Ways to Boost Sex Drive After Having a Baby

Sexual acts are considered to be a sensitive topic to discuss immediately after having a baby, especially because of the increased stress and new responsibilities faced by parents. Fortunately, there are some specialized and proven methods that can help you manage the sexual decline in new mother and spice up the relationship once again after having a baby.

Ways to Boost Sex Drive After Having a Baby

Ways to Boost Sex Drive after Having a Baby

Here are some proven methods to boost the sex drive after having a baby:

  • Focus on Stimulation and Foreplay – Sometimes simple foreplay or pre-coital hugging can do the wonders to ring a bell for you and your partner about the hot times that you once spent with each other. These acts can strengthen and fortify the relationships and romance between you and your partner. But, ensure to maintain an open communication between you and your partner and share your feelings with each other. This will help you to maintain the romance until the body recovers fully after delivery.
  • Avoid Forcing the Lady – Forcing your lady for sexual act can leave both of you with high level of frustration and may cause big issues in future as well. You must act calmly, respectfully, lovingly and honestly with your partner. Ensure to have sexual acts only after confirming that she has recovered physically and emotionally and is ready for intimacy.
  • Stimulate the Older Flicker – Prefer taking your better half to a romantic dinner or organize a surprising candlelit dinner at home. It is worth recollecting the romantic things of past and the times when you both have enjoyed a lot. Reminding her about the sweet memories and intimate times will help your partner to increase their desires.
  • Compliments May Work a Lot – Most of the new mothers usually experience low self-esteem and they believe that pregnancy has taken away her beauty, making them less desirable and hot. They also worry about the bodily changes that occur after delivering a baby. They also think that they are no longer attractive due to increasing weight. So, it is necessary to boost up their self-esteem by complimenting them for their new role and efforts. This will help to keep their spirits up and eventually zest up their sexual desires.
  • Maintaining Health and Fitness – For new mothers, it is important that they start focusing on their health, diet and fitness. It will not only help to maintain good health, but also bring their bodies in shape and boost their moods. Mood swings are a great problems, during the postpartum period, so exercises, yoga, swimming, etc. can help to improve emotional and physical well being.
  • Seeking Support – Indeed, there is a lot to do for the newly born baby and more so, if the mother is taking care of the baby all alone. Seeking support from family members, having domestic help, taking turns in caring for the baby can give the mother some rest, which will help her recover from the fatigue of new motherhood.

It is natural fact that the women give birth and it is also normal to have a low sex drive after having a baby. But, using these methods to boost up the sex drive can help. It is important to express your feelings honestly and calmly to your partner. Sometimes couples find it difficult to resolve such problems by themselves and hence they may seek help of friends, marriage therapists, physicians or counselors to solve the problem and regain the sex desire to lead a happy married life.

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