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Recovery Period For Hunter Syndrome

Hunter syndrome is genetic problem in which malfunctioning of enzyme occurs in the body. It is not a very common disease; instead it is a very rare condition in which the production of iduronate 2-sulfatase enzyme is reduced to minimum. This enzyme plays a significant role in breaking complex sugar molecules into small parts. In the absence of this enzyme, the molecules continue to pile up forming a huge structure which is very harmful.

This can ultimately cause either temporary or permanent damage to the body, which reflects in appearance, organ function, physical stamina, mental health and so on. Research report reveals that this type of syndrome is more common in boys then in girls. This is so because, the syndrome occurs in X chromosome in girls there are two X chromosomes so even if one is affected the other manages the condition. However, in boys there is only one X chromosome if that is affected that individual suffer hunter syndrome. Even after so much research conducted on identifying the cure of the problem, no effective treatment has been found. However, with proper treatment the painful symptoms of the problem can be managed to a great extent.

Recovery Period For Hunter Syndrome

Recovery Period For Hunter Syndrome

The recovery period for children hunter syndrome is usually more as compared to other illness. Patients need to ensure that they provide all the necessary vaccinations to the child on time. Proper care and awareness can help in preventing this problem. (1)

The hunter syndrome is a genetic problem, which passes from one generation to another. So people who are suffering from this problem or suspect that they have this problem must first consult a doctor before planning a child. It is not necessary that this problem is passed in the child only when the parents suffer from this problem, at times even of the family history has a trance of hunter syndrome then also there are fair possibilities that the new born can have this problem. (2)

People who already have child and then they are suspected with hunter syndrome, then they must immediately take their child to the doctor or checkup.

Symptoms Of Hunter Syndrome

The symptoms of hunter syndrome is not same for all patients instead it varies from one patient to patient depending on the severity of the problem. The list of some of the common problems includes:

  • Sore throat
  • Irregularity in bone size
  • Diarrhea
  • Abnormal growth of head
  • Slow body movement like eating or walking
  • Change in behavior
  • Swollen tongue
  • Broad nostrils

Hunter syndrome can be first identified in the facial appearance of the child. If parents observe any of the symptoms mentioned above in their child, then it advised to visit a doctor immediately without any delay. Doctors may prescribe some tests to confirm whether the problem is actually hunter syndrome or something else. If they suspect that the child is suffering from hunter syndrome, they immediately refer the patient to a specialist for proper treatment. (3)

Diagnosis For Hunter Syndrome

Kids born with hunter syndrome seem very normal after birth, but later minor changes in facial expressions starts to appear, this is the first indications that the child is suffering from hunter syndrome. The critical aspect of hunter syndrome is that its symptoms are very slow and often get overlapped with other syndromes. This ultimately makes it difficult to diagnose the problem at the right time. If specialist suspect hunter syndrome even for a moment, then also they immediately prescribe some tests to confirm whether their doubt is right or not. This means whether the child is actually suffering from hunter syndrome or not.

At times doctors may also ask parents to undergo some test to know about their genetic pattern and if there is any problem in the genetic structure. After the problem is identified doctors immediately starts the treatment process. Early treatment increases the possibility of recovery in the patient.


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