Is Garlic Good For Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a state where the individual experiences an enhanced production of electrical activity or abnormal functionality between brain cells. Brain cells interact with each other using chemical and electrical beacons. Due to this, it is possible for the brain to control the entire body. Any abnormal functionality will reflect immediately. For instance, for a focal seizure, which occurs only on a particular part, such as the temporal lobe, it will seize the movement of the role that the temporal lobe controls.

There are different categories, and the symptoms vary, making it difficult for clinicians to have complete access to the situation. It is the reason why many neurologists carryout several tests before ruling out every option and conclude the illness.

Based on the tests, the doctor will choose the treatment for epilepsy. The advancement of science and technology is helping better understand the situation, but they are still far behind in establishing concrete evidence behind the cause for the occurrence. The reason is that the causes change, which often makes it difficult to assess the situation.

Is Garlic Good For Epilepsy?

Types of Seizures

There are different types of seizures. However, to make it simple, doctors have categorized based on a few symptoms that are common to the activity. These include Idiopathic, Cryptogenic, and Symptomatic. The reason could be due to abnormal functioning of the brain cells or other purposes such as brain injuries and tumor.

Therefore, it is essential for an individual to share their experiences with the doctor before one chooses to proceed ahead with the treatment.

Apart from the said types, additional types include the following that fall according to the start of the seizure region:

  1. Partial seizure – simple and complex
  2. Generalized seizure – tonic, clonic, absence, atonic, tonic-clonic
  3. Secondary generalized seizure

Is Garlic Good For Epilepsy?

Yes, garlic is good for epilepsy. Garlic is an excellent source from the nature that possesses the ability to offer assistance in reducing the seizures produced due to epilepsy. Garlic is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties. All these natural chemicals are capable of keeping the free radicals moving around the body erratically. Due to this, the person who is suffering from epilepsy will show a positive attitude after a certain period from the start of consuming garlic. As he/she achieves a proper functioning of central nervous system (CNS), the presence of epilepsy resides, reducing the chances of an occurrence of a seizure to the minimum.

In addition, speaking about natural healing, according to ancient scriptures, such as Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda, many of the available food products contain the needed elements that help in curing the situation.

In this case, we are talking about garlic for epilepsy. The antioxidants present in it ensure that they stop the movement of the free radicals that will escalate the abnormal condition that is currently happening in the brain, which is the reason why a person is having a stroke.

Preparation of Garlic for Epilepsy

Users diagnosed with epilepsy will have the chance to cure it using garlic by using the following preparation:

  1. Prepare a mixture consisting ½ cup of water and milk. Heat the mixture until it reaches the boiling point. Now, add five crushed garlic cloves to the mix and boil until the mixture boils down to half.
  2. Bring down the mixture, strain, and drink.
  3. Drinking the mixture regularly will improve the antioxidants in the body along with the fact that they help in reducing the abnormality developed in the brain.
  4. If you still ask about garlic being a good product for curing epilepsy, there is no concrete evidence. But, it does suppress the action and further improves the overall health with no side effects.
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