20 Amazing Health Benefits of Java Plum or Jamun

Java plum or Jamun is a fruit that has several health benefits. This fruit comes from the East India region and grows well in the Tropics. Java plum is rarely found and it thus regarded as a rare type of fruit. This fruit looks like a grape; however, its shape is more oval than grapes. It is also reinforced by the color of its purple fruit.

Nutritional Facts Of Java Plum or Jamun

Nutritional Facts Of Java Plum or Jamun:

The java plum fruit or jamun has an impressive nutritional value. It contains carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fats, proteins, vitamins like vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin C etc, along with minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorous etc, and also water in it.

100 grams of Java plum contains 251 kg of energy, 14 grams of carbohydrates, 0.6 gram of Dietary fiber, 0.23 gram of Fat, 0.995 grams of Protein, 0.019 mg of Vitamin B1 or Thiamine, 0.009 mg of Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, 0.245 mg of B3, 0.038 mg of Vitamin B6, 11.85 mg of vitamin C, 11.65 mg calcium, 1.41 mg of Iron, 35 mg of Magnesium, 15.6 mg of Phosphorus, 55 mg of Potassium, 26.2 mg of sodium and water.

20 Amazing Health Benefits of Java Plum or Jamun

20 Amazing Health Benefits of Java Plum or Jamun:

Some of the best nutritional and medicinal health benefits of java plum or jamun are given below.

#1. Prevents Cancer:

The best benefit of Java plum or jamun is that it is essential in preventing cancer. The fruit contains high levels of antioxidants in it and this is the reason why it is known to be an anti-cancer herbs. The antioxidants present in java plum works in binding free radical cells that are the triggers of the growth of cancer cells. Polyphenols and anthocyanins are the antioxidants present in Java plum or jamun.

#2. Beneficial For Diabetes:

Java plum or jamun is used as a natural ingredient of medicines for diabetes that can help prevent or treat diabetes. Nutrients like Jambosin compounds, alkaloid and also useful Jambolin glycosides are present in Java plums that help to break down the sugar in to energy, so that the blood sugar levels become more stable and also help in preventing diabetes.

#3. Heart Health Benefits of Java Plum or Jamun:

There is one more surprising health benefit of Java plum. This fruit is beneficial in maintaining heart health. High potassium content in the Java plum or jamun, makes it very well consumed by individuals who want to have a healthy heart. The fruit contains potassium with 55 mg in every 100 grams of Java plum and this potassium amount helps in maintaining heart health. Apart from this, the potassium is also beneficial in preventing the occurrence of stroke and high blood pressure.

#4. Helps In Overcoming Constipation:

One of the best benefits of Java plum or jamun is that it is helpful in overcoming constipation. Extracts of Java plum mixed with the skin is beneficial in overcoming constipation. The fruit contains about 0.9 grams/100 grams of fiber that helps the colon work system.

#5. Bone And Tooth Health Benefits of Java Plum or Jamun:

Fresh java plum or jamun has a lot of nutrients that are essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. Some of the nutrients are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron are the nutrients that keep the bone density system and also prevent cavities. Individuals with calcium deficiency; are more prone to risk of bone diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis, especially in the elderly people. For women, it is strongly recommended to consume java plum or jamun and avoid the risk of bone fragility disease.

#6. Skin Health Benefits of Java Plum or Jamun:

Java plum or jamun, being rich in Vitamin C, helps in giving you a smooth and glowing skin. Because java plum is loaded with antioxidant compounds and vitamin C that help in the formation of collagen in the skin, it is known to have wonderful skin health benefits. Benefits of java plum for the skin can be noted if you consume it on a regular basis.

Apart from this, juice of java plum or jamun can also be consumed to treat skin problems like ringworm.

#7. Helps In Improving Immunity:

One more benefit of java plum is that it helps in improving immunity. It has a lot of nutrients and vitamins that aids to boost immunity. Some nutrients in the Java plum or jamun are like sugar, salt, calcium, protein, minerals and vitamin C.

#8. Beneficial In Overcoming Abdominal Pain:

Fresh Java plum contains Kaempferol, anthocyanin and ellagic acid, which are all efficacious to help the circulation of digestion, intestinal function and help in lowering the problem of high blood pressure. You can consume fresh, cleanly washed java plum or jamun regularly to overcome abdominal pain.

#9. Helps In RBC Formation:

Java plums help in Red blood cells formation in the body. Lack of RBVs can cause anemia, low concentration pattern, emotional disturbances and weaker body. Consuming Java plum or jamun, 100 grams every day can meet the bodies need to produce red blood cells. This is because of the iron content present in Java plums which is beneficial to the health and the body.

#10. Helps In Treating Lymphatic Disorders:

Splenic enlargement disease can occur, as there is a body system that regulates hormones for the functioning of the spleen that is not working properly. The disease is generally accompanied by some symptoms like pain in the pit of the liver, abdominal discomfort, reduced appetite and weight reduced dramatically.

Treating this naturally may require a mixture of fresh Java plum or jamun and honey. You can mix 50 grams of Java plum that has been separated from the seeds and mash it with 3 tablespoon of honey.

#11. Increases Appetite:

Anyone can experience the problem of appetite disorder. The cause also varies greatly from indigestion, constipation, abdominal pain and other diseases. But consuming the java plum or jamun which is still fresh, is very beneficial in improving the digestive system so that it can increase appetite. You can consume fresh Java plum as much as 50 grams by mixing it with honey or sugar water. You can feel your stomach is comfortable and this will increase the appetite.

#12. Benefits of Java Plum in Treating Headaches:

Java plums or jamun are also known to treat headaches. The content of astringent substances present in the fruit, relieves headaches with varying degrees of severity. It is recommended to eat fresh Java plum as a snack for individuals suffering from headaches.

#13. Treats Chronic Cough:

Chronic cough can be referred to be a severe cough and may damage your throat and respiratory system. Eating java plum can be helpful in avoiding chronic cough. This is because of the presence of protein and natural nutrients in it.

#14. Java Plum is Beneficial for Patients of Asthma:

There is one more health benefit of Java plum and that is it is very much essential for patients with asthma. People who suffer from asthma will definitely be very disturbed, when their asthma relapses. You can prepare a natural remedy for people with asthma by using Java plum. These benefits can be very pronounced for people suffering from asthma.

#15. Anti-bacterial Benefits of Java Plum or Jamun:

Bacteria that enter the body can cause some infections, like illness, skin and mouth infections etc. In order to treat and kill all the bacteria, you can use take some java plum or jamun as it is known to have anti-bacterial properties.

#16. Wards Off Free Radicals:

Free radicals are pretty harmful to the body’s cells. Antioxidants present in java plum or jamun can prevent free radicals. The function is also associated with the prevention of cancer and makes you avoid longer than premature aging.

#17. Prevents Seasonal Problems:

Java plums are rich in vitamin C and this makes the body’s immune system strong so as to fight with common seasonal problems.

#18. Improves the Stamina of the Body:

The juice of Java plum or jamun helps in removing weakness, treating anemia, treating sexual weakness, increasing memory levels, etc. It is beneficial if the juice is taken along with honey and amla juice regularly in the early morning.

#19. Increases Hemoglobin:

Java plum has adequate amount of iron and vitamin C. The presence of iron in the Java plum or jamun is good to increase the haemoglobin count. The iron content acts as blood purifying agent. Since, it is the medium of purifying blood, it is good for skin and beauty too. Iron content present in it is beneficial in menses where women face blood loss. Individuals suffering from anemia and jaundice should take java plum because of the high iron content in it.

#20. Oral Health Benefits of Java Plum:

Java plum leaves are antibacterial in their properties and are thus used in strengthening teeth and gums. The leaves are astringent, which is considered good for throat problems. The decoction of the bark is used to wash mouth and is beneficial for mouth ulceration because of its astringent effect. It is good for mouth and also for teeth because of its acidity. Gargling of the java plum’s bark helps in preventing gums bleeding or Gingivitis. The powder made from the leaves of Java plum is used as teeth powder and helpful in checking gum infection and gum bleeding.


  • Jamuns should be avoided some days before and after any kind of surgery, as it might lower the levels of blood sugar.
  • Diabetic patients must take it carefully, under supervision of their doctor.
  • One must not eat Java plum or jamun on empty stomach and should be taken after meals.
  • One must avoid drinking milk, at least one hour before and after eating Java plum
  • Anyone suffering from edema or body swelling, or having history of vomiting must avoid taking java plum.
  • People on fast for long time, must also not take Java plum
  • Excess intake of java plum should be avoided, as it may lead to body pain and fever.


So, we are now aware of some of the best health benefits of Java plum. However, as we all are well aware that anything consumed out of limit could be dangerous. So, it is good to take appropriate amount of java plums too. The regular intake of java plum depends on the age, weigh and health conditions of the individual. You can consult with your physician to know the need.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:March 22, 2018

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