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Foods To Eat For Colon Cancer

Colon refers to a portion of the large intestine and is the part of the body where all the salts and water that is present in the food eaten is absorbed and the undigested food is eliminated from the system through stools. Colon cancer refers to a condition in which there is abnormal cell division and growth in the large intestines. This uncontrolled cell growth takes the shape of a tumor, which starts to destroy healthy cells and tissues surrounding it. Over a period of time, the tumor starts growing and infiltrates the adjoining structures.[1]

There have been numerous researches conducted, which have shown a connection between colon cancer and diet. Almost all the researchers are of the opinion that if an individual eats a correct diet, then the likelihood of getting colon cancer is decreased significantly.[1] Low fiber diet, alcohol abuse and excessive consumption of meat are all risk factors for colon cancer. Read below to get a brief idea of the foods to eat for colon cancer.[1]

Foods to Eat for Colon Cancer

Avoid Processed Foods: Processed foods by themselves are unhealthy and do not provide any nutrition. This includes all the food that can be found at a local grocery store like white bread, biscuits, and readymade foods. All these products are hard on the intestines and especially the colon and should be avoided in case of colon cancer.[1]

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables should be the route to go when suffering from colon cancer and for good health overall.[2, 3]

This has been recommended by none other than the American Cancer Society.[1] It recommends at least three to four plates of fresh fruits and vegetables on an everyday basis under normal circumstances.

For colon cancer, this increases to at least 10 servings per day. Cauliflower, broccoli, berries, spinach are all good foods for colon cancer and should be taken every day. It should be noted here that these vegetables should not be cooked in an electric oven, as the heat kills the flavonoids which kills cancer cells.[1]

Whole Grains: Another cancer research center in the United States has recommended whole grains to be a part of everyday diet for people with colon cancer. This can be in the form of brown rice, barley, maize or whole wheat, which all is equally good in fighting cancer cells.[1]

Herbs: Natural herbs like ginger, garlic, and turmeric are excellent for colon cancer.[4] These spices are easily available in the market and make the food more delicious apart from helping fight colon cancer.These spices have cancer fighting properties in abundance and in fact some studies suggest that ginger can be as potent as a chemotherapy drug in killing cancer cells and preventing the growth of cancer cells.[6] Turmeric on the other hand helps in stopping the progression of the growth of the tumor. Garlic is a natural antiinflammatory and helps boost the immune system and allows it to fight against the cancer cells.[1]

Nuts/Seeds: All forms of nuts and seeds have plenty of lignans.[7] Lignan is an antioxidant that is extremely effective in fighting cancer cells. Nuts and seeds are also extremely rich in omega 3 and proteins, which are also extremely healthy for the body.[1] Nuts can be taken in any form to include walnuts, almonds and cashews. They also make the food tastier when mixed with vegetables. Flaxseed is also quite effective for colon cancer.[1]

Tea: Any form of tea whether it is black, green or lemon helps in fighting colon cancer.[8, 9, 10] Boiling tea should be avoided as the heat kills the anti-cancer properties of tea. The best way to do it is to brew it in hot water and add some lemon juice in it. Honey can also be added for sweet flavored tea.[1]


In conclusion, colon cancer can be treated by medical management. However, if the affected individual makes a note of the diet that is best for the condition, then the recovery process is that much easier. Thus, it is best to consult with a dietician for the best foods to take for colon cancer to prevent spread of the disease and speedy recovery.


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