5 Diabetes Life Hacks To Make Your Mornings Better

5 Diabetes Life Hacks To Make Your Mornings Better

Not everyone is a morning person. Getting up and ready to begin your day can be difficult even on the best of days. This is particularly difficult for people who suffer from diabetes. Usually, people find that living with diabetes can be time-consuming and stressful. Diabetics are always worrying about blood sugar levels and the need to plan meals around medications. If you feel like this then you are not alone. There are many diabetics who feel the same as you. However, it doesn’t need to be like this. We present some diabetes life hacks that will help make your mornings much easier. You can always go through some of these and then decide which one works the best for you and helps you better manage your diabetes routine as well.

#1. Have a Morning Check List Ready

To make your morning easier when suffering from diabetes, the first and foremost thing you should do is to prepare a morning check-list including all the things you need to complete before leaving the house. Place it in an easily visible spot so that you keep referring to it and cross out the things on the checklist. This list should ideally include the diabetes medications you need to take and their dosage, including your insulin dose as well, a reminder to check your blood sugar levels, list of the supplies that you need to pack and take along, and of course a gentle reminder to keep your meal for the day.

#2. Plan and Make your Breakfast Beforehand

Planning what you want to make for breakfast in the morning is a difficult and time-consuming task; especially when you are suffering from diabetes. If you are pressed for time, then the chances are high you will end up choosing something on the go which is unhealthy, such as any prepackaged option, egg and cheese sandwich, or even a granola bar that is loaded with sugar. One diabetes life hack for better mornings is that while you are making preparations for your dinner, make an easy but healthy breakfast option for the next morning. Never think about skipping breakfast because research shows that people having type 2 diabetes who skip breakfast end up having a higher glycemic response when they have lunch and dinner.

#3. Set Out Your Clothes At Night Itself

Many people go to the gym in the mornings and they have to take out the time to set out their work clothes. Diabetes monitor and other supplies are also something that needs to be taken along in the mornings. By preparing your work clothes and all these supplies before time or the night before, you will avoid any last minute rush and also remember to take everything with you; and this diabetes life hack will definitely make your mornings better and peaceful.

#4. Keep Your Medicines Organized

It is a good idea to always keep your medical supplies up to date and organized. Keeping your diabetes medicines organized will ensure that you are able to find whatever you need quickly and also pack up what you need before leaving the house. You need to take an inventory of your medicines from time to time, get rid of the expired diabetes medications and the ones you no longer need. Then you can sort them according to the frequency of use. Keep your blood sugar monitor on the nightstand before you go to sleep so that you can test your blood sugar easily in the morning. Avoid situations that will make you feel frustrated in the mornings as you do not want to begin your day in a frustrated mood.

#5. Avoid Morning Grogginess With Your Favorite Playlist

Putting on your favorite playlist will make you feel more energized and help you focus on your thoughts in the morning and make your mornings more productive with this diabetes life hack. Listening to music in the morning while you are getting ready will also boost your mood and make you start the day in the right way. Research also shows that music therapy helps to lower blood pressure levels in diabetics. Listening to soothing music in the morning while you get ready is a great diabetes life hack to make your mornings better.


Living with diabetes is no doubt challenging, but this does not mean that you need to get frustrated with it. By being organized and planning ahead you will be able to start your day off on the right note and also be in a better mood.

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