Are There Real Benefits From Drinking Warm Water?

Most of the people start their day with a hot cup of tea or coffee to warm their bodies just after waking up. Some people also drink water first thing in the morning but they prefer to drink it normal or cold. But, as per Ayurveda, You can seek the maximum benefits from water when it’s warm. Drinking warm water regularly especially right after getting out of the bed can be miraculous for your health.

Are There Real Benefits from Drinking Warm Water?

Are There Real Benefits From Drinking Warm Water?

Look At The Benefits Of Drinking Warm Water For Your Health:

  1. Treats Constipation

    In case you are having problem in your bowel movements every morning, there are chances that you are suffering from constipation. In this situation, you should follow the advice of your grandmother that is drinking warm water every morning on an empty stomach right after waking up and you will feel relieved from the problem. Consuming warm water in night before going to bed also helps in digesting the food properly.

    How Does It Work?

    When you consume warm water, the gastrointestinal tract and the intestinal tract get free from the waste and toxins, which are the main reasons of constipation. Your digestive system gets stimulated in this way. This is the reason it is advised not to have cold water after eating as it results in solidification of the food and food becomes difficult to break and digest.

  2. Improves Circulation of the Blood and Cleans the Nervous System

    The bloodstream requires being boosted and cleaned daily. In case this doesn’t happen, there are chances that it will fill up with toxins and dirt that can lead to various diseases and it can also have adverse effect on the nervous system. Drinking warm water helps in cleaning of the nervous system and purification of the blood.

    How Does It Work?

    When you have a glass of hot water every morning, toxins from blood and fat deposits are cleaned. Thus, the system is cleansed internally and your nervous system becomes healthy. The nerves and the muscles get relaxed and flow of the blood is also stimulated.

  3. Promotes Weight Loss

    If you are tired of doing diet, but not losing weight, there are chances that your body’s metabolism levels require boosting. Hot water when consumed first thing in the morning helps greatly in losing weight.

    How Does It Work?

    Consuming hot water increases the body temperature and the metabolism as well. When the metabolism is enhanced, the process of fat burning is also paced up thereby resulting in weight loss.

  4. Provides Relief from Pain

    A reason of suffering from aches and pains is due to lack of sufficient intake of fluids and water in our body. Pains like menstrual cramps and headaches can be experienced if the body is dehydrated.

    How Does It Work?

    Warm water has calming effect on our body. It helps in relaxing of the abdominal muscles. The cause of cramps and spasms is brought down effectively. As per the researches, having warm water cause circulation in our body and it feel relieved from the pain.

  5. Help In Getting Rid Of Throat and Nasal Congestion:

    Hot water is helpful in getting rid of throat and nasal congestion that cause a so much discomfort.

    Here, Warm Water Is Helpful In 2 Ways:

    • Mix salt (half spoon) in the warm water and do gargle two times in a day.
    • Drink warm water throughout the day whenever you are thirsty.

    How Does It Work?

    These techniques help in clearing congestion from the throat and nasal areas and also give relief from scratchiness in nasal.

  6. Helps in Detoxification of Your Body

    If you ever try to have a conversation with the experts about the regimes for body detox, the best thing they suggest you is to have warm water. Thus, you should have minimum three glasses of warm water per day.

    How Does It Work?

    Ever observed what happens when you use hot water to wash greasy, dirty dishes? It is no wonder that the same thing happens if you drink warm water daily, which helps in cleaning the toxins present in your body. With regular practice of it, glow in your skin shall be observed and also the energy levels increases.

  7. Helps in Balancing Metabolism

    It is proved in several studies and researches that consuming warm water, around 2 cups every day, helps in boosting body’s metabolism by about thirty percent and it can be further improved with regular practice by mixing lime or ginger in warm water. This helps a lot in reducing the cravings for food. This is the reason most of the people consume this concoction every day in the morning and before meals.

    How Does It Work?

    Consuming warm water with a dash of lemon early morning helps in cleaning the entire digestive system, which makes it ready for the food throughout the day.

  8. Relieves Cold and Cough

    If you drink warm water when you suffer from cough or cold and with a sore throat, it reduces the pain. This is the reason we are often suggested by our mothers to take warm lemon water when we have cold.

    How Does It Work?

    It plays a vital role in thinning the phlegm and also in expelling it. When you consume warm water, it directly attacks on the hard mucus membranes and phlegm is dispersed out. When you mix warm water with lime which is rich in Vitamin C, it helps in boosting the immune system of your body and also fights cough and cold. It is much easier to consume as most of the people love drinking lemon water.

  9. Reduce Arthritis

    You might have often heard that “we are what we eat” in the same way “we are what we drink” is also applicable. The latter also has a remarkable effect on your body and health. Most of the time people don’t take much care about what they drink. Experts believe that after half an hour of eating food, drinking one glass of warm water moistens and hydrates the body and joints. This usually helps in providing relief from the arthritis.

    How Does It Work?

    When you drink warm water, it helps in fighting inflammation and also keeps your joints lubricated to the maximum. With this, gout attacks are reduced. So, consuming warm water after having food can always be an advantage in relieving your pain.

  10. Improves Sleep Quality

    If you are not able to have a sound sleep, the reason may be that the performance of your body is not up to the mark. There are some people who feel like that the stomach is full just after drinking a glass of water and feel like urinating too. This is because the digestive system is so weak that it does not produce sufficient acids in stomach. Experts state that the fire in the body which is one of the very important elements is required to be activated for the thirst.

    How Does It Work?

    On having warm water when you are thirsty, the muscles and the nerves get relaxed. It helps in activating the fire in the body and this leads to better digestion. This also helps in rejuvenation of cells and building up a better sleep cycle.

  11. Most Suitable Drink to Be Consumed After Workout

    When you decide to lose the fat by working out, all that you need to do is to sweat it out. This is what the reason experts recommend drinking warm water and hot teas after workout especially in summers.

    How Does It Work?

    When you drink hot fluids or warm water after workout, a lot of sweat will be generated. It happens due to increase in temperature of your body that causes thermogenic effect.

    So when sweat comes out, entire cells of your skin will be cleaned and the excess water will be sent out of your body removing the excess amount of salt present in the cells. Sore muscles are not a matter to be bothered about after a workout. Whatever has accumulated in the nervous system, will be sent out with the consumption of warm water.

    All the toxins which do not come out when you work out will be flushed out when you take warm water. And this is a great remedy which helps you in losing your weight.
    So, now you are well aware of all the benefits of drinking warm water for our health. So, keep drinking it and see the miracles happening to your body.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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