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What To Eat & Avoid When You Have Charcot Marie Tooth?

CMT i.e. Charcot Marie Tooth is a type of inherited and progressive disorder, which characterizes damages to the patient’s peripheral nerves. Here, peripheral nerves are those, which transmit nerve signals to different body muscles from the brain for controlling body movement and transfer sensory information to the brain from other parts of the body. The damage caused by the disease leads to sensation loss and muscular weakness, along with other similar types of symptoms.(1)

Role Of Diet To Manage Charcot Marie Tooth Symptoms and Complications

We know that Charcot Marie Tooth patients often have fatigue and weak muscles, both of which prevent them to stay active and in turn they suffer from weight gain.

Indeed, obesity or overweight condition results in additional issues, which make the Charcot Marie Tooth symptoms worse. This includes straining of the weak joints and muscles while making the body movement difficult leading to further weight gain.

Obesity and Charcot Marie Tooth symptoms may even increase your risk to suffer from diabetes, which causes further damages to your body parts, along with your lungs and heart. Positively, you may easily manage your body weight and other major Charcot Marie Tooth symptoms by simply having a healthy yet balanced diet combined with a tailored exercise plan.(1)

What To Eat When You Have Charcot Marie Tooth?

Spinach: The latest study has revealed that spinach plays a major role to increase protein synthesis and hence, it helps in faster repairing of body muscles after you complete your regular workout. Thus, to manage your body weight with Charcot Marie Tooth symptoms, you should never forget including spinach in your salad and in turn, give a helping hand to your body muscles. Alternatively, you may try for other green leafy veggies, like swiss chards, collards, and kale to include in your diet.

Pineapples: Pineapples come with papain and bromelain, i.e. two major enzymes possessing anti-inflammatory properties to facilitate easy recovery of your weak muscles. In fact, a single slice of pineapple contains 27calories with only 7grams of carbs. What would be better than pairing pineapple slices with any low-fat cottage cheese to enjoy a protein-rich nutritious snack for weight loss and improving Charcot Marie Tooth symptoms.

Green Tea: Studies have proved that people consuming 2 to 3 cups of green tea had relatively fewer marks of the cell damage caused by resistance to physical exercise. Considering this fact, we should say that green tea is applicable for CMT patients, who have weak body muscles. Other than this, green tea comes with catechins antioxidants, which help in increasing your metabolism. In this way, green tea helps you losing bodyweight even you fail to do any exercise or involve in low-intensity exercise.

Chocolate Milk: Chocolate milk is also one of the excellent health drinks to help Charcot Marie Tooth patients to overcome their weak muscles problems. Reason for this is that milk contains electrolytes and potassium in relatively higher amounts than water, because of which it helps in rehydrating the body post-exercise in a better way. Other than this, chocolate added in the milk facilitates muscular recovery at a faster rate by maintaining a perfect balance among the fat, carbs, and protein.

Excluding the aforementioned food items to eat, Charcot Marie Tooth patient should make sure to intake plenty of juicy fruits and veggies, along with protein-rich food items. These include varieties of pulses/legumes, egg (egg white preferable), salmon fish and lean meats.(2)

What To Avoid When You Have Charcot Marie Tooth?

  • You should reduce the intake of fatty, salty and sugary drinks or food items wherever it is possible.
  • You should say no to any of the ready meals or fried foods, as these are usually oily foods and hence, trigger weight gain.
  • You should reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake to improve the quality of your sleep and in turn, reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • You should avoid or reduce the consumption of any type of processed flour food items, like rice, pasta, and bread.(1)


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Sheetal DeCaria, M.D.
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