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13 Health Benefits Of Tamarind Seeds

Tamarind is a fruit that is mainly used in several Indian cuisines(1). Roasted seeds of tamarind are even a popular snack amongst the rural mass. Tamarind seeds are mostly available during the dry season and they contain minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and also amino acids and vitamin C in them and thus have a lot of nutritional and health benefits(1). Let us take a look at some of the health benefits of tamarind seeds.

13 Health Benefits Of Tamarind Seeds

13 Health Benefits of Tamarind Seeds

Health Benefits of Tamarind Seeds in Preventing & Treating Diarrhea(1):

One of the finest health benefits of tamarind seeds is, it helps in treating diarrhea. The outer red cover of the tamarind seed is known to cure dysentery and diarrhea in an effective manner.

Tamarind Seeds are Beneficial in Treating Arthritis(2):

Tamarind seeds also help patients suffering from arthritis. Tamarind seeds have anti-inflammatory properties that help in getting you relief from joint pain, especially caused from arthritis. You need to consume half-a-teaspoon of the roasted or fried tamarind seed powder two times a day along with water to boost the joint lubrication, which helps in easing pain of arthritis.

Tamarind Seeds Treats Indigestion(3):

Indigestion can be treated with juice of tamarind seed. Tamarind seeds are in fact a natural remedy for curing indigestion and increasing the production of bile juice. The rich dietary fiber found in tamarind seeds actually lowers cholesterol levels, which in turn aids in digestion and it is a great natural appetizer. Moreover, tamarind seeds also help in treating constipation and stomatitis.

NOTE: Though tamarind seeds can be suitable for pregnant women, because of its nutritious fiber content, one must always check with doctor before taking any such dietary supplement.

Tamarind Seeds Benefit The Immune System(3, 5):

Another health benefit of tamarind seeds is the benefit it offers to the immune system. Tamarind seeds contain immune boosting properties in them that protect us from several diseases and disorders.

Cancer Prevention Benefits of Tamarind Seeds(3, 4):

Tamarind seeds are also good at preventing cancer. The sticky juice of tamarind seed can treat as well as protect you from colon cancer.

Tamarind Seeds Have Antibacterial Properties:

Tamarind seeds are known to have antibacterial properties in them and can thus protect you from bacteria causing pneumonia, staphylococcus aureus and Typhus. Moreover, tamarind seeds also protects from a bacterium that causes intestinal infections, urinary tract infections and even skin infections.

Tamarind Seeds Treat Cough, Tonsils & Infections Of Throat:

This is a great health benefit of tamarind seeds, that of fighting infections. The juice of tamarind seed can be a great mouth wash. For treating sore throat or getting some relief from this condition, you need to gargle tamarind seeds’ juice. You can even mix the juice of tamarind seeds with some ginger and cinnamon for treating pharyngitis, tonsillitis, cough, cold and other infections of the throat.

Tamarind Seeds are Beneficial for People with Diabetes(6):

Tamarind seeds are also beneficial for diabetic patients. Tamarind seeds lower the blood sugar levels and this protects the pancreas, which increases the size of the cells producing insulin hormone.

Heart Health Benefits of Tamarind Seeds (7):

Perhaps one of the most crucial health benefits of tamarind seeds is its heart health benefits. Potassium content found in the tamarind seeds can actually prove really beneficial in treating patients with hypertension and heart issues.

Tamarind Seeds Benefits In Healing of Bone Fractures:

Tamarind seeds are also known to benefit and boost the healing of bone fractures. A thick paste of the tamarind seeds when applied over the broken bones can help cure the fracture.

Tamarind Seeds Benefit Eye Health(8):

One of the finest benefits of tamarind seeds is that they are beneficial for your eye health. Tamarind seed juice is to be extracted and a few drops of the same in your eyes should be instilled so as to moisturize them. Tamarind seeds juice can also be heated and applied for treating conjunctivitis. Polysaccharides found in tamarind seed have got adhesive properties so as to stick to the surface of the eye.

Tamarind Seeds are Beneficial In Treating Teeth Infection And Good For Your Teeth:

There is an excellent health benefit of tamarind seeds, which is they help in treating teeth infection. After grinding the fried or roasted tamarind seeds into a powdery form, you can use the powder to brush your teeth. This tamarind seed powder can really help in healing gum and dental problems, and also provide a preventive measure for stopping the formation of dental cavities.

Tamarind seeds are even helpful for smokers who have nicotine stains over their teeth. Tamarind seeds are also beneficial in removing other stains, such as coffee, soda and tea stains from the teeth. Apart from this, in case you have got weak teeth, you can rub the powder of roasted tamarind seeds on your teeth and gums.

Skin Health Benefits of Tamarind Seeds:

The tamarind seed extracts are highly essential for skin care(9). Tamarind seeds enhance the skin elasticity, offers hydration and smoothness to the skin. The hyaluronic acid present in the tamarind seeds aid in skin moisturization and also soothes wrinkles and fine lines. Being water-soluble, tamarind seeds are used for gels, serums, facial toners, moisturizers and masks. Tamarind seeds are used topically for treating minor rashes occurring in the skin. Moreover, tamarind seeds also act as an anti-aging formula.


From the above mentioned points, we are now clear that tamarind seeds are of great benefit for the human health. So, why not include these tamarind seeds in your regular use? However, there must be some precautions to be maintained while consuming products made of tamarind. You must avoid any such product of tamarind if you are taking blood thinning medicines, such as aspirin. There is also research that shows that taking tamarind along with medications for controlling depression (antidepressants); is not at all a good idea, as this could result in serotonin toxicity.


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