Can Acid Reflux Feel Like a Heart Attack?|Acid Reflux Vs Heart Attack

Encountering uneasiness or pain in your chest can be disturbing. However, is it generally a reason for concern? While chest pain is one of the cardinal manifestations of a heart attack, it has likewise been connected to a far less extreme condition known as acid reflux ailment or generally called as heartburn. No doubt one of these conditions requires prompt medicinal consideration. You may have stood amazed at some time whether you may be showing some kind of heart attack symptoms.

Can Acid Reflux Feel Like a Heart Attack?

A few people encountering heart attack tell principally of heartburn like pain or an inflamed stomach instead of squashing chest torment. Yes, several signs of acid reflux are fundamentally the same as a heart attack. The two conditions are mostly related with uneasiness or chest pain. Specialists utilize various strategies to differ heart attack and acid reflux. This includes apprehending the symptoms, tests and even reactions to medications.

So, how to comprehend that pain in your chest is acid reflux or a heart attack?

There are 3 ways in which you can differentiate acid reflux and heart attack to help yourself from serious conditions.

Acid Reflux Vs Heart Attack

Acid Reflux Vs Heart Attack: Difference Between Acid Reflux and Heart Attack Based On Their Causes

Causes of Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is not identified at all with the heart. The perplexity originates from the area of the pain, in the chest. The stomach produces body fluid to shield its coating from the corrosive that it uses to help you in digestion. The sustenance pipe (esophagus) does not have this security. So, acid reflux harms its coating. For some individuals, however, heartburn does not cause such harm. Acid delicate nerves might be associated with the reason for pain.

Causes of Heart Attack

A heart attack is an ailment caused by defect if the coronary arteries. These veins supply blood to the heart, keeping it to function with oxygen and vitality. At the point when coronary vein ailment fails to supply blood to some portion of the heart muscle, this becomes the heart attack. A heart attack can prompt a cardiac arrest.

Acid Reflux Vs Heart Attack: Difference Between Acid Reflux and Heart Attack Based On Their Symptoms

Symptoms of Acid Reflux

An intense or sharp taste at the back of your throat and the inclination that food is returning up are both normal symptoms of acid reflux. It might increment on bending around or sitting down. Acid reflux is portrayed by:

  • A burning and sharp pain in the chest
  • Inflammation and sour taste in throat and jaw
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Burping.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

The pain related to heart attacks mostly goes on for a couple of minutes before gradually blurring and can at times sitting or stopping any strenuous activity can reduce it. Heart attacks are regularly joined by:

  • A dull, tight, or full feeling in the chest
  • Pain the neck, arms, and shoulders
  • Unsteadiness, shortness of breath, dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Cold sweats.

Acid Reflux Vs Heart Attack: Differences Based on Complications of Acid Reflux and Heart Attack

Acid Reflux

Chronic heartburn can prompt acid reflux that can cause complications which include esophageal harm like ulcers, and scarring. Acid reflux can likewise cause barrett’s esophagus, which is the growth of precancerous cells in the neck. It can likewise build danger of esophageal tumor and cause tooth rot as the corrosive wears away at tooth enamel and unsafe cavities.

Heart Attack

The harm that happens because of a heart attack can prompt entanglements, for example, arrhythmias, heart ruptures, heart failure, and valve issues. The majority of these issues can possibly be deadly. So, it is necessary to check all heart issues at the earliest opportunity.


While both ailments acid reflux and heart attack differ completely, many individuals confound them because of their comparable manifestations. If left untreated, the two conditions could prompt future severe complications. In case you are having chest pain and are not sure of the reason, look for medical care as soon as possible through advanced tests.

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