Food That Help Faster Recovery Post Jaundice

Jaundice is a deadly liver disease which is also commonly known as icterus. Jaundice causes a change in the color pigmentation of your skin from normal to yellowish or greenish. This happens due to the high rise of bilirubin levels in your body and blood tissues that causes the disease called jaundice. The main symptoms of jaundice include the change in the color of the skin, which is considered to be the primary sign of jaundice. Jaundice is a disease, which majorly affects the liver, along with the immunity system and the digestive system of the body, leaving the patient absolutely weak for months. Jaundice can also be caused by hepatitis infection. There are usually three main types of jaundice, namely pre-hepatic, intra-hepatic and post-hepatic.

What are the Different Types of Jaundice?

Pre-Hepatic Jaundice: This primarily affects the liver due to defects of the red blood cells which are intrinsic.

Intra-Hepatic Jaundice: The parenchymal cells in the liver are affected in this type of jaundice.

Post-Hepatic Jaundice: This type of jaundice is caused due to some obstruction or blockage in the bile duct.

All the kinds of jaundice are treated accordingly. Some types of jaundice goes away and the liver too heals with time; whereas, other types jaundice might require proper medication. If the patient is suffering from serious type of jaundice then surgery is also considered. Surgery is usually required when the bite duct is absolutely blocked resulting in chemical imbalance in the body which further caused damage in the system.

The Importance Of Diet For Faster Recovery Post Jaundice

Patient should consult doctor ASAP when suffering from jaundice. It is also observed that along with the prescribed medications, a healthy diet chart containing all the right food with its right amount will help in recovering from jaundice sooner. Even though a patient recovers from jaundice, he/she remains very weak after the recovery due to damage that has already been caused by this disease. To prevent this weakness and to recover as soon as possible from jaundice, a patient should also maintain a healthy diet chart and try to lead a healthy life.

There are plenty of foods with the right amount of nutritional value that is needed by the body to function properly as a healthy being.

Food That Help Faster Recovery Post Jaundice

Food That Help Faster Recovery Post Jaundice

It is essential to take care of the health of the patient even after he or she has recovered from the jaundice. A good and healthy diet is absolutely a must to make sure that the patient has a fast recovery and comes back to the healthy form where the body and the brain can function again properly like it does in a normal healthy person. Taking the right kind of food makes sure that your body gets all the nutrients that it was deficient in previously. There are different kinds of diets allotted to the patient suffering from jaundice at different levels and the food items vastly differ from the various stages of jaundice that a patient might suffer from.

Increased Hydration is a Must During and Post Jaundice

It is often advised and given to all the patients suffering from jaundice to take high intake of fluids and/or all kinds of liquid food such as soups, broths, vegetables and fruits juices. This helps in neutralizing the high levels of bilirubin levels in the body and blood tissues by passing it out urine and stool. The juices and liquids naturally keeps the body hydrated, which is much needed when a patient is suffering from jaundice. Increased hydration by a jaundice patient also helps in maintaining the balance of electrolytes in the system. The patient is also advised to drink lot of hot water to eliminate the bacteria and other toxins which is affecting your body. The post recovery diet of jaundice also includes: fruit salad, porridge, yogurt and cereals.

A Light Diet Should Be Followed During and Post Jaundice

The diet given for faster recovery post jaundice to patient should be very light as the disease severely affects the liver thus rendering it incapable to carry out its normal daily functions. By taking a large amount of vegetables like spinach, carrots, beans, etc. helps in recovering from post jaundice as quickly as possible. It is also strictly recommended to have small amounts of meals throughout the day to sustain strength to recover from jaundice. Including lean protein in the diet of the patient post jaundice also helps in faster recovery and make the system stronger too.

Rice & Pulses Help in Faster Recovery Post Jaundice

Foods to be included to help faster recovery post jaundice should also include rice and pulses which are rich in protein. These kinds of foods not only help the digestive system to get back to work normally, but also boost the immune system which further helps in recovering from the weakness felt in the body post jaundice. Proper foods help to regain the strength which was lost while fighting against jaundice. It is also observed that a patient who has suffered from jaundice looses their weight which also leaves them weak and vulnerable, hence, a proper diet chart plan naturally helps the patient to recover as fast as possible and also gain in all the lost strength. The proper diet chart plan for faster recovery post jaundice includes the food items which put minimum strain on the liver and also helps to regain the strength of the body post jaundice. The diet chart should also include the right amount of food that should taken by the patient along with the timings for best results and faster recovery from jaundice.

What Foods To Be Avoided During and Post Jaundice?

However, all the food items need to be boiled and/or steamed without the use of oil, ghee, butter, spices, etc. before giving it to the patient for recovery post jaundice. The food should be absolutely without any spices to enable better recovery. Foods that are difficult to digest should be strictly avoided by the patient and should not be included in the diet chart of the jaundice patient. Any sort of meat, including chicken, should be avoided to recover as fast as possible post jaundice. Food that has rich fat and cholesterol levels in them should not be given to the patient any time soon until he or she has recovered completely from jaundice. Since the whole system needs time to get back to function normally and properly, it is advised to maintain a very light diet which can be digested easily by the body and without creating any sort of problem in the function of metabolism and to help the body carry out its basic functions. Avoid the intake of fried food or any kind of junk food, since they are not considered healthy; especially when a person is suffering from jaundice, which mostly affects the digestive system bringing imbalance to the body and which affects the basic metabolism of the body. Unhygienic situations and conditions should also be avoided as much as possible for faster recovery post jaundice. Since the patient is already weak, it is best recommended to keep him or her in an absolute hygienic environment.


Medication that goes on and the treatment which is done to cure the person suffering from jaundice often leave the person very weak and vulnerable. So, in order to prevent that and have a healthy and normal life back, it is essential for a patient to follow a diet chart which is suited for faster recovery post jaundice. A diet which includes all the nutrients a body needs in order to perform all the activities is important to recover faster post jaundice. The right kind of food undoubtedly helps the patient to recover faster and he or she is able to lead a normal healthy life again after suffering from jaundice. Since, jaundice directly affects your liver; it creates a major imbalance in your digestive system as well as immunity system, making the patient weak and vulnerable. Hence, it is advisable to have the best kind of foods for faster recovery post jaundice and get back to your normal healthy lifestyle in the quickest way possible and performing your daily activities. It is also quite evident that the resistance power of the patient also decreases when suffering from jaundice, so, maintaining hygienic surroundings is the foremost thing to look for in fast recovery post jaundice. Living a healthy life is the key for a better future.

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