Stay Fit With These 11 Best Tabata Exercises

Tabata training is known for its quick workout in just 4 minutes. The best part of Tabata is considered to be the ease of combining exercises of your choice to make your Tabata protocol.

All you need to do is to stick to the ratio of 20:10, in which you workout with high intensity for 20 seconds and then take rest for 10 seconds. This is repeated 8 times for 4 minutes to complete one Tabata set. If you are fit enough, you can do some more Tabata sets of 8 minute or 16 minutes Tabata workout.

11 Best Tabata Exercises for You

To perform Tabata, you can use gym equipments, stationary bike, skipping rope or almost anything that works for you. However, there are many simple Tabata exercises too. Let’s have a look at some of the best and the most convenient Tabata exercises.

Tabata Exercise #1: Burpees

Tabata Exercise #1: Burpees

Stand with feet wide apart and as wide as shoulders. Move down to a squatting position and rest your hands on the floor. In a quick movement, kick your legs backwards and stretch them on the floor. Keep your hands rested on the floor and maintain this push-up like position. Then, kick back your feet to squatting position and jump up high to reach your standing position. Continue this cycle.

Tabata Exercise : Burpees

Tabata Exercise #2: Jumping Jacks

Stand straight keeping feet together and arms by the sides. Bend your knees a little and slightly jump into air while spreading out your legs on both sides. While doing this, also raise your arms, keeping them slightly bent at elbows. So when your jump lands, your legs are spread wide and your bent hands reach overhead. Then with a similar slight jump come back to original position.

Tabata Exercise #2: Jumping Jacks

Tabata Exercise #3: Push-Ups

Assume a plank position and rest your hands on the floor; slightly wider than the shoulders. Place your toes on the floor to support your body. Look in the front and keep your abs and back tight. Start lowering your body looking in front, without bending lower body and try touching the chest to the floor. Keep hands close to your body with elbows bent to support the chest portion touching the floor. Then quickly move up in an explosive movement and regain the original position.

Tabata Exercise #3: Push-Ups

These can be modified by resting the knees on the floor instead on being only on the support of toes. The upper body movement to touch the chest to the floor and moving back remains the same.

Tabata Exercise #4: High Knees

Stand erect with your feet apart, as wide as your hips. Pull one knee towards the chest and hold for a second. Then pull it back to the floor and pull the other knee towards the chest and hold. Repeat the same alternating both legs.

Tabata Exercise #5: Squats

Stand straight with feet wide apart, slightly pointing outwards and flatly placed on the floor. Keep your neck straight, look in the front and stretch your arms in the front to balance your body. Keeping your feet on the floor, with your abs tightened and back straight, slowly bend your knees and move your lower body down as if you were about to sit on a chair. Maintain a tight posture while doing this exercise and make sure your knees do not bend beyond the toes.

Tabata Exercise #6: Butt Kicks

Assume a dog position or position yourself on all fours on the floor. Maintain a proper position with hands and shoulders in one line and hips and knees in one line, both which are parallel to each other and the back is parallel to the floor. Raise one leg to extend it behind till the thigh is in line with the floor. Then tighten your butts and move the leg upwards as if kicking behind. Bring it back to original position and perform the same with the other leg. Repeat this with alternating both legs.

Tabata Exercise #7: Lunges

Stand straight with feet apart. Tighten your abs and place hands on the hips. Keep your back straight and move one leg forward as if taking one step. Slightly raise the heel of the other foot, which is behind to make its toe rest on the floor. Now, bend both knees to slightly move them forward, but the knee in front should not go beyond the toes. Hold this position for few seconds. Then raise the heel of the leg in the front and bring it back to original position. Now, repeat the entire cycle with the other leg stepped ahead.

Tabata Exercise #8: Crunches

Lie on the back with knees raised and heel touching the floor. Place your hands under your head and support the neck. Keep your abs tight and slowly raise your head and neck to feel the crunch.

Tabata Exercise #9: Bicycle in the Air

Lie on your back, keeping it tightly pressed on the floor and keep your abs tight. Place your hands under your head and support the neck. Raise your knees above and begin rotating your legs in the air as if riding a bicycle.

Tabata Exercise #10: Bicycle Crunches

Assume a similar position as of bicycle in the air. Keep your hands under your head to support the neck and slowly raise upper body as you do in crunches. Slowly begin legs movement as if cycling in the air. While continuing cycling movements of the legs, raise your neck and bring one elbow to touch the opposite knee as you twist yourself for the crunches. Then bring the other elbow to touch the opposite knee, which is moving in cycles. This exercise needs you to use your upper body in rhythm with the lower body in cycling movements.

Tabata Exercise #11: Mountain Climbers

Lie on your tummy. Raise yourself with arms straight under the chest and knees touching the floor. Now, extend one leg behind while keeping the other leg bent at the knees. Bend the extended leg again at the knees and extend the other leg; repeat this with alternate legs. The movement is performed as if you are climbing a mountain.

Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Written, Edited or Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA Pain Assist Inc. This article does not provide medical advice. See disclaimer
Last Modified On:March 5, 2019

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