Benefits of Castor Oil In Growing Eyelashes & Ways to Apply

Eyelashes are an important part of framing the beauty of our face. Every time we blink, the fluttering of long eyelashes look gorgeous. So, who does not dream of having long, thick and dark eyelashes? However, not everyone is fortunate to have such type of eyelashes. Many have missed out on having naturally beautiful eyelashes either by birth or due to some medical condition. Well, now it is possible for anyone to get long and lush eyelashes simply by following a natural remedy. The answer to long, thick and dark eyelashes actually lies in one such humble ingredient that you are most likely to find your kitchen cabinet itself – castor oil. Castor oil has been used around the world for thousands of years for treating a wide variety of conditions.

It is known to be super effective in making your eyelashes grow naturally. Regular use of castor oil is also known to help prevent the breakage of eyelashes and also stimulate faster and healthier growth of eyelashes. This magical ingredient will start showing its effect faster than you can ever imagine, and you will be physically able to witness the growth and transformation castor oil will bring about in your eyelashes in no time.

Benefits of Castor Oil In Growing Eyelashes & Ways to Apply

Benefits of Castor Oil In Growing Eyelashes

Castor oil is derived from castor beans and is known popularly as a vegetable oil. The reason why castor oil is known to be extremely beneficial is that the fatty acids that makeup castor oil are known to be extremely nourishing for your skin. Castor oil is a storehouse of beneficial nutrients such as proteins, minerals, and fatty acids such as linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic ricinoleic acids. Castor oil is also known to have antifungal and antibacterial properties. With regular application, castor oil has been known to have helped promote thicker, longer, and darker eyelashes and even eyebrows.

In most parts of the world, castor oil is commonly known for its use as an oral laxative. However, people use it for a wide variety of purposes, such as treating of acne and inflammation, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, and to keep their skin hydrated. Castor oil is even a common ingredient used in many beauty products because it adds a hydrating effect to the cosmetics, but it does not clog up the pores or irritate the skin.

But how does it work on making your eyelashes grow?

How Does Castor Oil Benefit in the Growth of Eyelashes?

Castor oil is known to be effective in promoting the growth of eyelashes, thickening existing eyelashes, and also preventing the breakage of eyelashes. Castor oil is effective as it works by adding moisture and deeply hydrating tired, dry, and brittle eyelashes. It provides them with much-needed nourishment that is required for lashes to grow to their full length and height. This makes it easier for new lash growth to come through. Castor oil is packed with powerful nutrients that promote natural growth of eyelashes.

As mentioned above, the fatty acids in castor oil, along with antioxidants and proteins helps in strengthening the existing lashes and also creates a naturally full lash line. When you apply castor oil on your eyelashes, you are providing an opportunity for the nutrients present in the oil to soak into your eyelashes and even into the hair follicles of your eyelash. The resultant of this is that it helps turn dry eyelashes that are on the verge of falling out, into smooth, clearly defined, and healthy ones.

How to Apply Castor Oil To Your Eyelashes?

The most important thing to keep in mind before you purchase castor oil for applying on your eyelashes is that you need to ascertain that the oil is 100 percent pure. If castor oil has been blended with other ingredients or other oils, then it might cause irritation to your eyes, and they will not produce the desired effect. So make sure that you read the label before purchasing to confirm that you are buying pure castor oil.

For beauty treatments, two types of castor oil are used. These include:

  • Cold-pressed castor oil that is clear in color.
  • Jamaican black castor oil that is dark brown in color.

The preferred choice in many beauty treatments is usually the Jamaican black castor oil, but whichever type of oil you use, they both contain the same properties and will be beneficial for growing eyelashes.

Before you begin your eyelash treatment, it is advisable to test a small amount of castor oil on your arm or any other part of your skin to ensure that you are not allergic to the oil and that it is safe for use on your eyelashes.

To start the treatment for growing your eyelashes with castor oil, it is best to do so at bedtime, just before you go to sleep.

To begin with, wash your face and make sure that your eyes are completely free of makeup. Eyelashes have to be clean so that the castor oil can be absorbed easily.

Take a small amount of castor oil by dipping a cotton swab into the oil. Now delicately run this cotton swab across the top of your lash line, both top, and bottom lash lines. You must take care to not get the oil into your eye. If some of the oil goes into your eyes, make sure you wash it immediately with water as castor oil can be very irritating to the eye. In the morning, wash off the castor oil with water or any makeup remover will also do.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence Supporting The Use Of Castor Oil For Eyelashes?

No scientific studies have been done to date that shows that castor oil boosts the growth of eyelash hair. However, there is evidence to show that ricinoleic acid, which is the major compound that makes up more than 90 percent of castor oil, helps reverse hair loss.

A study had found that the protein prostaglandin D2 which is present in men suffering from male pattern baldness and is responsible for preventing the regrowth of hair in this condition, gets inhibited by ricinoleic acid. This showed that ricinoleic acid can potentially help hair on the scalp grow back.

More research still needs to be done to positively show that ricinoleic acid can also be used for helping with other types of hair loss.


While there is no scientific evidence that asserts the fact that castor oil helps grow your eyelashes, there are many people who have benefited from using castor oil on their eyelashes. As castor oil is known to be a relatively safe oil to use, there is no harm in trying it out to see if it actually benefits your eyelashes or not. However, do remember to do an allergy test first on a small patch of skin to make sure you are not allergic to castor oil.

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