Are Donuts Fattening?

Are Donuts Fattening?

If you are worried about your weight gain, then do keep in mind that you should avoid certain type of foods that can be fattening. Donuts are one of those foods that can cause fattening or weight gain. Donuts contain rich amount of sugar, refined flour and added fats and they can be really high in calories. If you continue eating donuts, then you will increase your weight and also you will get tired very easily. An average medium-sized donut may contain over 200 calories; while some glazed donuts contain more than 300 calories. Some donuts are so much loaded with fat and calories that eating only one of them will take you a week to work off. We already know that eating donut can be fattening and is not the healthiest choice for a snack.

Are Donuts Fattening?

So, it is essential for you to avoid or limit your intake of donuts. Most importantly, you should avoid these four types of donuts if you are worried about becoming fat or gaining weight.

Boston Crème:

You should avoid the Boston crème donut mostly because of the chocolate frosting and crème filling. The cream filling is usually a custard or other creamy filling that is mostly made from whole milk and sugar. This donut contains approximately 400 calories and 16 grams of fat.

Maple Bear:

One more worst choice in donuts is the Maple bear. It contains approximately 490 calories and 29 grams of fat and this can be fattening. 19 grams of fat in Maple Bear donut are from saturated fat. Just like Boston crème, Maple Bear donut also contains filling, which can increase the calorie content to over 600 calories. Some of the donut vendors, even top their Maple bars with strips of bacon.

Apple Fritter:

Another unhealthy and fattening donut is the Apple Fritter. This is because the donut is deep fried in fat. A medium size of this donut contains approximately 17 grams of fat( half of the fat comes from saturated fat), and 450 calories. Apple fritters also have a glaze which is primarily high fructose corn syrup.

Bismark Donut:

Another fattening donut is the Bismark donut which contains 520 calories and also approximately 21 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar. This is almost half of the daily recommended amount of fat in a day. These donuts are thick cake donuts and thus they contain more fat and they are often filled with sugary jam or jelly. Apart from this, Bismark donuts are also dipped in powdered sugar, which also contributes to the high calorie content.


Though we know that donuts can be fattening, it must be noted that no single food will actually make you fat if consumed occasionally, as part of a balanced diet. However, regular or excessive consumption can result in weight gain over time.

So next time you want to have donuts, chose one with sprinkles instead of frosting or better, get a plain yeast donut. Also, the smaller donut you can get, the better it is for your health.

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