Difference Between Cardiovascular and Aerobic Exercise

“Exercises never get in the way of life. It simply adds the quality to it!” If you want to keep a fit body with an enhanced endurance and stamina, you surely need to go for exercises on a regular basis. Cardiovascular and Aerobic exercises are two most wonderful exercises that help you grow your endurance and attains you a fit and healthy body. Most of the times these two forms of exercises are not properly understood by majority of people who do not have an idea of the differences between the two exercises. Though cardio and aerobics have similar effects on the body yet they differ in their terms because of some major differences between the two. This current article will focus on some of the major differences between cardiovascular and aerobic exercises.

Cardiovascular and Aerobic Exercise

A Note On Cardiovascular And Aerobic Exercises:

Mostly cardiovascular and aerobic exercises are considered to be the same by many people. This is so because both of them have the similar kinds of effect commonly known as endurance training. So, these two exercises overall helps in improving your endurance. Swimming, Jogging, running, bicycling, dancing, or playing tennis; all these activities are categorized under the cardio and aerobics which provide you the strength and ability to move for long and assist you in an enhanced body fitness by improving the rate of oxygen intake and improving the heart rate. Cardio and Aerobics are done simultaneously for you cannot increase your rate of respiration without increasing the rate at which your heart pumps and vice versa. Together, these two exercises provide you a greater ability to improve your endurance. The cardiovascular and the aerobic exercises differ from the anaerobic exercises which do not involve the use of oxygen, like the speed training, strength training etc.

However what makes the Cardio and Aerobics technically different? We will be studying about the differences between Cardiovascular and Aerobic exercises in the following array of our article.

Difference Between Cardiovascular And Aerobic Exercises:

  • Difference Between Cardiovascular And Aerobic Exercises Based On Their Terminology:
    The primary differences between the Cardiovascular and Aerobic exercises lie in their terminology. Before we count on any other differences, let us see these two terms in a clear manner.
    The term Cardiovascular uses the word Cardio which means Heart. It is derived from the Greek word “Kardia”. Thus Cardiovascular exercises help in improving the heart rate.
    The term “Aerobic” is rooted from the latin word which means “with oxygen”. Thus Aerobic exercises involve the exercises which assist in improved intake of oxygen.
  • Differences Between Cardiovascular And Aerobic Exercises Based On Their Definition:
    Cardio exercises are the exercises done to achieve the cardiovascular fitness which is actually the capacity of a heart to efficiently pump the oxygenated blood to all the working muscles.
    Aerobics are the exercises involving the greater intake of oxygen for better aerobic fitness which involves the improved efficiency of the oxidative metabolic pathway
  • Cardiovascular Fitness vs Aerobic fitness:
    Though the two, i.e. the Cardivascular and the Aerobic exercises assist in promoting the endurance when done simultaneously and are thus considered to get the same results to your body; there are some differences based on their effects which must be understood.
    Cardiovascular fitness in truer terms explains about the ability of your heart to pump blood to the muscles which require it, especially during the short intensity workouts and weight training.
    Aerobic fitness refers to the ability of a body to perform long low intensity workouts which does not include the power performance.

Know About The Secret Tips For Optimal Cardio And Aerobic Fitness:

Now that we are known to the differences as well as the connection between cardiovascular and the aerobic exercises, you must be looking for some of the secret tips for obtaining optimal cardio and aerobic fitness. Make an eye read over the following paragraphs to know the secret!

  • If you are wondering about how much aerobics or cardio exercises you need for the optimal health benefits then you must be explained that working out on moderate intensity aerobic exercises for at least 150 minutes in a week will provide you a good health.
  • However, if you are looking for what cardio or aerobic activities you need to do for receiving the best cardiovascular benefits, then let you be made aware that everyone has their own preferences and one must try switching up your workout activities throughout the seven days a week so that you manage self in being adherent to your fitness program and do your cardio or aerobics in a sincere manner for obtaining better health.
  • If you are looking exactly for some of the exercises which can be included in your fitness program then let us make it simpler for you. The cardiovascular or the aerobic exercises can be categorized into primary exercises and secondary exercises which are to be added into your regular exercise programs. Primary exercises that provide you with the optimal cardio and aerobic fitness include jogging, running, swimming, skiing, cycling etc. Secondary exercises also provide you with the good cardio and aerobic fitness but not similar to that gained from the primary exercises. The secondary exercises include mainly the circuit weight training.


They say, “Motivation is that which gets you started. Habit is what gets you going.” Make your fitness routine with cardio and aerobics and go for it on a strict note. That would turn your workouts into your habits and you will find the changed you with best of its health and endurance.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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