Benefits of Kola Nut in Treating Male Impotence, Weight Loss, Improved Metabolism & More

What is Kola Nut?

Kola nut is the seed from the Kola nut plant. Kola trees are generally seen in the tropical rainforest regions of Africa. The kola nut belongs to cocoa family and is widely available in almost all the countries. It resembles the chestnut. It grows up to 2 inches and is brown in color. Kola nuts are consumed to combat various ailments like male impotence, weight loss, and to improve digestion. It also helps in reducing tiredness and sensation of hunger. At first when you taste the Kola seed it seems bitter, but gradually when you start to chew it sweetens.

Brief on Kola Seeds

Kola seeds are found inside a star shaped fruit where you can find dozens of kola seeds. The aroma of the nuts is sweet and rose like. Kola nuts are boiled to extract the cola. A kola nut contains 2% caffeine and also contains the theobromine and kolanin. These three chemicals work as simulants. According to few Nigerian tribes, it is believed that kola trees were the first tree on the earth. It is also believed that the word “cola” originated from the kola tree. The first recipe of cola was originated with kola seeds and real kola leaves. Now days the cola recipe contains man made added flavors. However, in higher end sodas you will definitely find kola seed extracts, such as energy drinks.

Health Benefits of Kola Nuts

Kola nuts are an origin of Africa and have been used by the Africans for more than 100 years. Kola nuts have been used as a chewing medicine in order to get energy from the caffeine which is present in the nuts. Caffeine is one of the fundamental ingredients, which are used in most of the soft drinks. Kola nuts are used as a digestive medicine, to treat morning sickness, treats male impotence, aids weight loss, migraine and as an energizer.

Benefits of Kola Nuts in Treating Male Impotence

Benefits of Kola Nuts in Treating Male Impotence

Kola nuts are a perfect remedy for male impotence. When you chew kola nuts, they increase the blood circulation throughout the genital regions. This softens the hard arteries and normalizes the functioning of genitals.

Increased Blood Flow

Theobromine and caffeine present in kola nuts acts as stimulants and serve the purpose of a cerebral vasodilator. The cerebral blood vessels are dilated and increase the blood flow to the head and this helps in reducing headaches and migraines.

Weight Loss Benefits of Kola Nuts

Caffeine is considered as hunger controller. Kola seeds contribute 2% of caffeine. Kola nuts are considered to reduce the body fat and have a positive impact on metabolism. Consuming kola nuts are an ideal choice for people who are following a weight loss diet.

Benefits of Kola Nuts in Improving Metabolism

Kola nuts are considered as metabolism boosters, as they contain caffeine it also increases the heart rate. Therefore, Kola nuts can be a problem for people who are already suffering from any heart diseases. Kola nuts boost the metabolism rate for people with slow metabolism. When consumed in reasonable dosage, Kola nuts stimulate the health condition of a person.

Enhances Oxygenation

Apart from stimulating heart rate and circulation, kola nuts are capable of enhancing the oxygenation to other important parts of the body like brain, skin and extremities. Kola nuts are known as intellectual boosters.

Kola Nuts Promote Wellness

In Africa, kola seeds symbolize wellness and hospitality and have been used by people since ages. The ingredients which are present in the kola nuts enhance the digestion capability and decrease the bowel movement, cramping and bloating and increase overall wellness.

Benefits of Kola Nuts in Preventing Bacterial Infection

The root, stem and the leaves of the kola tree contain volatile compounds, which prevents bacterial infections of the body. The bacteria are a cause to number of respiratory illness such as meningitis, bronchitis and tuberculosis. Bacteria which belong to Mycobacterium species can be hindered by the consumption of kola nuts. These bacteria cause various diseases like tuberculosis and meningitis. The infections which are caused by the bacteria are reduced and in few causes they are completely eradicated.

Kola Nuts Increase Energy in the Body

Kola nuts contain stimulating agents, starch and glucose, which increase the body energy. More amount of oxygen is induced in the bloodstream which clears a congested head and which in turn improves the concentration power.

Benefits of Kola Nuts in Getting Rid of Gastrointestinal Issues

If you suffer from any gastrointestinal issues, then consuming kola nuts powder can reduce it. Gastric acids are produced as it stimulates the gastric muscles. Consequently the digestion process works smoothly and solves various digestive problems due to consumption of kola nuts powder.

Mental Health Benefits of Kola Nuts

Two percent of caffeine present in kola nuts acts as stimulant. The psychoactive substance gets absorbed into the blood and travels to brain to block adenosine. This in turn improves firing rate in individuals helping them have better memory, energy levels and fast reaction time.

Kola Nuts Work as a Diuretic

Theobromine which is another stimulant present in kola nuts is yet another effective chemical which brings improvements in the body of an individual. With the consumption of this bitter chemical, it acts as a diuretic where the urine production increases within the body helping people treat themselves against heart failure, influenza, water poisoning, kidney diseases etc.

Side Effects of Kola Nuts

While kola seeds have various health benefits they also have a negative impact on the body when they are consumed more than usual.

Side Effects of Increased Blood Pressure: The caffeine present in the kola seeds increases diastolic and systolic blood pressure, as it increases the resistance in the peripheral veins. According to research, when kola nut powder is consumed above the limited percentage, it increases the blood pressure.

Restlessness: The lowest dosage of caffeine is 70 milligrams; research has proved that when you consume this quantity of caffeine it leads to shaky hands. It increases the nervousness and restlessness for both regular caffeine users and who consume occasionally.

Kola Nuts Causes Acidity: When you use excess kola nut products, it produces some side effects like stomach acid; which in turn causes vomiting, nausea and heartburns. The sensitivity to caffeine varies.

Insomnia: Consumption of excess kola nut can cause side effects like insomnia. Kola nuts stimulate the central nervous system and may reduce your sleep. Kola nuts contain caffeine and when there is higher dosage of caffeine in the body, the brain activity gradually reduces.

Bone Loss: Consumption of kola nuts in excess quantity often results in side effects like bone loss in adults. Kola nuts also have an impact on bone development in adolescents. So, it is important to consume kola nuts in the right quantity so that it is not harming your body in a negative way.


The most common and important reason of extensive usage of kola nuts is that it increases metabolism, heart rate, digestion capability and prevents cancer. Consumption of kola nuts at a moderate rate does not have any sort of negative impact of the body but when they are consumed in excess they can lead to various health issues. Hence, it is highly advisable to individuals to consume kola nuts in adequate quantity so that it can enable individuals to achieve benefits out of it.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:March 22, 2018

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