Is Chlamydia Curable?

Chlamydia is an infection caused due to sexual intercourse. It is the common infection across the United States and globe. Due to the absence of the symptoms, many times it goes unnoticed. It is the reason why many people do not receive the treatment for the same, as they are not aware that they have chlamydia. In men, spotting the symptoms is impossible while in women, not attending to the infection leads to pelvic inflammatory disease that causes infertility.

The reason for the occurrence of the infection is due to the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. The bacteria spreads through several forms of sexual acts. Around 2.5 million people each year fall prey to the disease in the USA alone, and there is a rise in the number.

Symptoms of Chlamydia

Chlamydia is silent sexually transmitted disease. The reason for the name is that there are no visible symptoms that help an individual to identify it quickly. However, people who develop symptoms usually get them at least a few weeks after the exposure to the bacteria. The following are the symptoms:

  • Vaginal discharge in women
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Pain while urinating (in women)
  • Bleeding during periods (in women)
  • Penis discharge
  • Itchy sensation during the opening of the penis
  • Swelling of the testicles

Attending to the condition at the earliest is necessary to prevent severe complications. In women, treating chlamydia is essential to prevent the development of pelvic inflammatory disease that eventually leads to infertility. In men, when left untreated, the bacteria develop conditions such as inflammation of the prostate gland, prostatitis, and inflammation of internally located coiled tube.

Diagnosing Chlamydia

As chlamydia does not show any visible signs, it is necessary to head to the sexual health clinic to test for the same. The doctor or the nurse uses a swab to collect the cells from the genital area to analyze the presence of the bacteria. The procedure creates discomfort. Nevertheless, you do have the option to choose urine test, which delivers accurate results. It takes about a week to receive the result.

Is Chlamydia Curable?

If the results turn positive, the doctor provides you the necessary treatment. Fortunately, curing chlamydia is possible with medicines. It requires you to follow the medication as appropriately prescribed to notice the changes. Oral antibiotics help in curing the disease. The most commonly used antibiotics are azithromycin, erythromycin, and doxycycline.

During the period of the treatment, it is necessary to keep away from participating in any format of sexual activity. The average treatment period is a week. You have to consult your doctor after completion of the course to ensure that there is no sign of the infection and you are free from the disease. To prevent recurrence of the disease, testing sexual partner or partners is essential.

For pregnant women, it is essential to screen for chlamydia and receive the treatment to ensure that they do not pass the bacteria to their baby during delivery. Testing for chlamydia during the first prenatal visit is preferable.

Preventing Chlamydia

The only action to avoid chlamydia is by practicing safe sex. It includes the use of condoms, testing for the same once a year, testing before beginning a new relationship, and abstaining multiple partners. Regular screenings are helpful to identify the presence of the bacteria in the early stage and receive the treatment accordingly.

Reducing the Risk Of Getting Chlamydia

If you are active in sex life, then the chance of getting chlamydia is high. The only way you can prevent a sexually transmitted disease from occurring is by not participating in sex. However, you can reduce the risk by maintaining a monogamous long-term relationship with a partner who tested negative for the infection.

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