Top 7 Exercises For Foot Tendonitis

Foot tendinitis is a very common cause of pain due to irritation or inflammation in tendons of the foot after overuse or injury. The tendons rundown the back of the calf through a score in the side of the lower leg situated behind the anklebone. They serve an important function that enables smooth movement of the ankle and the foot. However, foot tendinitis can affect these functions and cause pain. As stretches help to relieve foot tendinitis, this article discusses about the top exercises for foot tendinitis.

Top 7 Exercises For Foot Tendonitis

Top 7 Exercises for Foot Tendonitis

Foot tendinitis can result in pain, redness, and swelling around the back and outside of the foot. Some may experience popping, swelling, and lower leg instability, particularly more if it is an injury. The pain typically worsens with movement or when walking and can gradually deteriorate if not treated in time. Foot tendinitis is mostly due to overuse as is the case with runners and sport persons due to repeated movement of the foot and high impact sports activities.

Tendinitis is treated with stretching and relaxing activities and exercises to give quality to the calf and foot muscles. Exercises helps to improve its strength and work on the issues caused due to muscle tightness, shortening, or improper healing of a ligament.

Here are some of the top 7 exercises for foot tendinitis.

1. Sitting Fascia Plantar

Fascia stretch while sitting on a flat surface, stretches your calf muscles. This exercise can be used repeatedly in combination of other exercises to increase the strength of leg muscles and foot muscles. For this exercise, while sitting down on a flat chair, cross and place one of your foot on the other knee. Hold the toes to pull them back towards your body and feel a stretch. You can hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times. This is one of the easiest yet effective of the top exercises for foot tendinitis.

Sitting Fascia Plantar Exercise for Foot Tendonitis

2. Ankle Movement

One of the most effective of the top exercises for foot tendinitis is the ankle movements. For this exercise, sit straight on a chair with your feet hanging down but not reaching the floor. Begin the exercise by raising one leg slightly forward and moving the ankle in all directions. Up, down, sideways and rotations. Then move the ankle as if you are writing each alphabet and all numbers from 1 to 9 with your great toe in the air. Make sure you move your ankle and the foot only for this and not the entire leg.

Ankle Movement Exercise for Foot Tendonitis

3. Achilles Tendon And Plantar Fascia Stretch

Achilles tendon require stretch too for their strength, these delicate muscles are very small and play important rule in movement and flexibility. For this stretch. Make a loop of towel or stretch band around your foot and pull your toes in direction of your body. Make sure your knees are straight and ankle stretched in the front. Hold this position for 10 seconds and gradually increase as your condition improves. It not only relaxes your muscles but also impart natural strength and flexibility to your foot muscles. This exercise is also useful to relieve foot drop pain and one of the top exercises for foot tendinitis.

Achilles Tendon And Plantar Fascia Stretch Exercise for Foot Tendonitis

4. Towel Pickup

This is one of the best top foot tendinitis exercises, as it is challenging and very interesting at the same time. Sit down on a chair with both feet flat and place a small towel on the floor in front of you, such that your feet can reach it comfortably. Keeping your heel on the ground, with the help of the toes, pick up the towel from its center by scrunching it between your toes. Repeat 10 times. As you improve, add a small weight such as a tin of beans or weight packs to the towel.

Towel Pickup Stretch Exercise for Foot Tendonitis

5. Ball Roll

Ball roll exercise is a simple stretch that helps to strengthen the muscles and ligaments of the foot. It also helps in relaxing lower foot muscle and allowing a better mobility. Sit on a flat chair and put your foot arch on a small ball. Now begin rolling the ball with your feet in all directions. Back and front, sideways and circular rotations. It will relax your lower feet muscles, and it will relieve your foot tendinitis problem. Repeat this twice a day for better result. This is one of the effective top exercises for foot tendinitis.

Ball Roll Exercise for Foot Tendonitis

6. Towel Stretch

Towel stretch is very effective in strengthening your lower foot muscles and even beneficial in foot drop condition. This exercise is very simple to practice and is a must include in the list of top exercises for foot tendinitis. All you need is towel big enough so you can hold it with your hands, in stretched arms position while looping it over your foot. For this exercise, sit on the floor with your both legs extended in the front. Make keep your back and legs straight. Then hold the two ends of a towel and loop it around your affected foot and hold the end of the towel, one in each hand. Then while keeping the leg straight, gradually start pulling the foot towards you. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise10 times.

Towel Stretch Exercise for Foot Tendonitis

7. Heel Cord Stretch

Heel cord stretch is a specifically designed exercise for strengthening the lower foot and calf muscles. This exercise is easy to follow and doesn’t take enough time to perform. The best part about these simple exercises is that it does not require any equipment and anyone can perform it at home. Begin by standing facing a wall. Place your unaffected leg forward with the knee slightly bent. Place your affected leg behind and straight with the foot completely flat on the floor. Make sure that both feet with their heels are flat on the floor and your back is straight without arching. Then push your hips forward as if moving towards the wall and feel the stretch in the calf and the heel. Hold this position for 10 second and then relax. Repeat this 10 times.

Heel Cord Stretch Exercise for Foot Tendonitis

Exercises For Tendonitis of Foot

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