Exercises To Reduce Hips

You would have heard a lot about how to maintain perfect abs, or how to get a perfect waist shape. This article throws light on how to reduce fat around the hips and shape it up for a perfect and toned look. Let us look at some exercises to reduce hips are discussed.

Exercises To Reduce Hips

Toning up the hips adds a lot to your shape and image. Reducing excess fat around hips not only gives you a perfect shape but also helps strengthen your back and legs. Here are some of the most effective exercises to reduce hips.


A squat is one of the most popular exercises to reduce hips and to tone up the thighs, stomach, and hips. The beginners can do it without using any weight and gradually increase the level by using dumbbells.

Squat Exercises To Reduce Hips

Stand with the feet apart. Bring the hands together in a prayer position towards the middle of the chest. Lower down the body as if you are trying to sit on a chair, by putting weight on the heels. Push the hip out behind and go down as far as it feels comfortable or until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Give a pause and slowly rise back to the starting position. Make sure you are not exerting weight on the knees, but keep your body weight on the hips and the heels.


Lunges are an excellent exercise to reduce hips and strengthen the hips and leg muscles. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, most of us have a tight hip flexor muscle which can lead to a chronic hip pain. The lunge technique helps to stretch the hip flexors and also tone the muscles of not only around the hips but also of the thighs.

Lunges Exercises To Reduce Hips

Stand with the feet in a position so that they are apart from each other and parallel to the shoulders. Place your hands on the hips. Step one foot forward, with the toes pointing in front. Bend your front knee and the same time drop the back knee in a slow motion. Move down until the front thigh is parallel to the ground and the front knee is aligned with the ankle. Come back to the starting position by pushing the body back by using the front thigh. Repeat it again by switching the legs.


Plies work like magic in toning the hips, hence considered as one of the best exercises to reduce hips. It is like the regular squats with the knees turned outward instead of facing front. You can also add weight gradually to it by using dumbbells.

Plies Exercises To Reduce Hips

Stand with the feet wide apart, wider than the shoulders. Place the toes pointing away from the body at 45 degrees. Place the hands on your hips or in a prayer position. Lower down the body keeping the head, torso, and the buttock straight line. As the body lowers down the knees should bend out away from the body till the thighs are parallel to the ground. Raise the body up to the starting position, by using the thigh and the buttock to push the body up. Repeat it again as necessary.


The bridge is a strengthening exercise for the hip and the spine and one of the best exercises to reduce hips. It helps in maintaining an ppropriate posture while sitting and standing.

Bridge Exercises To Reduce Hips

Lie down on the ground facing the ceiling. Rest the arms on the side and bend the knees in front of the body at 90 degrees. Raise the hips up in a way that the body is in line with the knees and the head (declining from knees to head). Hold on for few seconds. Bring down the body slowly to the starting position.

Side Leg Raise

This is the most included exercise in any workout regime and is one of the best exercises to reduce hips. This exercise tones the muscles of the hips, firms the back muscles, enhances the posture and keeps the back firm. It is very good for people following a sedentary lifestyle.

Side Leg Raise Exercises To Reduce Hips

Lie down on the ground sideways, with the legs placed one over the other. The legs should be kept straight and the feet flexed. Rest the head on the arm close to the floor. Place the other arm on the waist or hip. Next, raise the top leg upwards. Keep it in that position for a few seconds, then lower it down. Repeat the same for a number of times. Switch the sides and repeat it again.

If you are a starter, the muscles might ache for some time, but gradually it would reduce. Gradually, you can also increase the duration and the number of times you perform any of the exercises. These exercises to reduce hips are excellent and work best when performed regularly along with a healthy, balanced diet. For those with health concerns, joint problems or injuries, it is advisable to seek medical advice before beginning with these exercises.

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