Can You Get A STD From A Toilet Seat?

Sexually transmitted diseases are those which spread through indulging into unsafe sexual contact with the person having the disease.

Gonorrhoea, lymphogranuloma venerum, syphilis, donovanosis are some of the diseases which are spread through sexual contact while the diseases like scabies, pediculosis spread through sharing of towels as well.

Can You Get A STD From A Toilet Seat?

Can You Get A Sexually Transmitted From A Toilet Seat?

The question is that whether disease spread through toilet seat? The answer is no. As the name says sexually transmitted disease are mostly transmitted through sexual route that is oral, vaginal but rarely through other routes. Few other routes which causes transmission of disease includes blood borne transmission, person using IV injectable for drug intake, sharing of towels in few diseases. Person having multiple sex partners are more susceptible to get the disease. The only way to get rid of these diseases is to educate people regarding these diseases.

Sexually transmitted diseases are never transferred through toilet seats as it is quite difficult for organism to survive outside the human body for very long time. As soon as organism is exposed to external environmental, it is bound to die. Organisms are not easily transferred through mere contact. There is very less chance of acquiring the infection through mere contact with the skin. There should be abrasions present, which provide easy route of entry into bloodstream through which organism reaches the desired destination.

There Are Some Explanations Too

There are few researchers who believe that trichomonas can at times spread through toilet seats, but no such cases are encountered yet. Toilet seat was initially considered as a source of infection, but now it has been proved that not all infections are transmitted through sharing of seats. Pediculosis and scabies in fact these are not transmitted through sharing of seats, but are easily transmitted through sharing of towels.

What is the Prevention?

No matter whether these are transmitted through toilet seats or not one should maintain proper hygiene. Avoid using public toilets as much as possible and if you are using such toilets make sure to clean yourself properly because at times infection spreads more when proper hygiene is not maintained.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a matter of concern among teenagers. In previous few years, there is seen a change in trend among the youth. They are indulging in more such activities. In few cities western culture has been adopted. For the sake of appearing cool few teenagers gets involved in such activities without knowing the consequences. Thus, sex education should be given to all the teenagers.

Besides teenagers, sex education should be given to adolescent girls and boys. Before marriage one should get their check-up done. The female should get her full check-up done. Per vaginal examinations and canal pap smear should be done to rule out presence of any organism. This will prevent transmission to her offspring. So, it is always better to take precaution. Sexually transmitted disease need to get treated as early as possible.

Few initiatives are taken by government to treat sexually transmitted disease. Settlement of Suraksha clinic at every level contributes towards the treatment of sexually transmitted disease. Provision of proper drugs is really essential. One should not feel ashamed about the disease.

Thus, we can say that almost all of the sexually transmitted disease needs a lot of attention. Sharing of toilet seat does not possess much harm, but maintaining personal hygiene is really very important. Cleaning of seats on regular basis should be done so that whatever marginal chances are there of transmission can be prevented. Public toilets should be kept clean as well and one should make sure to clean the public toilet after use. It should be treated like your own toilet. Be responsible for your act.

So sexually transmitted disease should be dealt carefully so as to prevent infertility in long run. Proper medication should be given and in cases of complications they should be treated as well. It is still not late. Awareness regarding these small issues can bring a big transformation. So, act wisely and opt for the treatment as there is nothing shameful in getting treated.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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