Castor Oil for a Stiff Neck

Stiff neck is an increasing problem these days. Growing age, heavy work burden, with visible pressure on neck, desk jobs, use of gadgets, wrong sleeping posture, etc. commonly trigger neck stiffness. Many of us run for over the counter drugs to relieve pain, while many fall victim to steroids in want of quick relief. People often ignore effective home remedies but they can be truly useful to heal neck stiffness. Amongst various home remedies, castor oil for stiff neck is the best alternative to depend upon.

It is worth knowing about castor oil for a stiff neck, its benefits and applications.

Castor Oil for a Stiff Neck

Castor Oil for a Stiff Neck

Castor oil for a stiff neck is a popular home remedy. To get castor oil, shiny castor beans are pressed and since ages, castor oil is used for number of health benefits. While the entire bean contains ricin, a deadly poison, castor oil does not have ricin and is safe to use. This oil is one effective remedy for constipation and bowel issues. Castor oil is available in simple grocery shops, medical shops and health food stores.

Castor oil for stiff neck is also a popular use of this oil in recent times. Castor oil is now widely used for external treatment to treat muscles and organ ailments. This is mainly because various studies have shown that castor oil for a stiff neck is a great remedy as it can relieve muscle stiffness and pain.

Benefits of Castor Oil for a Stiff Neck

As stiff neck is very common, you usually seek home remedies that are easy and handy. Castor oil for a stiff neck can be very easy to use. Some people think that castor oil would make the body smell awful but castor oil is practically having neutral smell, unlike the smell of cod liver oil, which is fishy. Castor oil is thick and clear, with slight amber color. Also, when you use castor oil for a stiff neck, you apply oil only to the neck and upper back, which does not cause much problem.

Some of the Benefits of Castor Oil for Relieving Stiff Neck Include the Following:

  • Castor oil for a stiff neck is popular as it is an analgesic, having pain reducing property and also an anti-inflammatory so it is beneficial in reducing inflammation.
  • Many physicians suggest using castor oil for a stiff neck, as it can help in reducing pain.
  • Castor oil helps in reducing itching as it is anti-pruritic as well as good detoxifier.
  • Using castor oil for a stiff neck regularly, can help relieve those trigger points that repeatedly cause neck and back pain.

How to Use Castor Oil for a Stiff Neck?

While using castor oil for a stiff neck, it has to be heated slightly, warm castor oil works best. Then the oil should be applied in circular motion onto the stiff neck muscles and left there for better absorption. Apply the oil around the upper spine area, preferably in circular strokes and can be continued for some time till the pain begins to reduce. People also prefer using castor oil packs for a stiff neck, which are prepared using castor oil, old wash cloth and sealable plastic baggie.

Making Castor Oil Packs to Help Relieve Stiff Neck

Castor oil for a stiff neck can be effectively used by preparing your own castor oil packs. Put few drops of castor oil over a cloth and the cloth can be rubbed over the stiff neck. The cloth must be saturated but oil should not be dripping. The cloth can be folded and placed in plastic bags and sealed properly and dated. The bags can be placed in freezer for months and can be used when required. But remember that if the oil pack is kept at room temperature then it would turn rancid, hence freezing it is necessary.

Application: How to Use the Castor Oil Packs for Stiff Neck?

For application of castor oil for a stiff neck, you can use castor oil packs made of cloth. When the cloth is at room temperature it can be simply wrapped around the painful area. For castor oil packs placed in freezer, remove the bags and take the pack out. The cloth would be stiff but due to oil it would be pliable.

Right after wrapping the oil wrenched cloth another towel should be used upon the oil pack, it prevents oil from dripping on clothes or furniture. Leave the area same at least for an hour and repeat the same in 3 hours if pain still persists. Once you are done with the oil pack, you can refold the cloth and keep it in the baggie and keep it safe in the freezer for next days. You can use the castor oil pack continuously for a week and use oil again if the piece of cloth is dry to touch.

If you are looking for heat press, make sure you are not heating the pad directly in the microwave, as it may cause fire combustion. Similarly it is a big NO, NO to keep the oil pack on heated oven. Beware of placing smoldering pad onto your neck as it may burn the skin quite severely. It is better to heat a rice bag or heat a moist towel in the microware for not more than 3 minutes and the place the castor oil pack onto the bag.

It is true that castor oil for a stiff neck is a soothing balm and medical studies confirm that castor oil helps to relieve muscle stiffness and pain. However, it is important to confirm that the stiff neck is not a result of major underlying medical problem. In acute conditions, severe neck pain, fever, vomiting associated with stiff neck could hint at serious problems. Hence, seeking medical advice is essential. Castor oil for a stiff neck is useful for people with muscle spasms, chronic pain condition and for degenerative changes in neck causing neck pain along with other medications.

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