What Are Jade Combs & Can They Improve Circulation and Hair Growth?

Jade combs or Gua Sha have become the latest trends in hair care. People who believe in Chinese medicines and many beauty influencers have brought this amazing Jade( a stone that is cool to touch) stone to the scalp. Jade combs and jade combing have now been the most popular things seen in various parts of the world. There are claims that jade combs can improve circulation and hair growth. However, is it for real? Let us explore more about the Jade combs and know if they can improve circulation and hair growth.

What Are Jade Combs & Can They Improve Circulation and Hair Growth?

What Are Jade Combs?

Jade is a cool stone and is quite renowned in Chinese and East Asian medicine. It is believed to be having benefits for one’s overall health, longevity, and beauty. Jade combs are the combs made of this stone and are thought to benefit in improving blood circulation and hair growth.

Jade combing is linked with Gua Sha or an ancient practice in Chinese medicine that uses a smooth-edged tool to get rid of any inflammation in the body and promote circulation and healing.(1) Jade combs work on the “Combing therapy”, an ancient Chinese therapy that is believed to be potential enough to stimulate and relax the scalp and also help in improving circulation and hair growth. So, Jade combs are quite special indeed.

Can Jade Combs Improve Circulation And Hair Growth?

It is thought that our scalp is connected to the entire body and so there is a positive effect on our body when we receive a good scalp massage. Massaging the scalp with a jade comb or a Gua sha comb can work like acupressure therapy. It helps in stimulating the hair roots, and the scalp which aids in increasing circulation in the scalp and ultimately helps in the growth of hair. Using the toothed side of the jade comb on your scalp with a little pressure would stimulate the scalp and bring fresh blood to the area, which makes your hair roots stronger.

It is, however, true that these possible benefits can be possible in all sorts of combing, whether using a wood comb, stone comb, or your fingers.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence That Jade Combs Can Help In Improving Circulation And Hair Growth?

Jade combs are mostly believed to improve circulation and hair growth. Various Jade comb retailers also claim that these combs offer the benefits. However, there is only some anecdotal evidence and there is a lack of research that could back this claim.

But the one hint that would support the possibility of jade combs helping improve circulation and hair growth is that massaging promotes hair growth which is found in a small study conducted in 2016. The study involved nine men who were given a 4-minute scalp massage every day for 24 weeks. It was found at the end of the study that those men had thicker hair than they had at the beginning of the study. So, researchers concluded that massaging the scalp regularly might result in thicker hair.(2) However, more research on this is required.

Final Words:

Though there is not much evidence supporting the benefit of jade combs in improving circulation and hair growth, except for those anecdotal claims and beliefs, however using these combs in your hair care routine will not hurt you either. So, you can try using these pretty amazing comb made of jade stones and see if you experience any such benefit.