6 Benefits of Berries That Can Help Accelerate A Healthy Lifestyle

Though not all of the fruits can have the same kind of effect on your body, some fruits like berries always prove to be beneficial without the fear of gaining extra calories.

From blueberries, strawberries to blackberries, each of these fruits substitute sweet cravings, high calorie milkshakes are perfect for midnight or mid-day snacking. This article discusses about the benefits of berries that can help accelerate a healthy lifestyle.

6 Benefits of Berries That Can Help Accelerate A Healthy Lifestyle

6 Benefits of Berries That Can Help Accelerate A Healthy Lifestyle

While berries are more than just a healthy addition to your meal, some of the best benefits berries make them important. Here are some of the benefits of berries:

Berries for Detoxification

Boosting your immunity with its vitamins and mineral components, berries can be a great way of detoxifying your system and skin. They not only make good face packs and scrubs that are beneficial for your pores but are also good additions for your detox waters. Besides acting as antioxidants – the organic skin boosting nutrients help in clearing the skin refreshing it and highlighting the inner glow. From removing tan to scrubbing off the dried up skin, berries infuse a glow that is everlasting and keeps your skin healthy. While berries accelerate a healthy lifestyle, here are effective recipes to use them for healthy skin.

Pulp out a couple of raspberries with honey, rosewater or milk to form a paste and then apply it on your face as a mask. Let it rest on your skin for at least 30 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

Mash up some strawberries and raspberries in a bowl and scrub your face in the morning while taking a bath. The strawberry seeds scrub off the worn out dead skin to leave a refreshing base and a supple skin.

Besides your face, berries can also help you rejuvenate your soles and feet. Use a pumice stone to scrub off the dry and dead skin off your feet and sole and apply a paste of mixed berries and leave it for a while. Once dried, wash it off with warm water which you may infuse with a few drops of rosewater.

Berries as a Good Diet Booster

Berries are one of those foods that you can binge on, without the fear of gaining weight or increasing calories. Besides not adding on to your calorie intake in a drastic manner, they also form a good source to substitute for sweets. For people suffering with acute sweet tooth, pick a handful of berries whenever you feel the urge just stuff your face with it. From ketosis to paleo and other low carb diets – all of these strenuous food charts will suggest you add berries to your regime as they are high in fiber and good to curb sinful indulgence. This is one of the best benefits of berries to accelerate a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Blueberries to Control Blood Pressure

One out of ten professionals in the world suffers with the acute sickness of high blood pressure and hypertension. Stress, sedentary lifestyle and obesity are considered to be major risk factors. Besides indulging in yoga and meditation one can also lower blood pressure levels by a proper organic diet. A diet infused with berries will help keep you calm and let your heart pump out enough blood. This too is a way in which berries accelerate a healthy lifestyle. So, treat your system with a handful of blueberries that don’t add any calories and the fibrous features ensure your metabolism is healthy. Berries are the perfect substitute to curb your sugar cravings that also help to control blood pressure.

Berries Help in Preventing Parkinson’s

Berries bear the properties of flavonoids, which are a kind of anti-oxidant that keep sickness and allergies at bay. If you are wondering how berries accelerate a healthy lifestyle, you must understand its role in preventing Parkinson’s disease. Studies suggest that people who start eating at least 250 grams of berries each day from the age of 30 can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Berries, due to their high nutritional value and vitamins, help strengthen the immune system and keep you overall healthy and fit. In fact it also removes laziness and makes you active and energetic.

Benefits of Berries in Boosting Heart Health

Besides stress and over exhaustion what keeps your heart from functioning properly is your diet. In fact if your diet is in control you may not even attract disorders like cholesterol and high blood pressure. However berries can help purify your blood, balance out your sugar levels and ensure your heart in pumping blood sufficient enough to help your body function. So in case you suffer from high cholesterol or any kind of chronic heart diseases ensure to consume at least a bowl of berries each day to ensure you stay fit. This is another great benefit of berries to help accelerate a healthy lifestyle.

Berries Help Fight Cancer

Did we just use the big C word that scares half the population? Well the C word of cancer can now be treated with the help of berries in your diet. While your therapies and medication keep going on, binge on a handful of berries each day to witness the cancer cells diminish in your body. In fact those who indulge in berries are less prone to attract cancer than those who don’t include them in their diet. This is an amazing way how berries accelerate a healthy lifestyle. The vitamins and the antioxidants in berries cleanse the system and ensure to reduce these cells when they are in their developing stage and eradicate them from the root.

So while they may look tempting and taste delicious, adding a handful of it to your diet may just change your physical silhouette and accelerate a healthy lifestyle for you.

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