Is it Normal to Have a Low Sex Drive after Having a Baby?

Is it Normal to Have a Low Sex Drive after Having a Baby?

Have you ever wondered if it is normal to have low sex drive after having a baby? Well, it may be experienced by some women. Medical professionals usually suggest people to resume to normal sexual intercourse at least 6 weeks post delivery. However, some women may experience low sex drive after having a baby even after six weeks of delivery. Decrease in libido and sex drive is considered normal even after 6 weeks of delivery.

With all the new tasks that come up after the arrival of your newborn, many things change, but you can regain your sexual life. All you and your husband need to do is to talk to the right professional and regain back the sex drive to enjoy a happy married life ahead.

The Causes of Low Sex Drive after Having a Baby

According to many studies and researches, most women usually experience low sex drive or libido for at least 6 months post delivery. Some women even lose their sex desire and libido and dislike the sexual acts after their delivery. There are in fact a variety of reasons that reduce the sex drive and libido in women after having a baby. These mainly include distractions, psychological concerns and fears, high level of fatigue and of course hormonal changes.

The Causes of Low Sex Drive after Having a Baby

However, low sex drive after having a baby is temporary and usually alleviates naturally. With passing days and appropriate intimacy, the sex drive and sexual activities can be resumed between you and your partner to lead a satisfying intimate relationship.

Some of the factors that lead to low sex drive in women after pregnancy are:

  • Fatigue – High level of fatigue and low in energy is the primary cause of low sex drive after delivery. Women, who have delivered a baby recently, either through cesarean section or naturally, usually need time to recover. New parents, especially the mother naturally get strained after delivery and hence they find it difficult to make out time and energy for sexual acts. Most of the mothers report that they prefer using their spare time to sleep and relax.
  • Hormonal Changes – Due to pregnancy, delivery and breastfeeding, there are many hormonal changes occurring in the body of women. These hormones are required to enhance the quality of breast milk for baby, which can suppresses the libido. According to studies, breast milk discharges some hormones that are responsible for stifling the sex drive in women after having a baby. But, these hormones are clinically approved to have the natural mechanism to ensure healthy offspring.
  • Health Status – In many cases, the health of the mother may be compromised or there may be some health concerns, which can contribute to low sex drive. Anemia is also considered as the root cause of high fatigue which reduces sex drive in women. Presence of certain medical conditions, medications and the worries associated with it can play an important role. Similarly, the health of the newborn too matters a lot. Mothers of babies who are ill or have special needs may experience loss of sex drive.
  • Psychological Fear – Many psychological factors are responsible for reducing sex drive in women after having a baby and labor. Many women experience postpartum depression, which reduces the libido and sex drive in women dramatically. They also experience radical mood swings after delivery and this can also be the reason for low sex drive after having a baby. New mothers, sometimes suffer from low self-esteem because they believe that their husband would no longer have the same pleasure like before due to the changes in their vagina. Some women avoid having sexual intercourse after delivery because they don’t want to get pregnant again.
  • Distraction – The newly born baby usually takes up most of her mother’s attention and time, especially for diaper changing routines and late night feeds. Because of such distractions and exhaustion most of the women hardly find time to think about their own and partner’s sexual needs.

With such common causes playing an influential role, it can well be said that it is normal to have a low sex drive after having a baby. However, it is worth being aware about it and taking the necessary steps to regain sexual life and if required, seek medical advice.

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Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
Pramod Kerkar, M.D., FFARCSI, DA
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