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What Are The Ways To Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy & Does It Reoccur?

Diabetic neuropathy is a nerve disorder that appears due to damage in the nerves. It is a common complication of diabetic neuropathy. It develops when the blood glucose levels remain high for a long time. It usually affects old people. Its symptoms involve loss of sensation, numbness, weakness and tingling in the foot. It cannot be cured completely as the nerve damage due to diabetes cannot be reversed.

What Are The Ways To Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy?

What Are The Ways To Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy?

Diabetic patients always have the risk of getting diabetic neuropathy. This nerve disorder affects the quality of one’s life. Certain steps should be followed to prevent this disorder if you have diabetes-

Early Detection Of Diabetes- if diabetes is detected early, blood sugar levels can be controlled earlier. It will help in preventing the complications of diabetes; thereby neuropathy can also be prevented. It takes several years after diabetes has been detected. If diabetes is controlled in the early stages, then the conditions linked to diabetes can be avoided. (1)

Controlling Blood Sugar Levels- people who have very high levels of glucose in the blood are more likely to develop complications of diabetes like neuropathy. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep a check on the sugar levels of blood within the normal range. Maintaining blood glucose levels to the normal range is the best way to avoid future complications. (1)

Management Of Weight- being overweight increases the chances to acquire diabetic neuropathy. Regular exercises that are done for thirty minutes each day at least five times a week can help in managing weight. (2) It also promotes nerve cell regeneration and normalizes blood sugar levels. (1)

Inspection Of Foot- diabetic neuropathy occurs more commonly in feet. It leads to loss of sensation in the affected areas caused by a small cut, blister or any injury. If you have diabetes, you should go to the diabetes specialist to have regular foot inspections. It will help to find any sign of this disorder. (1)

Uses Of Comfortable Footwear- diabetic patients are at high-risk people to develop this disorder. To avoid it, one should choose comfortable shoes that are not too loose or too tight. Leather footwear is most comfortable for the feet due to their flexibility. You can also opt for walking shoes for the care of the feet. (1)

Care Of The Foot- good care of the feet can remarkably reduce the risk of this diabetic neuropathy. You should regularly wash your feet with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer. It will prevent the dryness and cracking of the skin of the foot. (1)

Sleep Patterns- sleep patterns should be proper for diabetic patients. They should sleep at the same time at the night (in early hours) and wake up early in the morning. It improves the metabolism of glucose and regulates diabetes from proceeding to complications. (1)

Maintaining A Balanced Diet- a balanced diet should be followed to maintain a blood sugar level. The food containing salt, sugar, and saturated fat should not be present in the diet of diabetic patients. It should contain high fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Food should be consumed in fixed time so that the levels of blood glucose can be maintained at normal levels. (1)

Does Diabetic Neuropathy Reoccur?

Diabetic neuropathy cannot be reversed and cannot be cured completely. Its symptoms can be regulated if blood glucose levels are maintained to normal levels. As it does not go completely, it cannot reoccur. (2)


Diabetic neuropathy can be prevented in diabetic patients if blood glucose levels are maintained. Maintenance of optimum weight, switching to a balanced diet, normal sleep patterns, regular exercises, and others discussed above can prevent this disorder.


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