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Can Paraganglioma Go Away On Its Own & What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Paraganglioma is a type of neuroendocrine neoplasm, which develops at different sites of a human body, such as the head, thorax, neck, and abdomen. However, most of the cases, the tumor develops in the neck and head.(1)

According to the statistics, about half of the total paragangliomas appear in one’s bone on the side of his/her skull or head. Doctors call this a temporal bone.(2)

This type of neuroendocrine neoplasm or tumor affects people belonging to almost every age group. However, statistics revealed that the problem is common among people from 30years to 50years age.(3)

Can Paraganglioma Go Away On Its Own?

No, Paraganglioma never goes away on its own; instead, it needs treatment. According to neurologists, if patients undergo early diagnosis, they can easily manage most of the symptoms and the overall condition with timely treatment. In most cases, surgery for removing the tumor is the first and foremost treatment option to cure the condition of Paraganglioma. However, depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend additional treatment options. The surgical treatment alleviates the symptoms.(4)

Natural Remedies For Paraganglioma

Foods And Vitamins Recommended For Paraganglioma Patients

Other than surgery, your body needs a few of the essential nutrients, such as vitamins, fats, minerals, and amino acids to get recovery from Paraganglioma at a fast rate. For this, you should look for the food items, which let you follow a balanced diet.

Green Tea: Intake of green tea extracts or drinking green tea may help in reducing the level of cholesterol in many patients to manage the condition of head and neck tumors. Also, depending on the dosage, it protects against the stomach, adrenal, and colon tumors/cancers.

However, most of the studies have highlighted the link between tumor and green tea based on lab results. Hence, more research is recommendable on humans to determine the role of green tea for Paraganglioma or any other type of brain tumor patients.

Along with this, you should strictly avoid the intake of green tea or its extracts in large amounts, as the excessive quantity of the product may interfere with chemotherapy-based and other medications. Hence, you should make sure to discuss with your doctor about the right dosage of green tea or green tea extract to intake daily.

Turmeric: Turmeric has played a big role to prevent different types of tumors. However, a research study is essential to understand the action done by turmeric to treat or prevent brain tumors.

Supplements: If you want to follow a healthy and balanced diet, you should intake vitamins and mineral supplements. However, you should be careful to take the nutritional supplements at high levels, as a few of the nutrients may be harmful or toxic to the health, while a high nutrient dose may affect the way, in which your body absorbs it. Particularly, if you undergo radiotherapy or chemotherapy, you should avoid the intake of antioxidant supplements or supplements, which contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, as they interfere with your treatment.(5)

Additional Activities Recommended For Paraganglioma Patients

Patients of Paraganglioma or brain tumor should follow a few of the additional steps to reduce their complications or other health risks. These include the following-

  • Strictly avoid smoking habits and unnecessary radiation exposure
  • Avoid exposure to carcinogenic chemicals
  • Avoid your exposure to insecticides and pesticides

Along with this, patients may intake certain natural herbs and undergo acupuncture techniques. However, before following either of the methods, you should consult your doctor to stay aware of the interference of the herbs with your prescribed medications.(6)


Paraganglioma condition never goes away on own. Instead, you have to undergo proper treatment i.e. surgery for removal of the tumor combined with the necessary medications. However, patients have to follow a balanced diet, intake natural supplements and take additional steps to get fast recovery from the condition.


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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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