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What Are The Ways To Prevent Ocular Rosacea & Does It Reoccur?

Ocular rosacea is a condition of the eyes that leads to redness, burning, and inflammation of the eyes. It is usually a chronic condition.(1,2)

What Are The Ways To Prevent Ocular Rosacea?

What Are The Ways To Prevent Ocular Rosacea?

Since the exact cause of ocular rosacea is not known, it is difficult to prevent it. Also, most of the speculated causes, like heredity, environmental factors, etc. cannot be avoided, which also makes it difficult to prevent ocular rosacea. However, certain factors like bacterial infections, etc. can be avoided if proper health and hygiene are maintained, and the flare-ups of this condition can be prevented. Not touching the eyes without washing the hands prior, can help a great deal in preventing the flare-ups of ocular rosacea.

Staying away from other factors like hot and spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, wind or sunlight, extreme temperatures, intense emotions like stress, anger, etc., some medicines, etc. can help in the prevention of flare-ups of ocular rosacea

Does Ocular Rosacea Reoccur?

Ocular rosacea cannot be completely cured. The symptoms can be managed or controlled with the help of treatment. However, even if the ocular rosacea seems to be in remission, it can resurface or reoccur any time if exposed to triggers. Most of the time, ocular rosacea stays as a chronic condition.(3)

The symptoms of ocular rosacea can be managed with the help of medications and eye care. There, however, is no cure for ocular rosacea. This condition usually stays chronic and can reoccur despite a seeming remission. Some antibiotics may provide you with temporary relief. Antibiotics like tetracycline, doxycycline, erythromycin, etc. are usually prescribed for this purpose.(3,2)

Some natural treatment techniques may work for ocular rosacea. However, they are not expected to work immediately. They will help alleviate the symptoms of ocular rosacea when practiced regularly for some time. These may comprise of –

  • An eyelid wash can be made at home. It very well may be made by using some baby cleanser and warm water. It is like the eyelid washes that are accessible in the shops.
  • Applying this to the eyelids with the assistance of a washcloth or cotton pad can help in diminishing the symptoms of ocular rosacea.(1)
  • A warm pack can help in opening the blocked- up glands in the eyelids and balancing out the tear film. This can be done multiple times a day.(1)
  • You can likewise apply a delicate massage to the eyelids, to help in unblocking of the stopped- up glands. The blocked glands might be the fundamental reason for the irritation.(1)
  • Eating a daily diet wealthy in flaxseeds and fish oil can likewise be useful in treating ocular rosacea.(1)
  • If there is an exorbitant dryness, utilizing teardrops (suggested by your primary care physician) can help.(2)

You might need to stay away from specific things that exacerbate your ocular rosacea. These may comprise of the ones given below-

  • Avoid wearing eye make-up, if your eyes are disturbed and irritated. When utilizing make-up, pick the one that is non comedogenic or non-sleek, hypoallergenic and furthermore without scent.
  • Stay away from utilizing contact focal points, particularly if you have dry eyes and there is additionally an irritation or inflammation
  • Refrain from potential triggers that cause a flare-up. Potential triggers are those that warrant a dilatation of veins of your face. Hot and spicy foods and drinks, alcoholic refreshments would all make up to be the potential triggers.(3)


Ocular rosacea cannot be prevented. However, the flare-ups of this condition can be arrested by following some simple measures and avoiding the triggering factors. Ocular rosacea does not go away completely. Even if it appears to be reducing, it usually stays chronic and can reoccur anytime.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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