Belly Fat Exercises: Abdominal Crunches To Trim Belly Fat

The belly area is perhaps the area where we start putting on weight right at the start and is one of the toughest areas in the body from where to lose fat. In order to genuinely tone these spots you need to combine cardio exercises with strength training. The ideal situation would be one in which at least half an hour is spent on doing cardio exercises around five days a week. Cardio exercises can be done in the form of normal dancing, running, walking, biking, swimming, or at times trekking, but the most crucial thing is to be consistent with the exercise regimen and to do them diligently and with intensity. Being active throughout the day also helps in burning fat instead of not doing anything at all throughout the day which slows down the system. For example, walking around the house to do household chores, doing some cleaning around the house, working in the yard or doing gardening goes a long way in burning up fat. Given below are some exercises which you can do to burn down the belly fat:

Belly Fat Exercises: Abdominal Crunches To Trim Belly Fat

Belly Fat Exercise #1: The Abdominal Crunch To Trim Belly Fat

Belly Fat Exercise #1: Abdominal Crunch

This is the type of abdominal crunch exercise which if done in the correct way burns off the fat in the belly area. To do this exercise, do the following:

Lie on an exercise mat on the back. Bend the knee. Place the hands behind the head keeping the elbows wide open. Now, press your back in the mat by pulling the belly button in towards the spine. Now, contract the abdominal muscles and gradually bring the shoulder blades approximately three inches off the floor. Breathe out from mouth while contracting and come up. Now, breathe in from the nose as you come back down. Ensure that the neck is kept straight and the chin up all the while. Once you raise up to your maximum, try and hold the abdominal crunch for some time and then slowly come back to the starting position. However, make sure that the back is never completely relaxed on the mat once the back is lowered. Try and do four seconds of about 15 repetitions gradually increasing the sets as the abdominal muscles become strengthened in order to be able to do more of this exercise.

Belly Fat Exercise #2: Bicycle Crunch To Trim Belly Fat

Belly Fat Exercise #2: Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is specifically effective since it strengthens three different abdominal muscles together, which are upper abdominal muscles, lower abdominal muscles, and external oblique muscles. To do this exercise, lie down flat on the mat on the back pressing the back into the floor along with decreasing the curve in lower back. Now, contract the core abdominal muscles. Position your hands gently behind the head. Lift your knees at around an angle of 45 degrees. Turn the right elbow to the left knee and twist as if trying to reach the knee and try and go as far as possible such that side oblique abdominal muscle is contracted. Now, do the same for the opposite side. Put in maximum effort and intensity with each move. Do four sets of around 15 repetitions on each side.

Belly Fat Exercise #3: Ball Crunch To Trim Belly Fat

Belly Fat Exercise #3: Ball Crunch

The Ball Crunch is also an excellent exercise to strengthen the core abdominal muscles which is the rectus abdominis muscle. To do this exercise, the starting position should be where the ball is right under the lower back. Now, place your arms behind the head making sure to keep the elbows wide. Now, inhale through your nose contracting the abdominal muscles and pulling them in firmly, and using them to lift the upper body off the ball upwards towards the roof making sure that the ball remains stationary and grounded on the floor. With each attempt, try to lift a bit higher contracting the abdominal muscles and thus increasing the force of each abdominal ball crunch. Now, gradually come back to the starting position. Try and do 5 sets of at least 14 repetitions.

3 Belly Fat Burning Exercises To Lose Belly Fat

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