4 Nutritional Facts of Adzuki Beans & Its 15 Health Benefits

Adzuki beans are sweet and nutty and are red-brown beans which are used frequently in Japanese desserts. Like other legumes, Adzuki beans are also a nutritional powerhouse and are loaded with protein, fiber and folic acid. That is the reason why these Adzuki beans are known for their wonderful health benefits. Read below and know about the health benefits of Adzuki beans.

4 Nutritional Facts of Adzuki Beans & Its 15 Health Benefits

4 Nutritional Facts of Adzuki Beans:

Weight-Conscious Calories:

Adzuki beans are low-energy-dense food, with 1.3 grams of calories per each gram. A ½ cup serving of cooked adzuki beans weighing 115 grams contains 147 calories. Being low in calories, adzuki beans make it easier for you to balance your calories for a healthier weight.

Carbohydrates And Fiber:

Most calories in Adzuki beans come from its carbohydrate content. A ½ cup serving of cooked adzuki beans contains 28 grams of carbohydrates. Some of the carbohydrates in these beans come from its fiber content, with 8 grams of fiber in a ½ cup of serving. Women require 25 grams of fiber in a day and men require 38 grams.

Protein And Fats:

Adzuki beans are also rich source of protein and contain very little fat. A ½ cup serving of these beans contain 8 grams of protein and less than 1 gram of fat. The Institute of Medicine recommends you get 10% to 35% of your calories from protein and 20% to 35% from fats. While these beans are a good source of protein, they do not contain all the essential amino acids, and thus making them an incomplete source of protein.

Vitamins And Minerals:

A 1/2 cup serving of cooked adzuki beans accounts 12% of the daily value for minerals like iron, 13% of daily value for potassium and 35% of the daily value for folic acid(or a Vitamin B that is required to make new cells, especially important for women of childbearing age). Iron is required for getting oxygen to your muscles and organs and also makes up part of the enzymes that help you digest your food. Potassium content in adzuki beans may help improve blood pressure.

15 Health Benefits Of Adzuki Beans:

Building Muscle Mass:

One of the most important benefits of adzuki beans is that they help in building muscle mass. A cup of adzuki beans has about 18 grams of protein thus making it high on protein. One of the important components of the muscles is proteins which is why they are required to build and maintain muscle mass. Protein deficiency results in muscle loss.

An individual who does heavy lifting as a part of his job or has a strenuous exercise regimen requires more protein than a normal individual. Such individuals need to add protein-rich foods to their regular diet.

Increase Antioxidants:

Adzuki beans are a storehouse of disease-fighting and health promoting antioxidants. Research suggests that there are at least 30 different compounds present in these beans that make them the highest antioxidant foods available. It includes bioflavonoid which is well known for its antioxidant as well as antiinflammatory properties.

Benefits Of Adzuki Beans For a Healthy Heart:

Adzuki beans are rich in folate, dietary fiber, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B. So, adding these beans in the regular diet reduces the risk of a coronary heart disease significantly.

The dietary fiber present in Adzuki beans controls the cholesterol levels, and potassium content dilates the vessels and improves blood flow that ultimately lowers the blood pressure and puts less strain on the heart.

Reduces Diabetes:

One of the most important benefits of Adzuki beans is that they are essential in reducing diabetes. These beans are loaded with fiber and proteins and can help in controlling blood sugar levels.

Helps In Managing Weight:

Adzuki beans also help in managing weight. Adding them to the diet helps to consume less food while providing the same nutrients and not feel hungry for long periods of time.

Adzuki beans are loaded with fiber to keep you full for long time and consume fewer calories thus maintaining the weight.

Benefits Kidney Health:

Adzuki beans are greatly beneficial for our kidneys. According to experts, these beans can help to regulate kidney functioning and restore moisture balance. It is thus best to consume adzuki beans at least twice in a week for achieving its maximum benefits.

Helps In Digestion:

There is another health benefit of adzuki beans. These beans are essential for proper digestion. Adzuki beans, like other varieties of beans, are rich in dietary fibers, which is extremely necessary for a smooth functioning digestive system. The fiber stimulates peristaltic motion, transfer food through the digestive tract, and enables smooth absorption of nutrients.

The fiber also helps in combating digestive problems like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and serious medical illnesses like colon cancer.

Helps In Growth And Repair:

Adzuki beans contain adequate amounts of protein in them. The protein in the beans break down into amino acids which is required by the body to create new cells and tissues for overall growth and for repairing damaged cells and tissues.

Benefits In Bone Health:

Adzuki Beans are beneficial for our bones. These beans are rich in essential minerals like zinc, copper, magnesium, which help in improving the bone density and prevent bone demineralization and also help in maintaining a fit body. So, in order to prevent osteoporosis and delay the onset of problems associated with old age, add adzuki beans and other foods rich in these minerals.

Prevents Birth Defects:

There is one more health benefit of adzuki beans. They help in preventing birth defects due to high levels of vitamin B, especially folic acid. Folate deficiency is a direct cause of neural tube defects in babies. So, taking adequate amount of adzuki beans, rich in folic acid can help you prevent such defects and promotes healthy delivery.

Reduce Symptoms of PMS:

Adzuki beans are also essential in reducing PMS symptoms. The manganese present in these beans is essential for important body functions like absorption of essential nutrients, decreasing symptoms of PMS, and boosting immunity. So, consuming adzuki beans regularly significantly helps to improve PMS symptoms like sleep problems, anxiety, muscle pain, mood swings and tenderness.

It has been found from studies that females with low levels of manganese in their blood often have pain and other mood related issues in the pre-menstruation stage.

Helps In Detoxification:

Adzuki beans contain high amount of Molybdenum, which is a trace mineral and plays an important role in liver detoxification. Even a half-serving of Adzuki beans provides 100% daily recommended value of molybdenum.

Treatment of Urinary Issues:

Adzuki beans also help in treating urinary problems. They contain nutrients and fiber to effectively treat urinary tract infections. These beans also improve overall health of the urinary system, in both males and females. Thus Adzuki beans are extremely beneficial in preventing bladder problems.

Benefits In Preventing Cancer:

Adzuki beans contain ingredients that kill cancer cells. So, they can also be beneficial in preventing colon and breast cancer.

Skin health Benefits Of Adzuki Beans:

Adzuki beans are great for exfoliating and skin cleansing. You can make use of the bean powder along with aloe vera gel to make a nourishing face mask. This reduces skin infections and swelling.


So, with above information of the health benefits of adzuki beans, it must be now be tempting you to add this legume in your daily diet and experience the benefits by self. Isn’t it?

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