Which Foods are Low in Acid?

Many people treat their acid reflux illness with different medicines intended to bring down the acid in the stomach. Tum, Rolaids, H2 blockers like Pepcid AC and proton pump inhibitors all have one objective, to diminish the acid amount in the stomach. In case these medications diminish stomach acidity entering the throat, refluxing, from underneath, then surely an eating regimen inclusive of low acid nourishment and fluids could decrease acid reflux, as well. When the throat is already aggravated from GERD, profoundly acidic foods probably will worsen it further.

A research about it has proposed that a low acid eating routine may decrease problems of acid reflux. The GERD patients were required to keep up an extremely prohibitive low on the acid eating regimen, which implied disposing of all sustenance and drinks with a pH under 5.

Which Foods are Low in Acid?

Which Foods are Low in Acid?

In this article, we have enlisted some low in acid food items. Add them to your diet to relieve yourself from the acid reflux issues.

Dates and Figs

Dates and figs are moderately low on acid. Quite a while back, these organic products were frequently served after supper like confection due to their regular sweetness. Today, dates and figs can add sweetness to smoothies, baked products or granola.

Dates and Figs-are Low in Acid


Melons are low in acid. Watermelons and cantaloupes are super high in vitamins and super low in calories. They are additionally high on the pH scale, implying that they are generally low in acid.


Bananas are fruits that are low in acid. They are unique quick snacks gifted by nature to us. They get digested very easily, are high in potassium and are less acidic than numerous different natural products. For instance, bananas come in around 5.0 on the pH scale. Also, grapes come in around 4.0.

Bananas-foods are Low in Acid


Meat is food that is low in acid. Skinless chicken is an incredible low acidic eating regimen food and a fantastic wellspring of protein. While poultry is flawlessly fine, but frying foods made from it could trigger indigestion. Salmon contains omega-3 essential unsaturated fats, which help the joints, heart, and eyes as well. Much the same as chicken, the best Acid reflux foods from fish could diminish or prohibit spices and flavoring including lemons. More lean meats and proteins with low-fat substance are egg whites.

Meat-foods are Low in Acid

Green Beans

Green Beans are low in acid. When attempting to keep acid creation to the lowest point, it should not shock anyone that low on acid sustenance is the best choice to attain a healthy body. In addition, sustenance and beverages with an alkaline pH, such as green beans, can help kill acid in the stomach and will relieve from heartburn.

Green Beans-foods are Low in Acid


Oats are low in acid. Oats are a phenomenal breakfast choice for individuals wanting to maintain a low-acid eating routine. It is filling fiber and could aid in balancing out blood glucose levels. When finishing off a hot bowl of oat dinner with fruit products, make sure you avoid the ones high in acids such as cranberries and blueberries.

Oats-foods are Low in Acid

Brown Rice

Brown rice is low in acid. Brown rice might be a sound decision in case you’re following a low-acidic eating regimen. The fiber in it could help control the digestive system. In addition, vitamin B nutrient in it could help keep up your body dynamic.

Brown Rice-foods are Low in Acid

Almond Milk

Almond milk is low in acid. Another sustenance with alkaline properties, almond milk is a right approach to relieve the stomach acid without using the provocative dairy, which can aggravate heartburn. Fortunately, almond milk can relieve the inflammation in your throat and mouth in a matter of moments while keeping you adequately full so your stomach does not produce more acid.


Ginger is low in acid. The furious stomach counteract-ant, ginger can help alleviate stomach irritation and keep acid creation under control. Fortunately, for those whose GERD drives them to feel nauseous, ginger is great at fighting off queasiness, as well.

Ginger-foods are Low in Acid

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