Is STD Urine Test Accurate?

Sexually transmitted diseases are common across the globe. Many individuals are unaware of the fact that they are carrying a virus that spreads to others when they have sex. The reason is that many of the diseases do not show any symptoms of their presence. Because of this, people fail to receive the required treatment at the right time. An untreated STD leads to severe health problems and in many cases, causes death.

Is STD Urine Test Accurate?

As it is not possible to rely on the symptoms exhibited by an STD, taking the STD test is preferable. As an adult and being responsible towards the society, it is the duty to take part in the testing to ensure that one is free from STD. If the results are positive, they can opt for the required treatment and protect themselves from developing severe complications. Testing for STD also helps in identifying a new virus.

If you have an active sex life involving multiple partners, then it is advisable to take the test. The test is a simple procedure and requires you to submit a sample of your urine. The urine test takes at least a week to deliver the results. However, the results are accurate and provide complete details related to the infection and the reason behind the cause. In some instances, the doctor or the nurse will choose blood test to search for the signs of HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and genital herpes.

Apart from urine and blood test, there is also the swab test. The swab test is painful and causes anxiety in patients. Many doctors carry the test to identify the presence of STDs. However, one can avoid the discomfort caused by the test by choosing the urine test, which also offers precise results. You have to drop the sample of the urine at the sexual health clinic, which will then perform the required test to notice the presence of bacteria that cause STD.

Who Requires an STD Test?

As stated earlier, a person active in sexual life requires testing for an STD. Furthermore, the following factors also influence the need to take an STD test:

  • If you are starting a new relationship
  • If you have multiple partners
  • If your partner has multiple sexual partners
  • If you shared sex toys
  • If you shared injected drugs
  • If you have body piercing and tattoos

Taking the test is helpful in preventing the spread of the virus and protecting the overall health. The chances of curing disease are high when identified in the first stage. If left unattended, things turn bad, and you can suffer from severe health problems.


Treating a sexually transmitted disease requires recognizing the infection and the cause. For instance, it is possible to treat trichomoniasis, which is an infection caused by the trichomona virus. The parasite spreads from one to another through semen, sexual intercourse, anal sex, and oral sex. It also spreads when you use contaminated sex toys and use the contaminated hands during oral sex on the genital region. Treating trichomoniasis is possible with the help of antibiotic called as metronidazole. It takes about a week to cure the infection. During this period, the patient should refrain from participating in sexual activities. Since the results are positive, it is necessary to bring the partner or partners for testing and offer the cure.

As you can see, curing an STD is possible when you can identify its presence in the initial stage. And, the best method to do so is by taking the STD test.

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