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Best Exercises & Activities For Charcot Marie Tooth

Charcot Marie Tooth disease is a genetic disorder of the peripheral nerves causing serious impact on the foot, legs, arms, hands and few other parts of the body. People with this condition often experience muscle weakness, especially in the limbs. In some cases, the lower legs may take the shape of the inverted champagne bottle. This happens due to muscle bulk.

The symptoms of Charcot Marie Tooth disease begins with the weakness in your legs, ankles, and feet. As the symptom progresses, it may spread from feet and legs to arms and hands causing numbness, tingling, burning or loss of temperature sensation in your hands and feet.

The symptoms are very subtle therefore it becomes often difficult to begin the treatment and therapies. The delay in the treatment sometimes results in permanent disability or deformity. Most of the existing studies, varied exercise protocols, and design to prevent the possibility of simplifying results to all people with Charcot Marie Tooth

Best Exercises & Activities For Charcot Marie Tooth

People who have chronic neuropathy disorder always have a repeated question about what kind of exercises they can perform to improve the weakened muscles and help control the symptoms. Although, can help manage the symptoms yet knowing the right type and amount of exercise is extremely crucial. Likewise, the exercise program and its methods and objectives must result in each individual based on the type of Charcot Marie Tooth and several other clinical factors.

In fact, organizations such as the American Medical Association and other health and human services suggest the children and adults with chronic Charcot Marie Tooth should engage with regular forms of activity and exercise.[1]

Who Should Exercise?

Both children and adults with Charcot Marie Tooth should get regular exercise and participate in physical activities. Patients suffering from this condition should improve the muscle strength and flexibility to strengthen the unaffected muscles and compensate for the atrophied ones. Most of the Charcot Marie Tooth studies involve four modalities such as balance, stretching, endurance, and strength.

Balance-One of the major complication with Charcot Marie Tooth is the balance issues. However, this can, through suitable exercises such as yoga and tai chi that can be done at home or the gym.

Stretching- Stretching exercises are very helpful for all muscle-related complications. These exercises can prevent pain and improve the joints affected by Charcot Marie Tooth. They can help you maintain flexibility and prevent muscle tightening and shortening.

Endurance- Muscle strengthening and bone-strengthening exercises are often important for patients with CMT. During certain instances, your children might be prescribed for orthopedic braces. If prescribed, you should ensure that your child wears this braces while performing activity and exercises.

Strength- Hereditary neuropathic foundation suggests for 150 minutes a week of aerobic exercises and activities. Perhaps, this is doable and have a significant impact of Charcot Marie Tooth on daily life. When you are affected with Charcot Marie Tooth, you will not have proper functioning of the nerve-muscle and they become very weak and deconditioned. Therefore you need strengthening exercises to compensate for the Charcot Marie Tooth related weakness and tone the hip girdle muscles.[2,3]

Recommended Exercises To Adults And kids

Exercises and Activities for Adults include

  • Riding bicycle especially tandem riding with kids in the front and the adults at the back, stationary bike, elliptical machine, and rowing machine.
  • Swimming
  • Aerobics
  • Perhaps gardening is a helpful activity for people with Charcot Marie Tooth.
  • Tai chi, aerobic chair yoga, and others

Kids can do less impactful or moderately vigorous activities that are age-appropriate such as

  • Bike Riding
  • Swimming
  • Catch and throw games
  • Play station and video exercise games
  • Resistance exercises.[4]


Stretching and exercise play a very important part of managing Charcot Marie Tooth and helping to prevent or control this condition. They not only contribute to the well-being instead essential for good health as well.


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