10 Ways to Indulge in Healthy Foods to Control Your Eating

Who doesn’t like a well cooked and delicious meal? You can find a lot of people who are passionate about cooking as well as eating different types of food. The food industry has so many options that can make anyone crave for it. But at times these food enthusiasts end up with weight problems and health issues like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and other troubles. However, changing your eating habits may not be easy, but switching to better food practices is always possible. Find 10 ways to control your eating and indulge in healthy foods for a healthy living.

10 Ways to Indulge in Healthy Foods to Control Your Eating

10 Ways to Indulge in Healthy Foods to Control Your Eating

While you can indulge into temptations and satisfy your cravings, it is necessary to keep a check on your eating habits. Get to know these smart 10 ways to control your eating and make smart food choices.

Try More Salads

Salads may not be a choice for many. But they are extremely healthy food and the best option for hunger pangs. Taking salads is another great way to control your eating, as they give you the fullness and energy for long. Salads can be made with a variety of vegetables, fruits and legumes that are not only good for your health but are also rather filling. Salads can be consumed anytime throughout the day. This will help to avoid over eating as the sudden hunger pangs can be well dealt with.

Carry Healthy Snacks

Always keep yourself stacked with healthy snacks. A pack of fiber rich snack, a small box of sprouts, salads, dry fruits or fruits can be a great way to indulge in healthy food and an effective ways to control your eating. It also helps to keep your blood sugar under control and manage your eating patterns. Keep any unhealthy and fatty snack away from your sight to avoid the consumption of food that won’t do you any good.

Find Healthy Substitutes

Craving and temptation to eat junk food needn’t be avoided all the time. You can try to substitute unhealthy junk food with healthier options. Like when you wish to eat a burger, try choosing multigrain or a whole wheat bread or going for shallow fries in place of deep dries. You can go for soups, salads and add more veggies to the preparation for a healthier option, when eating outside. Choosing healthy substitutes can allow you to enjoy your favorite dishes and avoid sudden cravings for unhealthy foods. Planning your diet with healthy alternatives is another effective way to control your eating.

Enjoy Seasonal Fruits

Fruits are not only a healthy and nutritious food option but also help to deal with hunger pangs in a great way. Fruits like mango, apples, papaya, grapes and many more can be consumed in between meals. Fruits can be taken one at a time or you can try a fruit salad with a mixture of various fruits. Eating fruits give you a regulated source of energy and the fiber in it keeps you full, which is the smartest way to control your eating.

Take More Liquids

Having a glass of fresh juice, a bowl of vegetable soup or a glass of buttermilk is not only healthy but can help you avoid over eating during meals. Juices, soups and buttermilk makes you feel less hungry which will make you eat less food in turn. Liquids not only help to stay hydrated, but are a healthier option and one of the easiest ways to control your eating. Go for freshly prepared or homemade juices and soups for better health.

Try Nuts and Dry fruits

Nuts and dry fruits are a great source of energy and a great option for healthy food. A handful of dry fruits and nuts with 2 to 3 glasses of water will help you with your hunger and also reduce your cravings. You can try replacing unhealthy snacks with dry fruits and nuts. Carry a bag of nuts and dry fruits and munch whenever you feel hungry and control your eating.

Eat Smaller Portions

Big portions of food served in front of you may make you eat more even if you are not that hungry. To avoid such over eating, try having smaller portions of the meal spread throughout the day. Take small portions of a variety of foods and at an interval of 3 to 4 hours. This can provide you enough energy for the day and avoid eating more than you need at a time.

Pamper You Taste Buds, but Once in a While

You can let yourself eat food which is not as healthy once in a while. Try to plan and schedule your outings so that you can keep a check on the calorie intake. It is alright to treat yourself with a bar of chocolate or a piece of cake at times, but make sure you do not get tempted and overeat. Try buying small portions of high calorie food to maintain your calorie intake and control your eating.

Distribute your Meals Smartly

One of the most effective ways to control your eating is to space out your meals properly. Over eating often happens when there are long gaps between two meals. To start with, distribute your meals throughout the day in a balanced manner. As it is said, have breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper. Many people avoid breakfast, which makes them hungry sooner during the day and leads to eating more. Distribute the food in 4 to 5 ample meals during the day at regular intervals.

Distract yourself

Whenever you are tempted to have high calorie food, you can try distracting yourself by keeping yourself busy with some music, exercise, meditation or work. While shopping for groceries, many people have a habit of munching on unhealthy snacks. To avoid this, you can try taking someone along with you to keep busy talking rather than eating. Finding other ways to entertain yourself, other than eating is important to control your eating.


Indulging into food temptations can take a toll on your health. Keeping a check on your eating habits is essential to avoid health and weight issues. Control over your diet and eating habits will always be beneficial. To avoid over eating try to have a well distributed balanced diet and keep your healthy food options handy. Choose freshly cooked nutritious food over junk food. Do not skip breakfast and have a nutritious breakfast. If you feeling hungry in between meals, snacking on salads, fruits, dry fruits, nuts and low calorie snacks are effective ways to control your eating. 

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