Can You Get Trichomoniasis Without Being Sexually Active?

Trichomoniasis is situation occurred due to transmission of a virus called as trichomona. The transfer occurs sexually from a person who already has the parasite. Luckily, trichomoniasis is curable with medicines, which is unlikely with the rest of the sexually transmitted diseases. It is possible for the same to spread without encountering or participating in a sexual act. For instance, sharing contaminated food, use of unclean towels, and conducting oral sexual act results in the spread of the parasite.

Each year, there are over 20 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases. Sexual intercourse leads the list and is the standard way to spread the virus. If you are wondering about how it is possible to encounter one without having sex, then continue to read ahead.

Can You Get Trichomoniasis Without Being Sexually Active?

What is Trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis causes irritation, itchiness, swelling of the genital region, and discharge of bad-smelling fluids from the penis and the vagina. The cause is due to a parasite known as trichomona. The parasite passes from one body to another through pre-cum, semen, and vaginal fluids. It affects the genital region alone.

Can You Get Trichomoniasis Without Being Sexually Active?

How can you have trichomoniasis without having sex? Although the occurrence of trichomoniasis is due to the passing of the parasite when you participate in sex, you can still have the infection even you are in inactive in the actual intercourse. The reason is that you can spread the virus when you touch the penis or vagina during an oral session. The contaminated hand that has the virus passes to your partner. Note that it attacks only the vulva, vagina, penis, and urethra. The sex toys that you use with the hands are also responsible for the spread of the disease without the need for the intercourse.

Identifying the Infection

Trichomoniasis has symptoms in rare cases. Due to this, it is hard to notice the presence of the infection. Even if a person has the infection, he or she does not feel a thing and continue to lead a healthy life. It is because of the absence of pain or noticeable changes in the body. In many situations, the signs are insignificant and go unnoticed. Therefore, the only procedure to identify the presence of the parasite is by taking a test.

Testing for Trichomoniasis

Testing for trichomoniasis involves a simple procedure. The doctor or the nurse will use a cotton swab to collect the fluids from the penis or vagina and look under the microscope for the parasite. Alternatively, they collect the cells of the infected genital region using the cotton swab and check the collected cells. The entire process is simple and is similar to that of peeing in a small cup.

Preparation for the Test

Keeping the infected region free from deodorants, sprays, and powders are essential. Furthermore, you have to restrain from taking a shower, as you will be washing the vaginal fluids that is helpful for the test. You will further keep away from participating in sexual intercourse. Before heading to the test, ensure that you are not using any powder, as it will cover the infected region that makes it hard for the physician to collect the sample. You will receive complete details related to the preparation for the test from the doctor.


Treatment for trichomoniasis includes the use of antibiotics. After the results are out from the test, the doctor will prescribe the needed medication. The treatment is short-term. However, it is preferable to stay inactive of all the sexual acts to prevent the spread of the virus to your partner. You can speak to the concerned doctor related to the same while you are under treatment.

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