very few children who participate in sporting events organized by the school or their community. This lack of physical activity results in the accumulation of fat causing obesity in children.

In combination with lack of activity, eating habits of children have also become a contributing factor in them becoming overweight. Most children thrive on pizzas, burgers, and other junk foods laden with unsaturated fats which are not absorbed by the body causing the child to gain weight much quickly and obesity may set in within a matter of a few years.

There are very rare cases where a child has become obese because of a hormonal problem or a medical condition causing the child to gain weight exponentially.

The genetic makeup of a child also contributes to obesity in children. A child whose parents are obese is more likely to become obese. This has been proved with more than 32 genes identified which can contribute towards Obesity in a Child with direct family relatives or parents who are obese.

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