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Dry Conditioners: Know Its Benefits and Side Effects

Washing hair every day especially for those with long locks is not an easy task.

Most of the time, even if you are amongst the short length ones, your schedule is so packed up, that there are tasks lined up for the day. In all this taking time out to wash hair is not possible.

Here comes the role of dry conditioners. They can moisten up the hair and remove the frizz, getting you ready for the day in no time.

Dry Conditioners: Know Its Benefits and Side Effects

What Are Dry Conditioners?

Dry conditioner is a formula that works on hair by adding oils and nutrients, adding shine, calming frizz, detangling and taming the hair.

The frizz reduction is done by the silicon and oils present in dry conditioner that boost hydration. This helps in giving a finished look to the hair.

It is used on dry hair. It evaporates or dries up, on contact, and does not affect the hairstyling.

How To Use A Dry Conditioner?

Dry conditioner can be used in two ways:

One way is to use it as a finishing spray to smoothen up the strands. This reduces frizz and adds extra moisture to naturally dry hair.

The second way is to follow it up after a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo would clean the strands and prevent the hair from weighing down. The dry conditioner would condition the hair as a conditioner does after a shower.

The dry conditioner works best for the hair tips and prevents the hair roots from weighing down.

Who Should Use A Dry Conditioner?

Dry conditioners can work well with any type of hair. Those who need it more are:

  • Those with straight, kinky hair
  • Those who heat style their hair every day
  • Those with hair in which the ends get dry faster
  • Those in a hurry to blow dry hair
  • Those who cannot use weighty conditioners
  • Those who want to leave two or three days and wash hair
  • Those with coarse and curly hair would need oils and serums to moisturize and relax hair.

It is also important to shop for quality and popular brands in dry conditioners. If using a new brand, it is important to apply it on a small part of your hair to see the reaction.

Benefits Of Using A Dry Conditioner

Dry conditioner is a great product to be added to the hair care kit:

  1. It Saves Time and Effort: A dry conditioner cuts down the time that is spent in washing the hair and styling them afterward. It can be applied to dry hair and doesn’t mess up the style as well.
  2. Reduces the Need For Heat-Styling The Hair: After washing hair you need to blow dry or heat-style them. A dry conditioner if used with dry shampoo can help skip the process. Heat damages hair, therefore, the less it is applied to the hair, the better it is. American Academy of Dermatology does not recommend the regular use of flat iron and curling rods.(1) Dry conditioners can cut the usage of these tools.
  3. Moisturizes Hair: Dry conditioners can boost hydration as they have moisturizing oils and plant extract in them. For those with dry hair, a dry conditioner is to be a surely recommended product.
  4. Rescues Frizz: Silicones present in the dry conditioner coats the hair cuticle and smoothen it up, thereby removing the frizz.

Side Effects Of Using A Dry Conditioner

Dry conditioners have certain side effects to be known:

  • It Cannot Replace The Traditional Conditioner: Although a dry conditioner can help revive and restyle hair, the freshness that is got after washing and conditioning hair might not be present. Depending on hair type, washing hair a couple of times in a week is required.
  • A Dry Conditioner May Leave Behind A Coating: Some people have reported a white residue on hair after using a dry conditioner.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Using Dry Conditioner

  • While spraying dry conditioner, spare the roots and the middle of the hair, as it would clump and tangle the hair.
  • Do not touch the hair after application, as it might ruin the texture and disturb the moisture.
  • Heat style the hair after application of the product
  • Brush the hair gently, not roughly

Dry conditioner moisturizes and detangles hair. It helps fight frizz and boosts shine. It can be used alone or with a dry shampoo to extend the hairstyle without showering.

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