Best Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Health Mobile Apps

Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI

Do it yourself (DIY) health is the latest popular trend that many people would like to try out. While a physician's visit is unavoidable and a proper medical diagnosis is the most reliable one, you may find it interesting to check your own complaints or symptoms. In a way it can help in making you more aware of your precise complaints and give you an opportunity to get into the details of your symptoms.

Best Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Health Mobile Apps

Just as health apps are used to connect with doctors or record your medical events, there are health apps that can be helpful in your endeavor of DIY health. You can use these apps to have an idea about your health before seeing your physician. It is important to understand that these apps are mechanical and can only guide you but cannot replace the validity of a physician's medical examination and advice.

Some Of The Best Do It Yourself (DIY) Health Apps Include

  1. Health Tap

    This app redefines the way you take care of your health by providing guidance and advice from doctors at anytime. This app provides you with personalized health tips, answers and advice from doctors. It is just like visiting a doctor, where you get to consult via audio or video chat and can also get medicines and refills. With the help of custom checklists developed by doctors, managing health has become even easier.

    Ratings – 4.4 Stars

    Price – Free

  2. Quit Smoking Coach

    For those who realize the harmful effects of smoking and wish to quit smoking, this app is the best guide. This app helps to keep you going with your quit smoking program by showing real-time statistics of different parameters like the number of cigarettes rejected, health status or money saved and by rewarding you for specific milestones. This app is not only quite inspiring but also helps you in case of emergency; when that craving to smoke creeps in.

    Ratings – 4.3 Stars

    Price –

  3. Test Your Hearing

    If you are in doubt about your hearing ability and wish to try out hearing tests, this app is of great use. This hearing test app produces different sounds or tones at varying frequencies. You also have to identify the difference in frequencies in another test. It is important to follow the instructions as loud volumes can be harmful to the ear.

    Ratings – 4.2 Stars

    Price – Free

  4. Wellness Plan

    This app gives you a way to lead a healthy life and the wellness plan is just what you need to stay well. It offers a health and wellness program based on faith and follows certain Biblical principles that can guide you about wellness. Along with health tips, the app also offers videos that can help to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and stress free.

    Ratings – 4.1 Stars

    Price – Free

  5. Breast Test

    Breast examination is essential to detect any changes in the breast and can be helpful for screening breast cancer. This app provides instructions for proper breast self-examination, which women can use to perform breast examination themselves and keep a check on their health. This app allows you to set reminders for regular examination. Any observation can be further examined by medical professionals.

    Ratings – 3.9 Stars

    Price – Free

  6. Eye Test

    With this app, you can easily test your eyes and vision at your home. It includes primary tests used in eye testing like visual acuity tests and grid tests; it uses the Ishihara chart, AMD test to detect macular degeneration and also a glaucoma survey.

    Ratings – 3.7 Stars

    Price – Free

  7. Doctor Mole – Skin Cancer App

    This app enables you to scan your moles and get information about their dimensions, color, border, asymmetry and associated risks. It is a real-time scanner, assesses the moles with computer vision technology and provides detailed analysis. This app helps in skin cancer screening which if coupled with professional medical diagnosis can help to detect early cancers.

    Ratings – 3.3 Stars

    Price – Free


    There are apps which can help in identifying emotional imbalances or stressful situations and aid in management of mental health. Some of these include:

  8. Personality MD: Self Test

    This app allows you to take a personality test, analyze your personality and also find friends with a matching personality. It assess nearly 20 dimensions and the Big 5 personality factors to find the real you.

    Ratings – 4.5 Stars

    Price –

  9. Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

    For those who tend to feel low very often, this app can help to check the severity of your mood with the screening tests. You can read articles about depression and learn about calming yourself with depression assistance, emotion training and relaxation audios. It also enables positive thinking with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) guide.

    Ratings - 4.3 Stars

    Price – Free

  10. Cognitive Diary CBT Self-Help

    This app can be a great addition to your DIY health apps as it helps in self-improvement. This app helps you to understand stress, emotions and relations in your life and change the way they affect your life. Developed by a psychotherapist, it offers CBT tools for self-help and allows you to add personal statements to keep yourself motivated.

    Ratings – 4.3 Stars

    Price – Free

  11. T2 Mood Tracker

    This app allows you to keep a track of your emotions and related issues, the results of which can be shared with your physician. The app offers tracking of common emotional issues like stress, anxiety, depression, head injury or post injury stress. When you rate yourself on these issues, the inputs are recorded in a graphical form.

    Ratings – 4.1 Stars

    Price – Free

  12. Stress Test and CBT Self-Help

    A simple app that allows you to take a stress test, understand the severity and find coping methods. You can also record your stress history in the app journal. You can read articles on stress; get help on CBT and check out quick stress reliving or relaxation audios.

    Ratings – 3.7 Stars

    Price – Free.

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