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6 Problems Your Eyes Convey about Your Health

Eyes are our window to see the outer world. It is also our window to see a lot of things happening inside the body, that is, it also acts as a window of the inside to the outside world.

Have you ever seen redness in the eyes when you wake up in the morning? Is it that sometimes your eyes won’t stop itching and there is a gush of tears flowing down from the corner of the eyes? You want to look the most beautifully dressed up person in the party, but the eye bags under your eye stands in between them. These may seem very minuscule things to pay attention to, but these are clues. So, STOP, and observe these hints. We are here to help you figure out what to make of the different kinds of signs that your eyes show you.

Some conditions can have home remedies but some others may need the consultation of an ophthalmologist (an eye doctor).

6 Problems Your Eyes Convey about Your Health

6 Problems Your Eyes Convey about Your Health

  1. Redness in the Eyes and Yellowish Deposits

    It has happened with us quite a number of times that we see redness in the eyes and just put some water to get rid of it. But is it enough? It can be an indication of conjunctivitis, or any kind of allergy, which is accompanied by runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, coughing or sinus. Besides dust and virus, allergy can be caused by any cosmetics or ointments from which the patient is allergic. The allergy can be relieved by using eye drops or if increases beyond control a doctor should be consulted. It happens due to a minor injury under the surface of the eye. It may also result from a subconjunctival hemorrhage but it should be clear within a few days.

    You may notice a red blot beside the iris and it does look scary. Also the white part of the eyes may look yellowish. This may be due to cholesterol, which will eventually lead to high pressure and diabetes.

  2. Bug Eyes

    Eye bulging out? How will that look? Pretty weird. Over-active thyroid is the cause of this. Another name for this is Grave’s disease and doctors call it exophthalmos. In this disease affects the tissues and muscles around the eyes due to inflammation or other immunity system issues. Other eye symptoms related to Graves’ disease are a granular feeling in the eyes, either pain or pressure in the eyes, swollen eyelids, inflamed or redness in the eyes, sensitivity from light, sometimes experiencing double vision, it may also lead to loss of vision.

    Besides suffering from symptoms that are related to the eyes, people have also been suffering from nervousness, irregular pulse or heightened beating of the heart and nervousness as well..

    Graves’ disease is considered to be more common among old people and females. It is nothing to be afraid of if you are suffering from bug eyes because it’s a treatable disease, only consulting an ophthalmologist will be enough.

  3. A Grayish Ring around the Cornea

    Has it ever appeared to you, a grayish ring around the cornea or any portion of the cornea or the colored part of the eye?

    High triglycerides can increase the risk of a cardiac arrest or a stroke. The doctors call the gray ring as arcus or arcus senilis. Lipid (fat) deposits cause the gray ring around the cornea; this is because of the excess fat in the body.

    A doctor need not be essentially consulted but a blood test is a must so that one can detect the elevated level of lipids in the blood i.e. cholesterol, chiefly if the patient is under the age of 60. High triglycerides or cholesterol in the blood can be controlled by maintaining a healthy diet by taking in more fibrous food, more roughage, fruits and vegetables and less of fatty food, oil and complex carbohydrates including sugar, exercising regularly and maintaining healthy hours of sleep can help in this condition.

  4. Sore Eyelids

    It may seem difficult to believe but symptoms of skin cancer can show itself on the rim the eyes. A sore that doesn’t get cured, even after application of ointments, along with loss of loss of eye lashes can hint at basal cell carcinoma.

    The tumor can mostly be noticed on the lower eyelid, followed by the area near the nose and it can also show itself on the upper eyelid. The loss of eye lashes is a clue for us to find that the disease is malignant in nature.

    Basal skins cancers are usually are not as fatal, but that does not mean that a doctor’s is not required. It is always a good idea to show the symptoms to the doctors because if the situation goes out of hands then it may cause complete loss of vision, severe disfigurement and even death if it reaches the brain cells after entering from the socket of the eyes.

  5. Dry Eyes

    This has become a common problem with everyone pertaining to the relentless daily routines of our lives, the polluted environment and hormonal changes. We cannot neglect our work or our deadlines and thus working day and night is required of us. As a result of looking at the computer or TV screens for long hours affects our eyes in a very bad way. The condition of arthritis is linked to having dry eyes. Dry eye tells us about the lack of moisture in our body, which is another reason for arthritis. We must keep our eyes moistened by using eye drops and also go for eye checkups regularly.

  6. Droopy Eyes

    For saggy eye lids you might not only blame the gravity, there is seriously something wrong with the eyes that needs attention.

    Ophthalmologists suggest that droopy eyes are a result of myasthenia gravis which is a weakness in the muscles and is an autoimmune disease.

    Myasthenia gravis can occur in people belonging to any race, male and female alike and at any age. This disease is not characterized as hereditary traits nor is it communicable in nature, very often it occurs to more than one person of the family.

    It is always a safe decision to consult a doctor because it does not take much time in changing something minor to fatal and if not treated properly can be life threatening as well.


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