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Is It Bad To Not Wear Glasses If You Need Them?

Is It Bad To Not Wear Glasses If You Need Them?

People who have glasses but do not wear them on regular basis are actually doing a lot of harm to their eyesight. Eye glasses helps in correcting the vision, so that they can see the things correctly. This provides clear vision and also reduces the strain on eyes. People who avoid glasses force their eyes to work harder by applying excess strain on the eyes.

Is It Bad To Not Wear Glasses If You Need Them?

Some of the adverse effects of not wearing glasses if you need them are:

Headaches And Fatigue: People experiencing frequent headache, fatigue, or have to squint or rub their eyes for better vision is an indication that they need corrective eye glasses for clear and correct vision. Avoiding use of glasses in the day to day life creates a lot of interruptions in performing the routine activities. Some of the common problems faced are, unable to see/read the far and close objects, trip on things, blur vision at night and so on. Symptoms indicating weak vision vary with age. For instance, it is observed that people who are older face problem in seeing and reading close objects, on the contrary; young people often suffer from long-sightedness i.e. they find it difficult to view things that are kept too far.(1)

Increased Risk Of Injury: People who are not having the correct vision and still ignore wearing glasses often face the problem of vision clarity. In this condition if people drive then unclear vision can lead to accidents that can cause severe injury. Children often avoid using glasses because they find it embarrassing and inconvenient to use glasses while playing or in school. Less clarity in vision while playing in the playground can be very dangerous as children can hurt themselves badly. Hence, in order to avoid the risk of injury it is suggested that one should always wear eye glasses while driving or performing any important task. Parents should ensure that their children wear glasses when going to the school or while playing.(1)

Long-Term Effects: If one continues to avoid glasses for a prolonged period of time then it can have some long lasting effect on the eyes which is difficult to cure. Not wear glasses can actually hamper the development of the eyes, this happens because image captured by retina is not clear. Even vision captured is not clear then body automatically stops the development of the eyes. Hence, eyes remain in the under developed stage having long term impact on the individual’s health.(1)

Myopia: People who are suffering from myopia means they find it difficult to see objects that are placed away from them can only focus on the objects that are near to them. The glass configuration of such patients is indicated by a negative sign. The reason behind this is that power is required to take away from the eyes so that it can see the objects placed at a distance. In medical term the condition is known as nearsightedness meaning patient has clear vision on things place near. If people suffering from this problem ignore the use of corrective glasses then it drastically increases the risk of developing lazy eyes.

Farsightedness: If the eyes of the individual have complete focus on the objects that are placed from them and find it hard to focus on the nearby object, then this condition is known as farsightedness. In simple words we can say that this is the reverse condition of shortsightedness. If individual with this problem ignore use of glasses then eyes are strained to focus on the near objects and this causes severe headache and fatigue. The prescription of such patients is indicated with a positive sign and they continue to ignore glasses for a long time then the possibility of getting a corrected vision becomes negligible.(1)

The above discussion clearly portrays the fact that not wearing the recommended glasses can make the vision worst in the long run. Hence, one must follow the instructions given by the eye specialist.


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