13 Best Workouts For Hot Weather & Workout Tips

Summers are the times when there is the glorious sun, long days, and a call of the great outdoors. However, it is also the time when there are days with blazing-hot temperatures and humidity. There might be times when you might find it quite challenging to work out in the hot weather. However, some workouts can be chosen to survive the summer heat and stay healthy. In this article, we will talk about some of the best workouts for hot weather. So, read further and know about these best workouts for hot weather.

13 Best Workouts For Hot Weather:

Below are 13 Best Workouts For Hot Weather:


Swimming is one of the best workouts for hot weather. It is believed that swimming burns 476 calories in one hour and it strengthens all the major muscle groups of your body. So, if you are looking for a great way to remain cool while exercising during summer days, simply take a few laps in the swimming pool.


Summer days could be a great time for spending time in the park. If you are going to the park during the evening hours in the hot weather, you can simply do some dips in the park. This can be done easily on a tree stump or the park bench. Try to aim for at least four sets of 12 repetitions.

Stand-up Paddleboarding:

You should spend at least an hour on the SUP or the Stand Up Paddleboard to get the best type of cool down or a dip in the water. It might feel like fun while working out on a SUP; however, a full-body workout will activate the core. So, try to work out on a stand-up paddleboard when you find the hot days are hampering your fitness routine.

Explosive Pull-Ups:

You can try explosive pull-ups during the hot weather. You can try this workout by using a sturdy tree branch. You should find a branch that is high enough off that ground that you must jump to reach it and then pull up yourself. Explosive workouts work your biceps, quad, shoulder, and back.

Beach Sprints:

Another best workout for hot weather is beach sprints. You can try 3 sets of 12 seconds sprints, with a rest of 30 seconds in between each set.

Monkey Bars:

When you are taking your kids to the playground or parks, try hanging from the monkey bars while pulling the knees up to the chest. This could be an intense upper body and core workout.

Low Impact Workouts:

You can also do some low-impact workouts during hot weather. Usually, most of us confuse “low impact” with a “low intensity” workout. While we are training our body in a low-impact format, the only thing that reduces is the wear and tear of our joints. Keep it noted that the intensity of movement, speed, along muscular recruitment remains high.

When the weather is challenging, you need to be able to calibrate your exercises for success. Say for instance, instead of a jump squat, go for a regular squat. For keeping the intensity, you can either deepen the range of motion or can increase your frequency. This would keep the intensity up in your workout. So, for a safe and effective hot-weather workout, try the low-impact workouts and stay fit safely.

River Rowing:

River rowing could also be one of the best workouts for hot weather. Do not be a pro to row crew. River rowing is a great way to enjoy a great outdoor workout during summers.

Bike Riding:

You can hit some trails or simply can roam around your city with your bike. Riding a bike would offer you an excellent workout.

Hill Sprints:

If you reside in a hilly area, you should take the advantage of your place and try some hill sprints in hot weather. You get a blast of strength training along with cardio.

Park Bench Step-Ups:

When you are in a park, you can find a bench there, and this would be the best piece of outdoor equipment to exercise. You can try park bench step-ups to target your arms and arms.

Swing Set Planks:

Swing set planks can also be done in the hot weather when you are taking your kids to the playground or park. You don’t have to sit ideal simply watching your kids playing in the ground. To do the swing set planks you need to place your shins on the swing, and both your hands must be on the ground and assume the plant position to work on your core and arms.

Trail Run Workouts:

You can take your workouts to the woods with a trail run. You can run or just walk this trail run workout and get effective results during the hot weather. But make sure that you are either trying the workout in the early morning hours or evening times when the sun rays are slanting and these times are cooler than the afternoon hours.

Best Tips For Working Out In Hot Weather:

Below are some of the best tips for working out in hot weather.

Dress Right:

You should try and dress correctly for your hot weather workout. All you need is to wear breathable, light-colored, and lightweight workout attire that would permit your sweat to evaporate. You must also include a hat or any sun-sorting apparel.

Such types of clothing help you remain cooler during the workout and also help you avoid the skin irritation, heat rashes, and breakouts that can occur due to extra-sweaty training sessions. To increase your chance of staying dry, cool, and comfortable, look for the words like “moisture-wicking”, “breathable’, and “mesh” on the label of your apparel.

Drink Up:

We know that remaining hydrated is very essential, however, it is more important when you are working out in hot weather. Even mild dehydration can result in headaches, fatigues, and anxiety; while severe dehydration can result in fever, shriveled skin, and also unconsciousness.

It is recommended by most experts to daily drink half of your body weight in ounces of water. As per the researchers at the University of Granada, Spain, it has been mentioned that beer might help hydrate the body after a workout much better than normal water. However, you should be warned that beer is high in calories, so limit yourself to 16 ounces or even less.

Keep Salty Snacks:

In days with hot weather, salt depletion can cause heat exhaustion, particularly when you rehydrate but do not replace enough salt lost through your sweat due to the warmer temperatures. Potassium and sodium are the most important minerals that make-up electrolytes that regulate fluid balance. When we sweat, we lose electrolytes, and thus, they are needed to be replaced. This replacement of electrolytes can be done by drinking enough fluids and eating foods that are loaded with potassium and minerals.

Salted nuts, one ounce of olives, or pumpkin seeds could be great options to replenish the sodium levels quickly. However, the best power snack combines potassium and sodium. You need to try one cup of plain and low-fat yogurt topped with 1 ounce of pumpkin seeds or one banana along with a handful of salted nuts.

Practice Precooling:

You should practice pre-cooling during hot weather. Simply take a cold drink or cold shower before your workout. This would combat the debilitating effects of high heat and this might even enhance your performance.

A recent review of such pre-cooling methods has found that they improved the performance of athletes in a lab setting, which suggest that these pre-cooling techniques could be essential for exercisers who are exercising in hot temperature.(1)

Researchers have shown that lowering your core body temperature just before and during workouts can help athletes to perform better. As per a study that has been published in the year 2010 in a journal named ‘Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise”, has found that when Australian athletes drank a flavored slushie just before running on a treadmill in a hot room, they showed high performance and were able to keep up the pace for an average of 10 minutes longer than when they drank cold and flavored water.(2)

Time It Right:

Make sure that before you decide to go out for workouts during hot weather, watch the weather forecast and ensure that you avoid going out during the hottest times of the day, i.e. generally between 11 AM to 3 PM. When it is hot and humid, take extra caution, since humidity can work against the cooling abilities of your body, as sweat cannot evaporate properly.

Wear Hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen:

You should also wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sun. Make sure you reapply sunscreen quite often, usually every 2 hours, if you are swimming or sweating. By applying sunscreen you can protect yourself from harmful UV radiations of the Sun. Sunburn not only hurts but it also affects the ability of your body to cool itself, and this can be dangerous while exercising in intense heat. Sunscreen also helps in preventing skin cancer and also premature aging.

You should apply a mineral-based sunscreen that has two essential minerals, namely, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Such sunscreens are considered the only safe and effective ones by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration.(3)

Listen To Your Body:

Sometimes even if you take the best care and precaution while working out in hot weather, you might still be at risk of overheating. You should thus never forget to listen to your body. You should immediately stop and rest if you start feeling dizzy, confused, nauseous, and cold, or trouble breathing.


These were some of the best workouts for hot weather. If you feel that the challenging weather is troubling you for keeping you fit and healthy, then try out any of these above mentioned best workouts for hot weather and keep yourself fit. Do not let the sun hamper your fitness routine. However, make sure that you follow the tips to stay safe while working out in hot environmental conditions and take necessary steps if you feel you are experiencing heat exhaustion or heat stroke while exercising in hot weather.