Can Menopause Cause Hair Loss?|Ways To Overcome Hair Loss Due to Menopause

Can Menopause Cause Hair Loss?

One of the conditions to worry during menopause can be hair loss in women. Itching scalp, hair thinning and hair loss could be a part of the changes and menopause can cause hair loss.

Menopause can cause hair loss along with itching, hair thinning even without a history of any kind of skin problems in the affected women.

Let us understand how menopause can cause hair loss. This usually occurs due to dip in the hormones in females during menopause which may cause the problem of itchy scalp, hair itching or hair loss. Androgen and estrogen levels during menopause go down but at different rates. Estrogen level goes down severely and androgen level goes down slowly. This results in change of hormonal levels dramatically. This in turn leads to hair loss.

Apart from the hormonal cause which may lead to hair loss during menopause, there are also various other conditions like lack of sleep, stress, and other health issues etc. which affect women during their menopause or at an age of 45-50 years; that may cause hair loss. It is essential to treat such conditions, situations or circumstances in order to overcome hair loss during menopause. It is best to seek timely medical advice regarding menopause related problems and hair loss.

Can Menopause Cause Hair Loss?

What are the Ways to Overcome Hair Loss Due to Menopause?

While it is true that menopause can cause hair loss, it is also important to know that there are many ways to overcome it. Let us look at the various ways to stop hair loss due to menopause.

Hormone Therapy:

High levels of androgen in women before menopause can cause hair loss in the perimenopausal stage or the years leading to menopause. Hormone therapy is one of the commonest ways to get rid of hair loss caused due to menopause. This can be treated with medications combined with birth control pills that help in lowering down the androgen levels. However, for some women, the risk of side effects from hormone treatment may include an enhanced risk of stroke, heart attack, risks of breast cancers and blood clots.

Regrowth Solutions

Another way to get rid of hair loss from menopause is the use of hair regrowth solutions. Over-the-counter liquid minoxidil, a known regrowth solution is commonly used in promoting hair growth in women during menopause. However, this may take some months to show the effect and it requires you to continuously apply the solution to the scalp for best results.

Prescription Treatment for Hair Loss:

An important way to overcome hair loss due to menopause is to take prescription medicine. A prescription drug containing finesteride is mostly used for men experiencing hair loss. However, even women may also be prescribed this drug, if appropriate. While there is not much evidence on how effective this treatment could be in stopping hair loss in women due to menopause, it is best to follow medical advice.

Home and Natural Remedies To Stop Hair Loss During Menopause

Some natural remedies too can be useful in overcoming hair loss during menopause. Here are some of the home remedies for hair loss caused due to menopause:

  • Nettle leaf tea is one of the home remedies for hair loss that can help you get rid of menopause related hair problems. It contains lot of nutrients, trace minerals and other micronutrients which helps in minimizing or preventing loss of hair.
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are two types of essential fatty acids or EFAs which can help in restoring hair or help in preventing hair loss. Taking walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, salmon, herring, mackerel, bluefish, black cod etc. which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can be effective natural remedy in getting rid of hair loss because of menopause.
  • Taking foods rich in phytosterols can also be beneficial in treating hair loss. Soy, almonds, peanuts, Brussels sprouts, olive oil etc. are rich source of phytosterols.
  • Taking dietary and hair supplements to prevent hair loss can be an effective remedy for getting rid of hair loss during menopause.
  • It is also essential to reduce intake of alcohol and caffeine which can help in preventing hair loss. Healthy lifestyle choices is another important way to overcome hair loss during menopause.
  • Lack of sleep can also result in increased levels of stress, increased production of cortisol and ultimately leading to hair loss. This usually happens at later age, especially during menopause years. So, improving sleep can help in getting rid of hair loss.
  • Good scalp massage at regular intervals can aid in promoting a healthy scalp, strengthen hair follicle and also prevent hair loss naturally due to an increased blood flow.


Apart from all the remedies and ways to stop hair loss caused due to menopause, it is essential to take very good care of your hair before menopause and keep your scalp and hair follicles healthy. Seek help from a hair specialist and medical expert for treatment and hair care to overcome hair loss due to menopause.

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