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5 Simple Ways and 5 Medical Ways To Sweat Less

Our body maintains and regulates its temperature by sweating. When the body gets hot, it starts to sweat to cool it down. The sweat produced by our body to regulate its temperature evaporates and cools the body. Sweating is a natural physiological process of our body and nothing to worry about.

However, there is no denying that sweating can be unpleasant what with the sweat stains, the odor and the constant sticky feeling; especially when you are present in any social situations. There are some simple and effective tips which can help you in sweating less.

5 Simple Ways and 5 Medical Ways to Sweat Less

  1. The Use Of Antiperspirant/Deodorants Before Going To Bed

    The aim of deodorants is covering the sweat smell produced by the bacteria and they don’t reduce the sweating as such, only mask the odor. Antiperspirants on the other hand block the sweat ducts resulting in the sweat staying below the surface of the skin. There are some antiperspirants which have deodorant in them. Most of the antiperspirants available contain aluminum chloride which is a metallic salt. Before applying antiperspirant, make sure that your underarms are dry and clean and then apply it before sleeping. This will help the ingredients to work for blocking the sweat duct, so you sweat less the next day. You may not see immediate results, but follow this routine and you will definitely see how this simple method will make you sweat less.

  2. Always Wear Breathable Fabrics

    The type or the material of the clothes you wear determine how much you will sweat. The simplest way to sweat less is to wear light and breathable fabrics to provide good ventilation. Wearing light colors will prevent absorption of sun and will reflect it rather and this is another simple method where you keep your body cool and sweat less by wearing light colored breathable clothes. If wearing light colors is not possible, then it is better to opt for large patterns or dark colors to hide the sweat and its stains.

  3. Avoiding Certain Foods Items

    There are some food items that are better avoided when attending a social or business event as they will cause you to sweat more. One such food item is spicy food which has the same effect on the body as heat and cause the body to sweat more in an effort to cool down. Another thing to avoid is tea and caffeine, as these beverages cause adrenal glands stimulation, which are responsible for sweating in the underarms, feet and palms.

  4. Keep Your Environment Cool

    As mentioned before, sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling itself down. If one is staying cool, then it automatically reduces the need to sweat. In summer time, keeping a bowl of ice in front of a fan helps in circulation of cool air in the room. Keeping the blinds and curtains drawn during the day helps prevent sun rays entering the room and keeps your environment cool. When outside, try to stay in the shade as much as possible. All these things may feel very simple, but are very effective in reducing the sweating.

  5. Small Meals, Lots of Fluids, Moisturizer in the Fridge

    Another simple thing that helps is eating regular small meals to keep the body cool. The body needs metabolic heat to break down the consumed food. Drinking lot of fluid to stay hydrated will also keep temperature of the body temperature low and makes you sweat less. Another tip is to keep your moisturizers and lotions in the refrigerator; so when you apply them you will experience a cooling effect. The use of handheld fan also helps in keeping you cool. Always wear open shoes or sandals to keep your feet cool.

  6. Medical Treatment to Reduce Sweating

    Excessive sweating is medically termed as hyperhidrosis and needs medical attention. Some of the treatment options to treat this condition are:

  7. Oral Medication: Medications can be prescribed by your doctor, which will block the chemicals responsible for certain nerve communication which helps in reduction of sweating. These medicines can have some side effects, such as blurred vision, dry mouth and bladder problems, so it is better to thoroughly discuss with your doctor about the risks and benefits of taking these medicines to control your excessive sweating.

  8. Prescription Antiperspirant: A high-strength antiperspirant can be prescribed by your doctor for your excessive sweating. Other than this, prescription creams to apply on your head and face are also given if these areas are affected.

  9. Antidepressants: Anxiety and depression can also cause one to sweat more. If this is the underlying cause for your sweating, then antidepressants will be prescribed by your doctor to combat your sweating problem.

  10. Botox Injections: Botox is used as it helps in temporarily blocking the nerves responsible for sweating. The effects of the Botox injections can last for about 6 to 12 months and needs to be repeated. There may be some mild pain from the injections and some temporary weakness of the muscle in the region of treatment.

  11. Surgery: In severe cases, surgery is needed for excessive sweating, which includes procedures like nerve surgery; sweat gland removal and microwave therapy.


There is no need to sweat over sweating, as it is a completely natural and normal body process to keep you cool. If you feel uncomfortable or if you want to sweat less in certain situation, then you can follow the above methods to reduce sweating or conceal the fact that you are sweating. If you are sweating more than normal (hyperhidrosis); then it needs medical attention and treatment from a doctor.


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