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Nutritional Profile of Ambarella Fruit & Its 15 Top-Rated Health Benefits

Ambarella, also known as Spondias dulcis, is a tropical tree that offers edible ambarella fruit. It is most commonly known as Kedondong, Pomme cythere, June plum, juplon, Mangotin, Jojo indio, golden apple, and Cajarana in various parts of the world. The tree of ambarella bears its fruits in an abundant way from the month of September to mid of the month of the January.

The Ambarella fruit grows in clusters of about one dozen. The Ambarella fruits are oval in shape and are 6cm to 9 cm long. The ambarella fruit fall to the ground while they are still hard and green and then when they ripen they turn golden-yellow in color.(1) The flesh of the fruit is very juice, golden in color, vaguely sweet, however, with a hint of tart acidity.(2)

The hard crunchy flesh of the Ambarella fruit is sour and thus is mostly consumed with salt, sugar, chili powder, or shrimp paste. Ambarella fruit is used for making jellies, jams and preserves. The fruit of ambarella is also used in fruit salads and it can also be processed into drinks or can be candied.

15 Top-Rated Health Benefits of Ambarella Fruit

Nutritional Profile Of Ambarella Fruit:

Ambarella fruit is very nutritious and has got an impressive nutritional profile. Because of its excellent nutritional profile, it is mostly used in ayurvedic medicine for treating various diseases such as cough, diarrhea, dysentry, to name few. This is because of the presence of saponin, flavonoids, and tannins. It also contains a healthy amount of dietary fiber, enough of water, iron, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamin A, B and C.

100 grams of ambarella fruit contains 0.88 grams of protein, 0.27 grams of fat, 0.3 mg of iron, 10 grams of carbohydrates, 2.2. grams of dietary fiber, 5.95 grams of sugar, 80 grams of water, 3 mg of sodium, 67 mg of phosphorus, 250 mg of potassium, 36 mg of vitamin C. The vitamin C content present in ambarella is 30 times more than that in oranges. Apart from vitamin C, the fruit also contain vitamin A along with carotene and vitamin B constituents, like riboflavin and thiamin.

15 Top-Rated Health Benefits of Ambarella Fruit:

  1. Enhanced Immune System Benefits of Ambarella Fruit:

    One of the best health benefits of ambarella fruit is that it helps in enhancing the function of immune system. This is packed with vitamin C and it this improves the work of immune system. Moreover, it even improves the collagen formation and also accelerates the process of wound healing. The antioxidants found in the ambarella fruit helps in preventing free radical damage.

  2. Benefits of Anbarella Fruit In Treating Digestive Problems:

    Ambarella fruit is also known to treat digestive problems. The fruit contains rich amount of dietary fiber, which in turn aids in digestion and also help in proper bowel movements. Those who are usually suffering from indigestion or dyspepsia and constipation, must take the pulp of the ambarella fruit regularly to get some good relief. The fruit has high amount of water which helps in preventing dehydration.

  3. Ambarella Fruit Treats Cough:

    Ambarella fruit is also known to treat cough. Taking 2-3 pieces of the fruit can work as a great remedy to treat cough. The pieces of the fruit are shredded and their water is properly squeezed. To this, a pinch of salt is to be added and taken thrice in a day so as to relieve cough.

    Ambarella leaf extracts can also be used for treating cough. All you need is to boil 3-4 leaves of the ambarella in 2 cups of water and then allowed to stand for some time. This concoction is strain and taken with honey to relieve cough.

  4. Ambarella Fruit Helps In Preventing Heart Disease:

    One of the finest health benefits of ambarella fruit is that it helps in preventing heart disease. It is because of the presence of calcium in the fruit that works as a crucial source in maintaining the cardiovascular health. So, by consuming the ambarella fruit on a daily basis, one can overcome the heart diseases.

  5. Weight Loss Benefits of Ambarella Fruit:

    Are you looking for a home remedy for weight loss? Then, amberalla fruit might be one of your help. The fruit contains low fat and carbohydrate content and high amount of dietary fiber. Though ambarella fruit has low calories, it offers the require nutrient to our body and is thus considered as one of the most ideal fruit if you are looking for weight loss. The water content found in the fruit keeps you full at stomach and thus prevents you from overeating.

  6. It Acts As An Antioxidant:

    Ambarella fruit acts as an excellent antioxidant. It is because of the rich amount of vitamin A present in the fruit. Moreover, the fruit also contains vitamin C, which is also known to be an active source of antioxidant that can help you from the damage caused due to free radicals.

  7. Ambarella Fruit Helps In Controlling The Level Of Blood Cholesterol:

    The ambarella fruit is also known for its wonderful ability of controlling the cholesterol levels in the blood. This fruit contains a fair amount of vitamin C which is known to help in metabolizing cholesterol in to the bile acids; which might otherwise have implications for the levels of blood cholesterol and the occurrence of gallstones. So, this fruit must be added to your diet if you are looking to keep your levels of blood cholesterol in control.

  8. Ambarella Fruit Provides Energy And Endurance:

    Among the several health benefits of ambarella fruit, is the benefit of offering energy and endurance. The fruit contains high amount of sugar, primarily in the form of sucrose, which offers instant energy and is thus a great way to enhance endurance and vitality.

  9. It Helps With Improving Vision:

    Another health benefit of ambarella fruit is that it helps in improving vision. The fruit is known to be a great source of vitamin A. this plays a crucial role in the visual perception. Retinol is a comound present in vitamin A that helps in distributing images that are received by our eye’s retina. Decoction of the leaves of ambarella is used as a wash for those with sore eyes.

  10. Ambarella Fruit Helps In Overcoming Anemia:

    There is one of health benefits of ambarella fruit. It helps in overcoming anemia. It treats anemia because of the rich content of iron found in it. Moreover, the ambarella fruit helps in RBC formation, which is enhanced by the presence of the B1 vitamin. It helps in increasing the flow of oxygen in the body and thus improves the blood circulation. So, why not add this exotic fruit to your daily diet?

  11. It Prevents Premature Aging:

    This could be one of the best health benefits of ambarella fruit. The vitamin C content present in the fruit can help in protecting the important molecules of the body, such as the lipids or fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and the DNA and RNA or the nucleic acids from any damage that are caused by toxins, free radicals or pollutants. The free radicals are known to be one of the major causes of premature aging. So, by adding the ambarella fruit to your daily diet you can prevent premature aging.

  12. It Benefits Diabetic Patients:

    Ambarella fruit is also known for its excellent benefits towards the patients with diabetes. The fruit has got anti-hyperglycemic activity which aids to counteract the high glucose levels in the blood and thus beneficial in treating diabetes mellitus. It is also good for diabetics because it is heavy in digestion, as the patients with diabetes have got increased appetite and feel to eat more often.

  13. Improved Bone Health Benefits of Ambarella Fruit:

    Ambarella fruit is also known for its wonderful benefits towards the bone health. The rich amount of calcium and phosphorus present in the fruit makes it quite beneficial for maintaining healthy bones as well as teeth.

  14. Skin Health Benefits Of Ambarella Fruit:

    One of the best health benefits of ambarella fruit is its benefits towards the skin health. The fruit has got a lot of vitamin C in it and this helps in repairing of the tissue and nourishment of the skin. It increases the collagen production and also improves the skin beauty. Ambarella fruit is also used to treat several skin diseases. Apart from the fruit, the root of the ambarella tree is also used for treating itchiness in the skin and the leaves are used as a substitute for moisturizers and body lotions.

  15. Other Health Benefits Of Ambarella Fruit:

    There are various other health benefits of ambarella fruit. It is used in treating haemorrhoids and UTI or the urinary tract infections. The fruit is also used for treating burns, wounds, and sores and also for headaches in traditional medicines. Ambarella fruit contains antioxidants in it and thus helps in fighting against cancer. Scientific studies have proved that ambarella fruit can be beneficial in reducing the lower high blood pressure. It is also known that seeds of the fruit are used for treating respiratory diseases, because of the antibiotic content present in it.


Now we are quite aware of some of the health benefits of Ambarella fruit. From the benefits we are also aware that adding a daily serving of the fruit will helps us with the required amount of nutrition as well as safeguard us from various harmful ailments and also help us in weight loss. So, why not try having ambarella fruit on a daily basis and experience the incredible health benefits by yourself?


Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:November 15, 2021

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