Six Tips to Help You Eat Healthily Even If You Are Hopeless In the Kitchen

If you struggle in the kitchen and even the idea of boiling an egg feels you with uneasiness and anxiety, you can still eat healthily and well, so you don’t need to survive on nutritionally disastrous ready meals or junk food that will leave you out of shape and prone to physical and mental ailments.

In 2022 it’s far easier to manage your diet and also improve your culinary powers, and here are a few tips that we feel will help you in this endeavor.

Meal Delivery Services

The coronavirus pandemic led to a marked increase in terms of take-out services, and the concept itself has evolved a great deal. Now many providers are offering meal delivery services that provide great variety to your food intake and can also help you to improve your skills in the kitchen.

You can order in bulk, and the best brands in the business offer a huge array of meal types and options so that you don’t ever get bored of what you get delivered. These then arrive with instructions that will help you to get more acquainted with your kitchen.

Additionally, you can look to sign up with the best weight loss meal delivery providers to make sure that what you put into your body is precisely what you need as a part of a balanced approach to nutrition and health.

This is also ideal for those with specific dietary requirements, such as those who follow a vegan diet.

Keep It Simple

There are those of us who think that we are clueless in the kitchen but just need to be given the push in the right direction in order to get started. Often even those who are useless at cooking do at least have the ability to make one signature dish well.

So if you fall into this category, then why not leave one night a week where you make that one special meal and then see if you can start to slowly step out of your comfort zone? In many cases, the fear that many feel when it comes to cooking turns out to be easily overcome.

Indeed, there are some who soon get well and are truly bitten by the cooking bug and can’t wait to try new things, and they do so by starting on easy dishes that help to grow their overall confidence.


If you feel that your body has seen better days and that you may have, to some extent, taken your eye off the ball, then getting back in shape is best started with a basic exercise regime.

When you start down this road and begin to see the tangible benefits, you will invariably then look to take care of your diet. The combination of a healthy exercise regime and a good diet is precisely what you need to feel good about yourself.

As you start to think more about what you put into your body, you may well find that your exploits in the kitchen will become more improved. That’s because you’ll look to take a keener focus on the food you consume, and what better way to do so than to cook your own meals?

Be Better Prepared

Sometimes your inefficiency and woes in the kitchen can be down to the overall state of what you have to work with. Perhaps your appliances and utensils are not up to scratch, and that’s what’s holding you back.

If you put some effort, and money, into improving what you have to work with, you might find it more rewarding to cook and prepare your own meals. Doing so will likely use less time and make the whole process easier for you to manage.

Buy Frozen and Canned Foods

This may not seem logical or healthy, but you’d be surprised how having a readily available source of ingredients to hand can be a real lifesaver. Frozen fruit and vegetables, available as and when you need them, can make it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It also helps to prevent waste as we, as a society, waste far too much food. Having produce available in your kitchen will make it easier to stick to a better diet and will reduce the need to buy unhealthy take-out meals.

Think about it. You come home late from work, and you find you have nothing in your cupboards except food that is past its sell-by date. You then, most likely, reach for your phone to either call a nearby fast food restaurant or order takeout via an app. Still, if you have food in your freezer and tins of ingredients, you can easily put a delicious meal together and one that will be infinitely better for you from a nutritional standpoint.

Treat Yourself Occasionally

During the COVID crisis, we got used to ordering takeout, and it was very much a way of coping with the horrendous situation we found ourselves in collectively. It was, in many ways, a source of comfort but isn’t conducive to a healthy diet.

However, there is value in treating yourself once in a while, so don’t feel the need to shut off this avenue of pleasure entirely. Use it as an occasional reward, and you’ll find that you enjoy these treats far more than you used to, mainly as you’ll feel as if you’ve earned them, and as such, they’ll taste so much better!

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Last Modified On:November 22, 2023

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