Ways to Lose 24 Pounds in 6 Weeks

Losing weight is not an easy job. It requires loads of hard work, dedication and the will to get a fabulous looking body which enhances your personality and looks. If you are looking out for ways to lose 24 pounds in just 6 weeks, then you need to be ready to give it your 100 percent, be determined about it and also put in all the effort that this achievement will require.

Advice about weight loss is available around every corner. But a diet that suits you the best and a healthy routine that helps to maintain health is important. When we talk about ways to lose 24 pounds in 6 weeks, there is a lot that needs to be done and managing health is equally essential.

Following a quick-fix diet to cut off the extra calories can also increase the risk of nutritional deficiency along with the chance of regaining the lost weight. The ideal ways to lose 24 pounds in 6 weeks must include a blend of dietary advice and a perfect exercise routine to achieve your goals. It is very important to seek medical opinion before beginning with any kind of diet and exercise regime to be able to lose a good amount of weight in a short time.

Ways to Lose 24 Pounds in 6 Weeks

Ways to Lose 24 Pounds in 6 Weeks

Here are some of the simple ways which will help you lose 24 pounds in just 6 weeks time:

Eat Less, Work More

The key to losing more weight in a limited time is to burn more calories than you consume every single day. You do not have to stop eating carbohydrates, go on a soup diet or starve yourself, it is just important to burn more than your eat. So count on your calories and work more than you eat to lose those extra pounds. This should help you to achieve your goal of losing 24 pounds in 6 weeks.

Drink More Water

Cut out all the soda, fruit juice, coffee or sugar intake and focus on drinking nothing but water for the next 6 weeks. Drink at least 50 to 60 ounces of water every single day and consume it all day long whenever you are thirsty. Also carry a bottle of water wherever you go so you do not drink aerated drinks and beverages. Water is not only good to lose weight but also to keep you well hydrated and prevent illness.

Eat Complex Carbs

Switching from white bread to the whole wheat ones will make a world of difference without you realizing it. This way you are able to give yourself the satisfaction of eating bread but without the sugar content which can be quite damaging to your weight lose schedule. If you wish to maintain health while you lose 24 pounds in 6 weeks, you must go for complex carbohydrates. Carbs are needed for energy, but complex carbs like brown rice, whole wheat bread and multi-grain products provide energy for an extended period, provide fiber and keep you full. They are healthy and low in fat and just what you need to shed those extra pounds.

Switch Gradually

It is important to make gradual changes if you wish to lose 24 pounds in 6 weeks. Do not abruptly change your entire diet. It will not only be difficult but your body too will be in a state of shock if you change your diet all of a sudden. Make gradual changes in your eating regime so that the body can easily accept the switch. For example, if you are used to drinking a glass of whole milk all your life, do not stop suddenly. Start by drinking half a glass and slowly switch it to just one-forth. In about 14 days, switch to slimmed milk and your body will adjust to it without knowing the difference. Similarly, choose healthy alternatives gradually, go for low fat products, shift to healthy cooking oil and omit unhealthy eating patterns; you are sure to lose the extra pounds.

Eat Healthy

Your major diet should consist of whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fresh fruits which are low in sugar content, lean meat of all kinds and low-fat and unsweetened dairy products. All these food items provide you with energy and nutrition that the body needs without adding excess of calories to the body. Remember that you want to lose 24 pounds in 6 weeks but maintain health and prevent illnesses too, so eat healthy.

Workout Religiously

Working out in the gym or exercise of any sort may seem taxing initially, but the key is to continue and progress gradually. Remember that you wish to lose 24 pounds in 6 weeks and keep yourself going. The body will soon get used to the physical activity and exercise will become a basic necessity of your life. However, it is important to work out for a maximum of 6 days a week and give the body full rest for an entire day once in every 7 days.

Increase the workout intensity

One of the best ways to lose 24 pounds in six weeks is to increase the workout intensity by 10 percent every week. This will help the body to be comfortable with the increase in intensity and it will give you desired results quite easily. Moreover, without increase in the workout’s intensity, the body will get used to the same intensity and it will start burning lesser calories than before with every passing week. So challenge your body, stay fit and lose weight.

Practice Moderation

If you simply avoid eating things which are high in calories and stay away from them completely for a while, you are bound to break and indulge in binge eating at some point of time or the other. Instead, a great way to lose 24 pounds in 6 weeks is to eat all those food items that your heart desires but in complete moderation. Food stuffs which must be eaten in moderation and not every day are fried foods, cheese, candies, butter, sweets, mayo, ketchup and ranch to name some.

Motivate Yourself

If you feel the gym is getting monotonous and boring, try simple activities around the house, go for walk or a swim. Undertake activities that you enjoy and stay motivated on your weight loss goals. Activities like playing basketball in the house, running in the garden, taking your dogs for a walk or fitness classes can be a great option too. The more fun you make your workout session; the more motivated you will be to continue it. Motivate yourself with your results and your achievements as you lose more pounds. Share your success with your weight loss buddy and stay motivated.

Thing to Remember

It is important to know that if you feel weak, irritable and fatigued at any point of time during these 6 weeks, you must stop the diet and consult your physician at the earliest. Also know that sometimes depriving yourself of the foods you like and exercising too much can lead to binge eating which can prove quite harmful for the body and cause you to put on weight instead of losing it.


Set a realistic goal which can be achieved by the end of 6 weeks so that your body can keep up with the idea of losing 24 pounds in 6 weeks. What you are planning is completely achievable but only when combined with dedication, hard work and proper planning. Also, before starting this diet, analyze your body and judge truly whether you will be able to control your diet as much as needed and also combine it with such a high volume of exercise every day. If you have not been so active earlier in life, it is better to take it slow, first get the body used to exercising and eating less and then opt to lose 24 pounds in 6 weeks.

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