Work-outs and use of gym equipment like the treadmill are on the rise these days. Walking on a treadmill is an important part of exercise program in most health clubs, gyms and even at homes. It not only offers great cardiovascular and aerobic exercise but is also popular for weight management. Using a treadmill for regular exercise is a great option and many people feel refreshed with it. However, some people may feel strange after getting off from treadmill, which needs to be understood carefully.

After an exhaustive workout, it may be natural to feel energetic or enthusiastic after getting off from treadmill. While many people feel tired after long duration of treadmill use, feeling dizzy, or having a strange feeling after getting off from treadmill may be an indication of some other health concern. There may not be any complaint when working out on the treadmill, but getting off, can cause sudden changes in the body and result in a strange feeling, dizziness or confusion.

Why Do We Feel Strange After Getting Off A Treadmill?

Why Do We Feel Strange After Getting Off A Treadmill?

It is worth to understand the various causes that can give this strange feeling after treadmill use to know if there is any underlying medical cause. The most common concern is the possibility that you have exerted more than you can handle. There are many other causes that can give make you feel strange after getting off from treadmill.

Changes in Blood Pressure Can Make You Feel Strange After Treadmill Use

Regular exercises can make the heart stronger, improve your health and also help to maintain normal blood pressure. When you are exercising, your blood pressure may increase, as the heart works hard to pump more blood to the body parts. The same happens when you are walking on the treadmill and the heart works hard to meet the requirement of your body and muscles. However, when you get off from treadmill, you stop exercising and the blood pressure may drop. This can give you a strange feeling after getting off from treadmill. While slight fluctuations in the blood pressure are normal, a sudden drop can be a sign of underlying medical concern, which needs to be evaluated.

Reducing the speed on treadmill gradually and appropriate cooling down exercises can help to avoid sudden changes in blood pressure and prevent that strange feeling after your treadmill workout.

Positional Changes in Relation to the Surroundings Can Make You Feel Strange after Getting off A Treadmill -

Working out on a treadmill involves walking on a stationary equipment. This is different from running on the road as the surroundings in this case, remain the same, but appear to be moving. You too are running in the same place but as you are moving on the same spot, your body perceives that your surroundings are moving. This may seem normal when exercising on the treadmill, but after getting off, you may feel strange as you feel that the surroundings are moving even after you have stopped walking. This is sudden change in the position and your relation with the surroundings when you were moving and after you have stopped; just like motion sickness. This is a common cause that can make you feel strange after getting off from treadmill.

Slow movements towards the end of your session, gradual decrease in speed and proper cooling-down period can help. It allows your body to adjust to the moving body and stationary surroundings without feeling a sudden change in position, thus reducing the chances of feeling strange.

You Can Feel Strange After Getting off A Treadmill Due to Low Blood Sugar

Many people choose to work out in the morning, but skipping your early morning snack can be harmful. Working out on the treadmill needs a lot of energy and those who work out on an empty stomach may feel the lack of fuel to make the muscles work. Lack of adequate blood glucose can affect the way your body functions while exercising and it can make you feel strange after getting off from treadmill. You may also experience headaches, irritability, anxiety, trembling and excessive sweating, along with feeling dizzy and strange after getting off from treadmill. Conditions that alter blood sugar level, like hypoglycemia or diabetes can add to your problems.

Taking a small snack beforehand to avoid working out without energy and sipping on water can help. It can prevent you from feeling strange after treadmill use due to lack of energy.

Medical Conditions Can Make You Feel Strange After Getting off A Treadmill

Different underlying medical conditions may make your feel strange after running on treadmill. Conditions affecting the heart, blood pressure, blood sugar level like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disorders, can affect the body when working on a treadmill. These conditions can affect the blood flow, blood pressure and sugar levels when using treadmill. Other medical problems, lifestyle disorders, or people taking certain medications may need to be careful as they can make you feel weak or dizzy after getting off from treadmill. Inadequate blood supply and other issues can cause weakness, nausea, dizziness and you may also feel strange after getting off the treadmill

If you have any medical conditions and you feel strange after getting off from treadmill, it is advisable to discontinue the treadmill use at once and seek medical advice.

Tips to Avoid That Strange Feeing after Getting Off A Treadmill

Tips to Avoid That Strange Feeling after Getting Off A Treadmill

Some tips that can be of help when using the treadmill include:

  • Make sure you have no health concerns and your physician has allowed you to exercise on a treadmill.
  • Drink enough water before your workout and take small sips in between. Have a small snack an hour before and avoid exercising on empty stomach.
  • Do a proper warm up before and cool down stretches after exercising on Treadmill.
  • Begin your treadmill session by walking slowly, increase your speed as your body warms up and then move on to running.
  • Walk slowly on the treadmill and reduce the time to adjust your capacity, if you have felt strange before.
  • Before ending the treadmill exercise session, gradually reduce the speed and allow the body to adjust to the changes to come after you completely get off the treadmill.

With these tips, your treadmill session should be comfortable, however, if you still feel dizzy or feels strange after getting off from treadmill, it is important to seek medical opinion.

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