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Is It Bad To Wear Glasses All The Time?

The person should remove their glasses throughout the day or wear them all day depends on the reason they wear them. The person should follow the recommendation of his ophthalmologist. Since wearing glasses will not cause deterioration of vision, there is no harm in wearing glasses whenever possible. If the person’s eyesight is not so weak that he may not be able to perform routine activities, the person may opt not to wear glasses all the time. If they need them only for reading or driving, they may wear glasses at that particular time. Glasses prevent eye strain, headache, blurry vision, and other discomforts. The refractive or UV coating of the lenses protect the eye from sun and glare.

Is It Bad To Wear Glasses All The Time?

Is It Bad To Wear Glasses All The Time?

Glasses For Hyperopia People

There are lots of reasons to avoid wearing glasses all the time for the person with hyperopia. Beyond having discomfort from wearing glasses, they are at risk of increasingly relying on them. Study in Nigeria found 64% of people believed that wearing glasses all the time damage the eye. 30% of people in Karnataka and 69% of people in Pakistan have similar feelings. In Brazil, medical staff says that their eyes would be rapidly weaker from wearing glass all the time2. This is more of a myth because wearing glasses does no weaken eyes rather improves the clarity of vision.

Glasses wear in the treatment of two refractive vision; one is short-sightedness or myopia, where far object appear blurred, and the second one is long sightedness or hyperopia, where near object appear blurred. Many people notice it is difficult to read in low lighting. Study in Malaysia also proved that wearing correct glasses is essential to prevent the eyesight from getting worse2.

Wearing glass at the time of long-sightedness causes discomfort comfort because they do not maintain the distance between glasses and media screen or books. The arm is not too much longer so at the time of reading a book they cannot make enough space between books. Because of this people remove glasses while using laptop and computers.

Glasses For Myopic People

Wearing glass when a person has myopia depends on the degree of myopia. However, the need for glasses is at some conditions like studying, reading, watching TV, if they spent more time outdoors and at the time of using a laptop and computer.

When To Avoid Wearing Glasses?

Wearing glass is better at the time of reading, driving, watching TV or for other activities. In some conditions, wearing glasses is not recommended:

Wearing Glasses While Sleeping. At the time of sleeping, there is no need of wearing glass because the eyes are closed. Avoid wearing glasses while sleeping because there are chances of breaking and bending them.

Wearing Glasses Playing Sports. Glasses are avoiding at the time of sports. Prescription sunglasses are better for the sportsmen and some outdoor sports, UV protective lens should be better when they out in the sun. Wearing glasses regular can hazardous for the sportsmen. During sports, the glass can bend and break which could hurt the eyes. Glasses may be slip and fog up during sports.

Wearing Glass While Swimming. Wearing glasses is not a better choice while swimming. Water splash on the lenses is a hassle, losing the eyewear at the bottom of the lake is no good and chlorine that is present in the pool may damage the glass1.


Wearing glasses all the time is not at all bad. It does not have an adverse impact on the eyes. It is just a myth that wearing glasses all the time has a bad effect on the eyes. In fact, wearing glasses for as long as possible prevents worsening of eyesight and also improves vision clarity. Safety during tasks such as driving and working on machine is significantly increased through clear vision. To prevent the vision from further damage, it is essential to wear glasses of correct power.


Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:February 28, 2022

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