Diet For Healthy Eyes

Diet For Healthy Eyes

Eyes –our little windows to this beautiful world and to our soul are very important to us; but what if there was something that tainted this window? Nothing seems worse, is there? Therefore, to make sure you never lose the use of this spectacular gift from God, we have compiled a list of foods that are essential for the health of our eyes. When it comes to the eyes, there are a lot of nutrients which are exceptionally important in maintaining their health, and not all of these are found in our daily diets. Some of the foods which are exceptionally healthy for our eyes have been listed here.

Diet For Healthy Eyes

Given below is a diet which should include the following food products for healthy eyes:

Fish for Healthy Eyes

The significance of omega-3 fatty acids ( the good fats) is not a secret anymore, but the fact that these fats help in the visual development and maintaining the health of retina needs to be known when it comes to taking care of the health of your eyes. One of the richest sources of these fats is fish, particularly salmon. Not only fish is a beneficial addition to our diet for healthy eyes, but it also help prevents dry eyes. Ideally fish should be incorporated in the daily diet at least two to three times in a week. It is best to have the wild caught salmon than the farm raised salmon as that is supposed to be better for the health of our eyes.

Fish for Healthy Eyes For Healthy Eyes


Another food item that provides wholesome nutrition for the eyes is eggs. Rich in vitamin A, lutein, zeaxanthin and zinc, eggs cater to the nutritional needs of the different parts of the eye and is a must have item to be included in the diet for healthy eyes. The vitamin A in the eggs helps safeguard cornea (the surface of the eye); whereas lutein and zeaxanthin in the eggs helps prevent macular degeneration and cataract in the eyes. Finally the zinc in the eggs is ideal for maintaining the health of retina (the back of the eye). Another benefit of this versatile food form is that it can be prepared in a number of ways, which means it can be had in breakfast lunch or even dinner so it is easy to incorporate eggs in the diet for healthy eyes and healthy you. Eggs are a must include when it comes to nutrition for healthy eyes.

Eggs For Healthy Eyes


As the shape of this nut goes, which resemble our eyes; one can understand that almonds are a good addition in our diet for healthy eyes. The most important nutrient when we talk of being good for eyes with regard to almonds is vitamin E. It is the exceptional quality of this vitamin in the almonds that helps guard our eyes against age-related degeneration and cataracts. One of the best facts of this little nut is that it can even be had as a snack. Ideally almonds should be had skimmed after overnight soaking in water, but they can also be used whole in salads, desserts, yogurts and even in breakfast cereals and easily become an addition in your diet for healthy eyes.

Almonds for Healthy Eyes For Healthy Eyes

Milk & Milk Products for Healthy Eyes

One of the richest sources of vitamin A and zinc, dairy products are essential in your diet for maintaining eye health. As mentioned above, vitamin A is good for the cornea; whereas, zinc is good for retina. Milk and milk products are very healthy for the eyes and ensure complete nutritional care for healthy eyes. The whole branch of dairy products like milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese, ghee etc. are versatile when it comes to being a part of the diet, though a morning consumption of milk from grass fed cows tops the list when it comes to having healthy eyes.

Milk & Milk Products for Healthy Eyes For Healthy Eyes

Oranges for Healthy Eyes

Another essential food item to be had in the diet for healthy eyes is vitamin C. Mainly found in fresh fruits and vegetables, this vitamin takes care of the blood vessels of the eyes. In addition to this, vitamin C helps in controlling the degenerative changes in the eyes and combating cataracts. One of the richest sources of vitamin C is orange. Hence, when it comes to preparing a diet for healthy eyes, you cannot give this item a miss. Other citrus fruits are also a good source of vitamin C and are highly recommended to be included in your diet for healthy eyes.

Oranges For Healthy Eyes


Rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, carrots make for an excellent food item in the diet for your eyes. Since the nutrition from carrots helps protect the surface of the eyes, thus helps in preventing eye infections and other serious eye conditions. Again a food which can be easily incorporated into your diet for healthy eyes carrots can also be eaten raw when you are on the go or in a salad.

Carrots For Healthy Eyes


This super food kale proves it worth when it comes to the nutritional care for the eyes too. The best feature of kale is the extensive number of minerals and vitamins that it contains, but when it come to the eyes, antioxidants like zeaxanthin and lutein present in the kale provide maximum benefit for the health of your eyes. These nutrients are responsible for maintaining the good health of the eyes, with the passing age by preventing macular degeneration and cataracts. Since these nutrients aren’t created naturally in the human body, it is of extreme importance that you incorporate them in your diet to ensure healthy eyes. And kale being a rich source of the same is ideal for your diet for healthy eyes. This green leafy vegetable can be used to prepare a salad, or in a dish or simply made into crisps to be snacked upon.

Kale For Healthy Eyes

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